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Robo Sans is a member in The Order of Sans, serving as the 3rd one created. He is considered weak by his other members. He does not have a personality.


Robo's body is filled with squares, and he has a red design. He has rainbow teeth and yellow pants.


Because he's a robot, he has none.

Attack Patterns

Robo has three attacks. His first attack is where he turns you yellow and he fires bones that have to be broken. When they are, they split up into smaller bones in all directions.

His second attack is not a yellow one. He fires off auto-tracking bone missiles at the player that move pretty fast, almost as fast as the player. And there can be multiple at the same time if you don't kill it by making it run into a wall.

His next and final attack is a normal one in which he goes into a bone maze. If you get a dead end, you take damage. If you make it, you don't take damage.

In Game Story

Like all of the other members, he goes to the main universe and fights Frisk at a random location. He dies and loses.