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""Why? Do you not see them? The ghosts from my home! They follow me, and they keep talking over one another.""
-Eyce first meeting Ink'


Eyce, like many Sanses, went through hundreds of Genocide Routes, and wanted to end those Genocide paths. In doing so, she greatest mistake of her life. She went against the code. Using a lighter she stole from Dogo, and some gasoline she found beside one of the houses in Snowdin, she burnt down the entire town. However, it spread quicker than she expected and it spread to the Ruins, killing everyone there too.

This dramatic change of code made the code of the AU shake and collapse on itself, making the AU glitch itself out of existence. The glitching also affected Eyce's SOUL, and the SOULs of the monsters that died. The fragments of the dead monster's SOULs fused into Eyce's own SOUL. This made Eyce's SOUL melt, then form back together, with the conciseness of all of those monsters. All this happened while Eyce's home glitched away right before her eyes, leaving her in a white, empty void.

She spent hundreds of years in that white void, talking to her Gaster Blaster, that she eventually named Fyre, and trying to ignore the whispers of the ghosts that got louder and louder the longer she stayed in the blank space. Eventually Ink!Sans found her, but she was now a glitch. Without code nor a home, she was now an error in the system.

She was able to settle down in an AU Ink helped create for her, that was until Error!Sans destroyed it. Now she wanders from AU to AU, trying to stay away from Error.


Eyce wears a black, unzipped jacket over top of a cyan T-shirt along with navy blue shorts. Her eyelights are cyan stars and has a constant error sign floating above her head.

Normally, Eyce is a nice, bubbly person. However she gets ahead of herself quite a bit and is a little clingy. When she's alone, she starts having panic attacks and flashbacks of her old AU. Whenever she gets mad, sad, scared, flustered, etc. she glitches even more. Normally, the emotions aren't strong enough to make her crash.


Bones- 10-20 DMG

Blue Bones- 15-20 DMG

Orange Bones- 15-20 DMG

Gravity- 10-20 DMG

Giant Gaster Blaster- 50-65 DMG (It uses A LOT of energy to use)


  • Eyce folds paper cranes to help with her ADHD and to calm down
  • Eyce plays the ukulele
  • The ghost of Papyrus turned twisted and dark from the code glitching and tries to possess Eyce
  • Whenever Eyce has been possessed her eyes turn green
  • Eyce only has one Gaster Blaster, and that's Fyre
  • Ink (Me) worked on Eyce for three years before completing her backstory
  • Eyce prefers to be barefoot

Creator's Note

Hey guysssssss! I'm the Creator who made this OC. I'm open to ANY ideas on how to make this character better, as long as it doesn't go COMPLETELY off the main idea of this OC. What's the main idea? well, i liked the Idea of a female Sans that had a slight mixture of Dust and Error Sans and mainly that Eyce wouldn't be as extra and obnoxious as the female Sanses that people normally make.

Oh, and also: Don't criticize me over the fact that it's a girl Sans and 'all Sanses need to be boys.' I wanted to try something different so i did, and there's no changing it.