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You may be looking for the Deltarune/original version: Ralsei

Undertale!Ralsei is an alternate version of Ralsei if he were to exist in the Undertale universe.

Ralsei, in the hypothetical scenario where he was born in Undertale, would be a simple monster living in New Home, and possibly be encountered in the CORE or Hotlands area.

Ralsei would be a weak Monster, appearing in large groups with other monsters and sharing a similar role to that of Jerry, though in a more sympathetic light due to his kinder, more gentle personality.

If Ralsei were CHECKed, he would become flustered and nervous, both out of embarrassment and because his weak stats are revealed in front of his group. His stats would likely be ATK 1 and DEF 10, while his 'attacks' would heal his group immensely, perhaps every three to four turns.

ACTs available to him would include: "Hug", "Flirt", "Wizard" and "MakeFun". The player, if they want to SPARE Ralsei, must Hug twice, but if the player wishes to earn Ralsei's Yellow Text, they may Hug once, Flirt once and Wizard once.

In the ending credits, Ralsei's White and Yellow Texts are respectively:

  • Fluffy boy. Works in a bakery.
  • Highly respected magician. No longer lonely.

Ralsei could be encountered in the end of the Pacifist route, standing in Snowdin. He thanks the player for SPAREing everyone, and offers them a "Ralsei Cake" that fills the player with "determination and fluffy boys."

In the credits, Ralsei can be seen on the beach in a simple pink bikini, off to the left of Undyne and Alphys. He still wears his hat and scarf, however.