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river Person is cloaked monster that transports the player (and other monsters) around the Underground. They have 3 locations that they connect to, north of Snowdin Town, south of Gerson's shop in Waterfall and south of Alphys's Lab in Hotland. Undyne states that is all the monsters have for public transport which (excluding the elevators in Hotland, the CORE and New Home) is true.

When travelling with River Person, the player is given either a hint/reference or a random phrase which means little to nothing on their own. Their phrases start with 'Tra la la', with the exception of 2 which are "Hum hum hum. Hum hum hum. I'm have a little concert" which is a reference to Shyren's yellow text requirements and "Pet pet pet... The neck stretched infinitely into the cosmos... Don't worry about it." which alludes to Lesser Dog.

For more information River Person, look here.

AUs River Person is in:

  • Underfell
  • Underswap
  • Outertale
  • Storyswap
  • Undertale Rho