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"Honestly, I did not think you could become any more broken than you already were, and yet, here you are. "

Fatal_Error is the result of Error! Sans trying to "Eliminate" Geno! Sans. However, since he cannot be killed, he became an error.


It all started with a fight between Error and Geno. Geno lost, and Error tied him up with his strings. But when he attempted to eliminate him, Geno's Determination combined with the fact that he is a past Error "saved" him.

He now travels across universes trying to collect codes to "sew" together with a new Papyrus. But, his attempts continue to fail to only create broken versions (as the codes he collects are from other Sans' since he doesn't want to hurt any Papyrus from other universes). Gaster began contacting Fatal in his pocket dimension in the form of a strange flower, and convinced him to begin copying the code of Papyruses, which caused him to come in conflict with several other Sanses. Eventually, he managed to sew together something that worked: Patch. Although Patch looked like a Papyrus and had his core mind, he was not the same as Geno's Papyrus. Patch would use Recipes and Memory games to try and bring back Fatal's sanity, but to no avail. Eventually, Patch suggested that if Fatal wanted something like his Papyrus, he should use code from ATs instead of AUs so the code would fit together. Fatal was very pleased with this idea, and set out to take the code of the ATs. The comic is still in progress so it is unknown whether he will succeed.


Due to the fact that Fatal_Error was created when Error tried to kill Geno, he is, therefore, an Error. When he speaks, it will be like many glitched voices talking at once, and the more happy and like himself he feels, the more coherent and Sans-like he will become. When he is enraged, it will be impossible to tell what he's saying, and it is described as being more like audible emotions than words.

Because the comic has not yet been finished, there is not much else to say about him.


Fatal has been described by Xedramon as a Geno who has lost everything, including his own mind.

The only thing he seems to have kept normal is his brotherly love for Papyrus, although he is cold towards his created brother known as Patch due to not believing he is the real Papyrus.

However, his love has turned into an extreme, where he now goes to any measure to get Papyrus back, even if it means breaking apart universes. He is not unwilling to physically harm anyone who gets in his way and is not one for listening to explanations.

He is mentally very damaged, and Patch describes him as often having very emotional moments, taking random naps, and forgetting things very often.

His glitched speech is difficult for others to understand, causing frustration and confusion to both sides in any attempts to talk to him.

He is forced to see all the multiverse's code at once and can never die, causing him constant pain.


He still has the white clothes, red scarf, and giant gash of Geno, but he no longer has the glitch covering his right eye, his T-shirt is black with green lines of coding into it. His scarf has white coding lines, his left eye is completely blue, and his right eye is entirely red, again, both with white coding numbers in them. When he speaks, there is no text box, and his text repeats overlapping in red, blue, and sometimes yellow. He also has cyan and red glitches surrounding him that he cannot control, much like Error. The more emotional he gets, the more his texts repeat, and the more glitches appear around him. He still has blood dripping from his mouth.

Abilities and Weaknesses

He has the power of Determination. He still can use the Gaster Blasters, use glitched bones, and has his own version of Error's strings which is his own blood coming out of his mouth, these strings are made from red magic (DT magic). He can see ALL the codes and files. The only weakness that can be stated is that fatal can crash when too emotional and his vision blocks out the faces of characters sometimes.

  • Fatal Blasters: Like other regular Sans, he can create Gaster Blasters. But the Gaster Blasters are glitched and the blasts move around the blasters are also buffed, since the comic isn't finished we may get more info about them, the Fatal Blasters are like Fatal Error, but his left eye is red, the mouth is green and right eye is green and glitchy, another one can spawn and instead, it's left eye is green and it's right eye is blue.
  • Red Strings: He mostly uses the red strings to sew code pieces together, and very rarely in battle. If used in battle the cables or strings will automatically target the opponents coding which can either delete it or cause immense pain like red hot metal bars on your frame.

    Fatal Error Art By: 워디 드로잉 / worthy drawing

  • Error Bones: Just like any other Sans, he can summon bones as weapons or shields and can kill any beings weaker than him instantly. Since the comic isn't finished we may get more info about them in the future.
  • Seeing Codes: He is able to see the codes that compose each universe, character or thing.
  • Portals: He can create portals to jump from one universe to another, as well as summon them to redirect attacks.
  • Copy: In chapter 4: part 6, it is revealed that Fatal has the ability to copy and paste the codes of other people, even replicating them.
  • Stab: He has the ability to summon code bones which are broken at the end, which he can use just like a knife, even creating slashes like with the true knife.


Error Sans

Fatal hates Error because he believes everything bad that has happened to him is Error's fault, and wants to find him and destroy him, which he almost did once.


Gaster follows Fatal_Error to his flowery void in the form of a flower, with his numerous hands replacing the petals. He talks to Fatal, although Fatal mostly tries to ignore him. Gaster encourages Fatal to get foreign Papyrus' code. Fatal refuses, which gets them in a big argument, ending up with Gaster saying "If you won't do it, then you don't love your Papyrus enough!" This enrages Fatal, with Fatal saying "How dare you challenge how much he means to me!" After a while, he agrees, and kills the first Papyrus, a Classic Papyrus. It is later revealed that he is actually copying the code of Papyruses, and the Classic was not real.




  • Fatal_Error was made by Tumblr user Xedramon. You can check out the Fatal_Error blog here: http://fatal-error-blog.tumblr.com/.
  • He is an powerful and dangerous Sans aiming to get back his Papyrus, even at the cost of other Alternate Universes.
  • Fatal_Error was Geno Sans until Error Sans tried to eliminate him, turning him into Fatal_Error.
  • Interestingly, his favorite condiment is blue raspberry-flavored shaved ice syrup.