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Returntale is an alternative continuity of Undertale.


Frisk was sponsored by some humans because Toriel and Asgore can't have the custody of Frisk.Humans said that monsters must go to underground again because they found an strange signal in the underground and it's the monsters' responsibility to find out what happened.Ten years later...A evil monster ruled the underground and killed many monsters that against him.One day,a now grown-up Frisk accidentally failed into the underground again.But this time,Frisk was failed into Snowdin.The town now have less people,more like Snowvillage.A small figure suddenly came near Frisk and attacked Frisk.It was a skeleton.And then a older and shorter skeleton came and stopped the fight.Frisk recognized that the older skeleton was Sans.Sans took Frisk to their big family's house.Frisk met Papyrus and his wife,Peparus.Frisk also met Papyrus's children,Pappy(girl),Paparo(boy) and Papyro(boy),Paparo was the skeleton that attacked Frisk.Paparo apologized to Frisk.Sans told Frisk that the Monster World is in danger now and told he about what happened these years.Toriel,Asgore,Alphys and Undyne was dead and a evil monster took over Monster World,only Frisk can save the Monster World by using determination.So Frisk,Sans and Papyrus' children began their journey to stop the evil lord and save the day.First they went to Waterfall,now a base of the evil monster's brainwashed army.They encountered a evil clone of Mettaton named Notattem,Frisk spared Notattem and he became their new friend.Then they met a brainwashed Mad Dummy and his army and attacked Frisk,luckily a mysterious monster saved them and they can go on.Then they entered the scrapped Undyne Arena,where they met Nevdyne,the niece of Undyne.Frisk spared Nevdyne and became friends with her.Then they rode the boat and went to Hotland,where they met the real Mettaton.Frisk went to the Core alone and said that will meet them in Old Home.Suddenly Frisk failed into a hole and entered Digital City,the mysterious reappeared and revealed himself,a grown-up Monster Kid(Now Monster Knight)with(robotic)hands!Frisk said that they need Monster Knight's help to defeat the evil lord.Soon everyone met in Old Home and encountered the evil lord.Then the evil lord revealed itself was a spawn of the evil side of Flowey,Flowette.Suddenly Flowette turned into Omega Flowette.By using the power of friendship and determination.The danger of Monster World is once again disappeared and the monsers can back to the Surface,they all have a happy ending.


  • Frisk - Frisk is now a teenager but still fills with DETERMINATION.
  • Sans - same as the last time Frisk saw her.
  • Papyrus - still a cool dude.
  • Monster Knight - ...
  • Nevdyne - En Guarde!
  • Flowette - (laughes)
  • Peparus - (smiles)