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The Royal Guard is an organization meant to protect the Royal Family.The members known in-game are as follows:


The captain of the guard, chases the player through out Waterfall.

RG01 and RG02

Two soldiers who work together, they become a couple during any route where they survive the human's run. One is a dragon, the other is a rabbit. They fight the human in hotland.

And the Canine Unit

All members of the canine unit are encountered in Snowdin and can be found in Grillby's if spared.


The first royal guard member encountered. He can only see moving things and uses blue attacks. His name means 'to remain motionless'.

Lesser dog

An armour wearing dog that's neck stretches when pet. It makes snow sculptures of dogs. It shares it's name with a constellation.

Greater dog

A small dog wearing very large armour, he likes to hide in snow. He shares his name with a constellation.

Dogamy and Dogaressa

A married couple who fight together. They can be convinced that the human is a puppy by rolling in dirt. Killing Dogaressa first causes Dogamy to become depressed and lose 30 DEF, killing Dogamy first enrages Dogaressa and the attacks become faster. Dogamy's name may be a combination of 'dog' and 'monogamy' and Dogaressa is the word for the wife of a Doge (the title of an Itain ruler) both are a reference to the 'Warning: dog marriage' signs.


may be a member of the Royal guard. Undyne comments on him not being at work when calling her infront of an empty post, mentioning how she was relying on him to stop you and saying that he is just doing enough to stop her from firing him suggesting that she is his boss but she never refers to him by name during the run suggesting that she doesn't know him personally and asks who keeps hiring him suggesting that she isn't his boss so who knows whether or not he is.

Gerson used to be a member of the royal guard before retiring to become the shop owner in Waterfall. His favoured weapon was the hammer, hence the title 'the Hammer of Justice'. Undyne followed in his footsteps as referenced to by her theme, 'Spear of Justice'.

The Royal Guard is featured in many AU´s. Generally speaking, the only time they or an equivalent is switched in is when they are already dead

Fan OC's that are in The Royal Guard(non-canon)

  • Nora The Cat(But was kicked out) (belongs to:UndertaleTrash3)