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Dream!Sans is created from the light that was excluded by the tree of dreams, better known as the tree of feelings. Even though his name is Sans, he's rather called Dream, named after the tree that gave him life. Dream has no monster or human soul. Dream possesses all the good emotions of every living monster, human, plants etc. Dream works together with Ink!Sans. Ink!Sans creates art work of the AUs and protects them, while Dream fills them with happiness and love. Dream is best friends with Ink and Underswap Sans.


As a byproduct of positive energy, Dream display a quirky, yet not so confident personality. While he is too talkative and over-dramatic, he does give concern that something terrible could happen and, in response, tries to settle down the issue.


Dream is smaller than the original Sans. Dream wears a golden crown on his head. He wears a light blue jacket, with slightly darker pants. The jacket is closed with a golden belt with the initials, 'DS' on it (standing for Dream!Sans). On the sides of the belt are little bells attached. To finish it he has boots that match with his belt, also he wears a golden cape, tied up with a badge.

He now has an outfit of black stocking-like pants and a withered light yellow coat with tips of cyan. He still sports a golden crown and belt, but the belt is now cyan with only the 'DS' initials being gold in color.

Powers and Weapons

As the embodiment of good emotions, Dream can absorb the happy emotions in his surroundings and use it to heal himself or his companions. Also he can use it to increase his own speed and strength. As weapon he fights with a golden pole with stars on the ends that it can transform in a bow. It is still unknown if Dream is capable of summoning a Gaster Blaster.


  1. Feelings that aren't positive can weaken him.
  2. He cannot go to certain AUs, such as Dusttale or Horrortale.


Nightmare Sans (Brother)

Dream and Nightmare have a very shallow relationship before nightmare at all the evil apples they had a strong but often challenged bond where Nightmare use to suffer from Dream's friends, after Nightmare ate all the evil apples and their relationship was severely damaged where Nightmare and Dream would often fight with eachother with Nightmare often almost killing him several times, despite this, they do have a very weak but an existing bond for the past where Nightmare often prevents himself from killing Dream, this bond was heavily revealed in Shattered Dream which is when Dream eats an evil apple in a desperate attempt to show nightmare he cares for him. The sight shocks Nightmare where he tries to stop Dream from eating it and after witnessing Dream slowly getting corrupted, Nightmare starts to reveal his true intentions and that he wants to be treated as a living being and wants to be like Dream with the evil in him slowly fading and his past self being completely revealed.

Ink Sans (Friend?)

Ink and Dream had a good relationship though it was very rarely seen, often bonded more due to both of them having very similar intentions. However this bond was broken when Dream drew to his over dramatic nature and fought against Ink over the fact that Ink only protects AU's and not creates which made them slip apart but as of Xtale or Underverse, they seem to have regained it prior to the events of the X event and Cross's attempts to create his own universe via taking pieces other AU's while also gaining help to teleport to said AU's via Nightmare in exchange to cause psychological and mental pain.


  • He's the one who established the Star Sanses group.
  • He and his brother were both made by Jokublog.
  • The guardian of the golden, light, or dream fruit the tree of feelings produced.
  • Dream can feel all emotions except hatred.
  • In the "Shattered Dreams" Comic, he becomes Shattered Dream.