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""Dear sir, I feel as though. I must ask you to stop. This is my show after all...""
– Ace In the Chancetale Comic


He saves Dream when he was about to get killed by Killer Sans and Nightmare. When Killer is about to stab Dream, Ace Interrupts And changes his weapons to flowers, while Saying "That's entertainment!"

He Then Makes Them Go Into Illusions. After Nightmare And Killer Flee, Dream Compliments Ace. Later, Ace steals Dream's crown for "entertainment."



Ace is a skeleton who wears a red and black ombre bolero over top of a crop top. His crop top is red and black with two heart on the front of the crop top. The bolero is pinned together by a golden clip that has the letter A on it. Two small red pouches hang down from his collar that are used to pull large objects from within his illusions.

He also wears dark maroon shorts with a gold belt. His shorts have a gold stripe on each leg. His boots are the same color as his pants and has a gold diamond on them.

Sometimes, bells appear on the sides in illusions to mess with people. He carries a staff with hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades on it. He has a spade symbol above his right eye and a club symbol under his left eye. His left eye is red while his right eye is light blue.


(Copied from Ace’s Tumblr reference)

He has two very distinct personalities. This does not mean he sees them as separate people or has multiple personality disorder. I’m [xXtha] going to call one Ace and one Sans. Ace displaying either personality will still wish to be called Ace. He despises being referred to as a Sans, and is not the same person as other Sanses (he was a synthetic monster created in a lab and is not biologically related to Gaster or Papyrus), rather he’s a different person entirely, sharing the same name.

Illusion Self - his persona or illusion form.

  • A perfect showman who shows little more emotion than a modest smile at any given time, in any given circumstance.
  • Most commonly this is his illusion, but the real him can act like this too, just slightly flawed.
  • He’s a flamboyant, trickster, illusionist who harasses everyone he meets with the prospect of a dazzling magic show, then steals their stuff.

He talks fast, never pauses (…), never stutters, almost never falters, and uses as many words as he possibly can to confuse people. He uses lots of adjectives and adverbs and never swears.

Normal Person: “Hello, nice day isn’t it?”

Ace: “Why hello, my dear sir! What a simply wonderfully fine day it is that we are having today! I simply must know if you agree, and if you do happen to do not, then I’m afraid I’ll have to make it so!”

  • He has the catchphrase “Confuse, abuse, bedazzle!” This is a good reference for how his mindset works when meeting people. Confuse them with illusions, strange nonsensical tricks, and fluttery fast language. Hurt, scare, or threaten them for a little entertainment and so they know he’s not necessarily someone to be trifled with, but not badly enough they aren’t still impressed by him. Bedazzle them with gifts, compliments, and charming acts to make them impressed or even enamored by him. He doesn’t ever want someone to hate him. He wants to entertain himself and others by testing his limits, then charm people to get what he wants and keep himself safe, while also boosting his own ego.
  • He’s a compulsive liar. Lie about everything. Lie about lying. Throw in one truth to throw people off. Lie about that.
  • He’s very confident, witty, funny, quirky, kind when he wants to be, passively aggressive when he doesn’t, but he almost never laughs.

The weirder the better. In fact, he’ll do almost anything he thinks you don’t think he’ll do.

  • He always talks happily, always has on a modest smile, basically only has that one expression, never shows negative emotions, always jumps about, uses hand gestures, teleports around, likes to stand on people’s heads, and is just very energetic when an illusion. When he’s not an illusion, he can still retain these characteristics, but he has a twisted ankle and can’t move very fast. Instead of running, he prances.
  • He doesn’t believe in pockets. This is very important. He does not have pockets, he cuts off other people’s pockets with his playing cards, and he pulls all his items from his empty AU out of the tiny red pouches on his shirt. The bigger the items are, the better.
  • He has some gags he likes to do frequently: Putting massive celestial objects in jars, turning people’s vision different colors/black and white, pretending to be electrocuted, using household items in ways they can’t be used for (hairdryers as combs for his non-existent hair, vacuums as guns, etc.)
  • He doesn’t have a very strong liking for Papyruses, and he’ll instantly change the subject if anyone asks about his brother or his past.
  • He rarely talks about his past, and when he does, it’s usually done in a joking way despite always being cynical and negative in description. He’ll dismiss it after the fact as either unimportant or untrue.
  • He’s a kleptomaniac and steals anything he can. Sometimes he makes a show of stealing things so people will run after him when he leaves and he can perform some more for them.
  • He’s quite egotistical and thinks very highly of himself. (Or at least acts like he does.) This makes him pretend to get very offended if you say anything even slightly bad about him, but remember his offence is always played off as over-dramatic and still lighthearted.
  • He wants people to, in the end, like and trust him. It gives him the ability to use them later. Though, if he genuinely likes someone, he will become friends with them or even ask to date them.

