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He is hot-blooded, brash, and easily excitable. He is a frequent shouter and yells loud enough to drown out the sound of an announcer


Action blaster

Anyone who gets hit by this blaster will take a large amount of damage and their code will also be corroded

Creation Manipulation

He can manipulate creation, delaying/hastening when creation happens, speeding/slowing down creation, determine what parts should be created. He can manipulate creations look, feel, what it does, etc., and recreate things.

Action bone

This bone doesn’t need damage because if you get hit by this bone you will be erased out of the existence


He can make anything, everything, anyone or everyone useless just by simply existing. For example: he can make the laws of nature ineffective, all powers useless, or make the world useless which causes everything to be destroyed within it. He can make anything into nothing.


He can use his wings to fly at a speed between 100km/h and 300km/h

Belief Vocifery

He can alter the fabric of reality by verbally stating his beliefs. For example, he could say "I believe that I will find true love" and the next moment, he falls in love.


He can create a portal that allows him to go to everywhere in the Fandom but there are place that he can’t go to

Erase Mind

Allowing him to erase and rewrite a specific memory of other's minds. To be able to do that he has to touch a person and after that, he can use his Erase Mind ability without touching them

Touch The time

He will touch a wall to stop time and everything move and if he touches more he will destroy a world.



How do they know each other is unknown but all we know is they are friend


FatalVCode tell him about OmniDestroy after they met each other, they have a really good conversation and became friend


His nickname is “Fairy Boy”

He doesn’t like to eat salad and he hates doll

He likes listen to 80’s century music