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Safety Sans exists just outside the multiverse, his intended purpose was to prevent Multiverses from colliding negatively, but he is also the guardian of The Gates, a place where Multiverses can be traversed by anyone who finds it. He also has AU variants, but they each stay within one specific Multiverse to keep peace.He has the Nickname "Safety" due to him being what keeps all the Multiverses Safe from each other.


HP: Unknown (Assumed to be Immortal)

ATK: 100

DEF: 75

LEVEL: 1 (LEVEL would be how much of his respective Multiverse is destroyed, other Entities with LEVEL Include PLAYER (UnderPlayer, Which transfered from Other Games and their Experience and Leveling systems), and any Entity who has traveled through The Gates, not to be confused with LOVE)

Weapons: Standard Sans Abilities, Trait Weapons (Yellow Gun, Betty's Scythe/Akumu, he doesnt need to have that specific soul to use it, as he can take it from his Multiverse)

Relationships: None

Alternative Instances (Versions that stray from his intended purpose): TFBOSHT!Safety and AUS, Gray, Black, Blood