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"You think you have a chance of preventing corruption to your code? It may not seem like it but it's already taking place.."
– Corruption


Sans, or well known as Corruption, is a major character part of a fan-made Undertale AU, Corruptiontale, made by Flygeil.

His goal is to locate Corruption!Chara and get rid of them before they become a threat to the Multiverse and a larger threat than him. His method of getting rid of Corruption!Chara is by corrupting any AUs he encounters, as he believes there is a chance that Chara may be hiding within one of them. Despite it being a highly inefficient process, he continues to persevere this goal.

He has lost his world from a selfish human. Corruption!Sans has been removed from it which helped prevent him from inevitable corruption.

Within the NULL Dimension, his stats are significantly high because 50% of Corruption's code is made up of code from the NULL Dimension. If he exits the NULL Dimension, his stats will be changed to 3,131. He is free to enter and exit the NULL Dimension as he likes.



He has an identical appearance to Sans. But, his clothing is darker and with his eye sockets melted.


Corruption is a mad skeleton, shown to be careless to the AUs he's massacred. This carelessness stems from his belief that all AUs are simply rewrites of each other, so one AU getting corrupted wasn't going to affect the Multiverse in a negative way. However he reapplies this belief after corrupting more than just one AU, possibly a couple hundred due to his other belief that all corrupted AUs would've been brought back in the natural process of "rewriting" and because of this, it makes him believe that the removal of a couple hundred or thousand AUs was simply a natural process in the Multiverse.

He doesn't directly approach an entity within an AU, but rather take them down along with the AU by corrupting the AU from the inside. This strategy is to simply affect the weak points within the AU. Over time, the entire AU will collapse, making it inhabitable for any entity including Corruption!Chara, but excluding Corruption!Sans.

However if he is caught by an entity such as a character from an AU or an out-code, he would be very cautious in their encounter. In most scenarios, he is unaware of the capabilities of his enemies. He doesn't choose to do bold actions but instead tries to flee. If he is caught by his enemy after fleeing, he will try his best to learn the capabilities of them before deciding to strike them.

He can be brought to overwhelming sadness if the events in his past are brought up, but this will only cause him to go in a blind rage towards the enemy, and makes him less cautious of the situation. Eventually, he'll calm down and realize what has happened then flee the area.


Physical Form

Without being within the NULL Dimension, he loses a significant amount of his strength and power, making it easier for opponents to kill him.

Anti-Corruption Properties

This power can counter any effects of his Corruption Touch and Effect. This doesn't affect him but does prevent any code he tries to corrupt from being corrupted.

Powers and Abilities

Modified Bone Magic

This Bone Magic is much powerful than the average. These bones can be summoned with customizable properties with the help of the Modded Menu. The customization is based off what type of code Corruption injects within them.

An example of bone magic customization is a "Blue Magic Bone". This modded bone has been injected with the base code of Blue Magic which applies Blue Magic manipulation upon touch. This can be useful for preserving magic without overwhelming Corruption as it would require more magic to directly use his Magic Eye for Blue Magic, rather than to insert the code of Blue Magic in a less consuming Bone Attack.

Modified Gaster Blaster Magic

This Gaster Blaster Magic is much powerful than the average. These blasters can be summoned with customizable properties with the help of the Modded Menu. The customization is based off what type of code Corruption injects within them.

Modified Blue Magic

He can control a soul and manipulate it in any way. He commonly uses telekinesis to force his opponents into his attacks, forcing them to get corrupted and lose their code.

This Blue Magic is much more flexible than the average. Corruption is able to modify the force being applied, as well as the direction or destination the SOUL is being pushed to. If he applies absolutely no force, he can keep a SOUL floating in mid-air.

Corruption Touch

Any physical contact on him can cause corruption. It can affect anything connected to a soul. Initially, if the object isn't connected to a soul, it will not be corrupted unless Corruption desires it. This took place during his encounter with Error!Sans. Corruption was able to spread the corruption with Error's strings, eventually reaching Error. In a desperate attempt to neutralize Corruption, Error tried to string Corruption. However this failed as Corruption has harvested the strings' code and made it ineffective to him and Error. Error!Sans had been to vulnerable to the Corruption Touch so he had fled.

Corruption Effect

When the Corruption Touch is in effect, any matter caught by the corruption will turn gray. Any power connected to the object with soul power will be corrupted and cannot be restored. Any power that is linked with the soul will be absorbed and increase Corruption's overall strength with the help of his Modded Menu.


He is able to teleport from place to place. He can teleport or exit out of the NULL Dimension and travel through any void available. From an AU's void, he can exit it and wreak havoc across the AU.

Modded Menu

A modified menu created by portions of the Menu Screen. After knowing how to manipulate code, Sans was able to allow this custom menu of his to reveal and store code. This gives him a lot of information about the enemies or anomalies that he encounters. He can find information such as Name, Universe Origin, Powers and Abilities, Strengths, Weaknesses, and much more. Sans has linked a portion of Papyrus' code within the Modded Menu, giving him the ability to talk with Papyrus.

