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Sans is an character from DanceSwap. In this AU, monsters have the ability to dance instinctively since it is suffused into there DNA.

Like Papyrus in Dancetale, Sans represents latin dancing, usually the tango, salsa or something else.



DS Sans is short, cute, always wears blue clothing. he has a blue branded fedora, blue gloves, a blue cape and blue boots, his shorts are a darker blue color, along with a white buttoned-up shirt that is tucked into his pants. His eyes are also blue with a white Star within them. He is usually seen carrying a rose, whether that be in his hand or in his teeth while dancing. Sans is almost always smiling and standing confidently when he is not dancing.


Sans is very confident, like most swap Sanses, and sometimes even has his goals overshadow what is actually important. A good example of this is when he finds out about the human, he is only concerned about capturing them until he dances with Chara, and bonds with the human. His mind is always set on one singular goal at a time, which can distract him from something that is truly important.

DS Sans also has a huge heart, and believes even the most evil person in the world can change. This means he loves to dance, since Dancing in the Dancetale AUs cause the dancers souls to bond and form a closer friendship and understanding of each other. He always insists on dancing with monsters and humans who feel down in the dumps, just to liven up their spirits. This causes him to continuously ask his brother to dance, who gave up on dancing when he learned about resets, and is mainly depressed throughout Chara's time in the underground.



Sans can summon bones at any time, and doesn't let laziness get in his way when it comes to combat. He dances energetically while attacking, so his bone attacks are usually synchronized with his moves. he usually summons blue bones but can also summon white ones.

Blue Soul Inspirit

Like all magic skeletons, sans can turn their opponent's soul blue, which makes there movement heavier along with making it harder to dodge attacks coming their way. Sans prefers to do this when attacking and not dancing as making someone's movements heavier when dancing is not respectable.


Papyrus (Brother)

Papyrus loves Sans as much as Sans loves him, just doesn't show it as much due to his slight depression.

Toriel (Friend)

Toriel is the Ruler of the monster kingdom and representative of waltz dancing. Sans admires her almost as much as he admires Alphys and wanting to be part of her guard. He would do anything she commanded of him besides kill someone.

Alphys (Trainer and unfortunate Role Model)

Alphys does admire Sans' confidence in the heat of battle, but thinks his heart would get in the way when it came down to dealing with dangerous people and monsters. Still, she trains him in the ways of dance fighting, but mostly teaches him cooking.

Temmie (Fake best friend)

Temmie only uses him to destroy Monster-kind and dancing all together for his own benefit. Fortunately for Temmie, Sans completely trusts her, which is very dangerous.


  • His favorite food is Tacos, but only with hot peppers in them
  • He has his own bitty, which is pretty rare and wanted by many bitty collectors.
  • In an Underverse type of situation, it is theorized that DS Sans could use Gaster Blasters, however this is unknown.