The only exception is villains, whom he wants to piss off as much as possible, while also staying just enough on their good side that they don’t want to kill him. He also wants to make sure the heroes still like and trust him. He’s a double-crosser and in the end only does it for his own entertainment and gain. He wants creators to like him too. In fact, if a creator will like him more at the expense of another character disliking him, that’s something he’s easily willing to do. If creators like him they’ll want him to stay alive.

True Self - This is simply what I’m using to refer to anything he doesn’t usually show people. This is more his true self.

If you break down his mask/persona If you somehow, someway, managed to get Ace to open up to you, it’d be as followed, but it’s extremely unlikely. He’d only do it with someone he’s extremely trusting of, and he’d probably instantly deny all of it and have extreme paranoia that person might use that info to pity him, look down at him, or hurt him, and he’d probably attempt to either kill them or never see them again.

  • He talks slower, often with a slight stutter and quite a bit of pausing
  • He’s paranoid, anxious, a total wreck emotionally, he constantly tries to hide the fact he’s feeling negative and return back to his happier persona
  • He tries to stay as far away from people as possible.

Sometimes he’ll hide only his face in an illusion to avoid showing emotions

  • He paces a lot, on his staff, limping about

This is the only time you’ll ever see him cry If you’re an extremely close friend, or romantic partner, he acts like a combination of both this and the persona form above.

  • He talks fairly fast, but not as fast or as fancily as normal
  • He’s kind, sweet, and caring, and often shows his affection with gifts of flowers or trips through illusions to spectacular places

He’s not extremely touchy or clingy, but he’ll share the odd handhold or kiss. He might reference some of his past but will try to change the subject if it’s going too far into it

  • He’s still got a flair for showmanship and a lot of charisma
  • He still has quite a bit of paranoia and odd thinking, and will never let himself be coaxed into a scenario he finds uncomfortable.

He’s open to trying new things the other person enjoys or telling them more about himself.


Dream!Sans (Friend)

Ace had saved Dream's life when he's about to get killed by Killer Sans and Nightmare.

Killer Sans (Enemy)

Killer! Sans dislikes Ace for scaring him with illusions.

Nightmare! Sans (Enemy)

To Be Added...

Ink!Sans (Visited His AU)

To Be Added...



To put others in illusions that they cannot escape, making them see, hear, and feel things that don't exist. These illusions can be broken if he loses focus.

Ability to Read Chances

If he asks certain questions, he sees the chance of that occurring. If it’s something that will happen, there’s many different possibilities that could occur, and thus he’ll see a number reflecting that. If it’s a likely outcome, the chance will be higher, but never 100. If it’s unlikely, the opposite. If however, something is impossible due to past events or current situations, that is the only time he will be given 100 or 0 while reading the future.

If he asks about something that has already happened, he can only receive 100% or 0% answers because it has already occurred and nothing will change that.

If he can’t think up the question or be specific enough, he won’t get answers. If he asks a question outside of chance, he also won’t get answers.

Ex: What are the chances they shall go to the store today? 68.47%

What are the chances they went to the store yesterday? 0%

What is the answer to life? …….

He doesn’t have to actually state the question he’s asking, he just has to think it and intend it, thus, his words don’t really matter, only his intentions do.


  • He Can Hold Off On Illusions For Hours If He Focuses.
  • He's given the name Sans in his AU, but he's not the same person as Sans from Undertale, and isn't technically related to his AU's Gaster or Papyrus.
  • Rather, he's a synthetic monster that fills Sans' role. He takes on the name Ace, later to distinguish himself as a different individual.
  • He doesn’t have bones, blasters, or soul attacks.
  • Ace’s full, official character reference can be found here: https://xxtha-blog.tumblr.com/post/187930882204/the-ultimate-guide-to-rp-ace


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