Other Appearances

Corruption Papyrus

Corruption!Papyrus has no physical appearance due to the lack of code to construct a physical body. However Corruption!Sans has found a way to obtain a piece of stable code attached to Papyrus. Corruption!Sans and Corruption!Papyrus chat with either other through Sans' Modded Menu.

Corrupted AUs

If an anomaly is corrupted by Corruption!Sans with the use of Corruption Touch and Effect, their obtained code can be used to recreate an obedient Corruption clone of the anomaly. This allows him to have an army of Corrupted anomalies. However Corruption!Sans doesn't use this often as he very much enjoys the terror he brings upon the AUs himself.


Corruption!Papyrus (Brother)

His brother. At the time of which the Corruption initially started, Papyrus' code wasn't active or being used. Due to this, the code was much more vulnerable to corruption since it was inactive. With the help of Corruption!Sans' Modded Menu, Papyrus is able to communicate with Sans. Corruption!Sans chats with Papyrus a lot within and outside of the NULL Dimension.

Corruption!Chara (Rivals)

Corruption!Chara is Corruption!Sans' first rival. Once Corruption!Frisk obtains enough DETERMINATION, Corruption!Chara's code becomes active. Corruption!Chara takes control of Corruption!Frisk's soul and begins to pursue Corruption!Sans. Corruption!Chara's goal is to kill Corruption!Sans and obtain total power over the multiverse.

Anti-Corruption!Sans (Rivals)

Anti-Corruption!Sans is an unexpected rival of Corruption!Sans. Corruption!Sans wasn't aware of Anti-Corruption's presence until they met. Anti-Corruption was the first anomaly to deal a great amount of damage. Corruption wasn't able to corrupt Anti-Corruption, realizing that he found his true opposite counterpart. With matching strength and power, they couldn't kill each other without a significant advantage. After their first battle, Corruption!Sans had grown aware of the possibilities that Anti-Corruption holds and despises him for it.

Null!Sans (Creation)

Null!Sans is the one and only creation made by Corruption!Sans. After being created by Corruption!Sans, he attempts to befriend him but was ignored. Corruption!Sans realizes his plan to restore his world has failed and tries to corrupt Null!Sans. However, this has also failed as Null!Sans was created from the small portions of Corruption!Sans' original code from his world and portions of the NULL Dimension to help substitute the missing pieces of code. Null!Sans being created from a power stronger than Corruption!Sans gives him immunity to corruption. He remains curious about the environment he was brought into.

Fatal Corruption (Mentor)

Corruption!Sans is not aware of his possibility of rebirthing into a stronger form. If Fatal Corruption sees that Corruption has the opportunity to rebirth, he will take it. Corruption has no way of stopping Fatal Corruption, making Corruption under Fatal Corruption's control. Corruption will be threatened to obtain code no matter what. Any anomaly attempting to dispute this will be taken out by Fatal Corruption while Corruption continues his task. Fatal Corruption will continue this cycle until Corruption is able to rebirth. Once Corruption successfully rebirths into Fatal Corruption, they will both combine their power and create a corruption explosion spanning across hundreds of Multiverses.


  • Corruption!Sans is inspired by Sans Multiverse's data loss, where players would unfortunately lose their data.
  • Corruption!Sans has a blind spot, as his right eye doesn't work.
  • Corruption!Sans is a sociopath. He doesn't respect anyone who isn't on his side.
  • In Corruption!Sans' progress, he has stolen code from countless AUs and remains to continue.
  • Corruption!Sans has the ability to view the void of any AU and access it.
  • He has information of almost every AU. No other AU notices him, due to him hiding within the NULL Dimension.
  • He doesn't have any copies of himself. Ever since the initial corruption took place in that timeline, any existing timelines after that first corruption timeline will not have Sans as he had escaped before the creation of the next.
  • Corruption!Sans is very hesitant towards corrupting Undertale as it was his original world.
  • Corruption!Sans has been noticed before by Fell!Sans. Fell!Sans claims "that he felt a presence around." He is referring to when Corruption!Sans was stalking Fell!Sans and Fell!Papyrus in Snowdin.
  • Corruption!Sans has been caught before by Error!Sans. Error!Sans has found Corruption!Sans trying to manipulate code and steal it. Error!Sans tried to string up Corruption but crashed due to Corruption!Sans' unstable nature. Corruption would've completely corrupted Error!Sans, but decided not to as he found it fun to condescend Error!Sans. After Error!Sans' encounter with Corruption, Error!Sans gets into a fight with Ink!Sans. However, Ink!Sans was not aware of Corruption!Sans' presence and told Error that it shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  • Corruption!Sans has visited thousands of AUs. His entire collection of code is too powerful for any other character to handle.
  • If Corruption!Sans is in contact with another Corruption!Sans, he can absorb the other Corruption's code and ultimately corrupt the entire Multiverse in an instant. This will kill both Corruption!Sans' in the process and will leave the entire multiverse heavily damaged. From that point, the damage dealt against the multiverse would be too severe to be repaired.
  • Corruption!Sans has been to Horrortale. Corruption!Sans meets with Horror!Sans and was able to steal his code after being weakened beyond his nature state. Corruption had seen a figure with a human-like shape before departing from Horrortale.