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He is associated with a Pawn in chess. He is lazy and punny, and is the weakest piece in the game, but could potentially be awesome. He deeply loves his brother and frisk, and hates making promises. It can be said he is good at chess. It is said that he is gay for classic.


He has a light-grey button up shirt under a blue leather vest which he wears under a dark blue coat with light-blue embroidering. His pants are usually dark-blue with light-blue embroidering and a purple badge on a stripe on his pants. The pants vary from blue to brown through different drawings, but the purple badge is constant. His boots are the same.

He has no hair and instead of the usual left blue eye his eye is the right one. And he has some kind of eyebrows.


  • Him being good at chess, yet being a Pawn corresponds to real chess. While a pawn can only move one square forward, and slantways when capturing, they are the only pieces that can promote to a stronger piece.


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