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"So you're the one behind everything, huh?"
– Sans talking to Omega!Animosity

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Sans is an alternate sans from the AU Animosity!Tale, his soul is combined with the kindness and justice soul..


Everything was normal at the underground, and Sans was living an normal life with his brother, Papyrus. Until, something fell into the underground, but it wasn't an human, it was an dark creature with the desire to kill. The creature did an genocide route, and murdered everyone, when Sans and Papyrus met the dark creature, they bother it's appearence, but when Sans saw the news on the TV, he immediately went looking for Papyrus and the dark creature, the only thing that he found was Papyrus' scarf, after that, Sans went into Alphys lab, asking her if they were able to make an machine which combined the human souls with monster souls, they both asked Asgore for his permission to use the human souls for the experiments, he allowed it, knowing it was our only hope. They successfully made the machine, and Sans used it, now his soul is combined with the kindness and justice soul.



Sans' jacket has two different colors, one side is yellow and the other is lime.


Same personality as Undertale Sans.

Abilities / Powers

Normal Form

This is the abilities Sans can use in his normal form.

  • Gaster Blaster: Basic Gaster Blaster, can deal up to 100 damage
  • Bone: Basic bone, can deal up to 50 damage
  • Blue Magic: Sans can manipulate gravity for soemone with an soul.
  • Justice Blaster: An small gaster blaster, which shoots an barrage of yellow lazers, deal up to 10 damage, the speed of the lazers are massive
  • Justice Gun: An yellow glowy gun, which shoots bullets at an incredible speed, if Sans holds the trigger, it will keep shooting bullets really really fast, the bullets deal 25 damage
  • Kindness Pan: An green glowy pan, it can deal up to 150 damage, but it can also heal 50HP
  • Kindness Fire: Sans has the ability to manipulate an green fire, it can either deal 200 damage or heal 200HP

True Form

Sans can only use this form when absorbing Gaster's soul, he gets new powers + Gaster's powers.

  • Normal Form Powers: Sans can use all his abilities from his normal form
  • Aimbot: This is an upgrade for Justice Blaster and Justice Gun, it now has an really precise AimBot
  • Absolute Stats: Sans' stats are now 3 times stronger.
  • Flight: Sans can now fly.
  • Gaster Powers: Sans can use Gaster's powers, such like, Gaster Hands, Purple Magic, and more
  • Advanced Blue Magic: Sans' blue magic can now manipulate objects and beings without an soul


Omni-Glitch!Sans / Void-Glitch!Sans (Friend)

They met in the void, while Sans was testing his new machine to go into the Void.

Gaster (Friend)

Sans is Gaster's lab assistant, but currently Sans has his own lab, but he still helps Gaster.

Void!Gaster (Friend)

They met on the lab, Gaster and him were able to bring Void!Gaster back.


  • Sans gets really tired after using his true form.
  • One time, Omni-Glitch!Sans told Sans about the multiverse, the creators, the destroyers, everything.