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"It looks like you're going to have a Cosmic time"
– Sans

Sans is the Guardian of Stars and so is Galactic!Tale Papyrus



Not finished


Sans was pretty happy and very punny and great but after gaster Fell into the core things went down hill for sans he started feeling depressed and missed gaster a lot, but when frisk he got worse lucky the times good since papyrus and toriel always cheered him up at and made him stronger.Note he is not as depressed as most of the other sanses



Sans wears a white coat with navy blue selves, with a symbol on the back of it his in shirts is black, and his pants are black with two gold stripes on them. his eyes are white naturally and in normal his left eye glows blue and yellow, when in star form his left eye glows with blue and when he activates Star-lution his eye glows navy blue, blue and dark blue. He wears white boots with with black streaks and with light blue at the bottom.



Papyrus (Brother)-

IS improtant sans (not completed)


(not completed)


sans a small crush on her, and thinks she very kind and sweet when frisk started doing genocide sans affection for her decreased but it can grow if the genocide stops at times. Note Sans and Frisk can get in in ruff terms at times in another times they get along with each other pretty well.

Toriel- is a friend of sans (not complete)

Other Sanses- unknown right now

Everyone else- (not completed)