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Ghost Sans was made by Zeroa5Raven.

He is the most corporal ghost you'll ever meet.



Ghost sans has some sort of hood that has "eyes" and nose and is ripped on the bottom of the hood. He wears a long-sleeved shirt. He wears yellow pants and black shoes. When he's flying however, he doesn't have legs or feet. He is said to have a glowing aura. His face become very creepy AF at moments when being scary.


Gamer! Sans

They are very close friends.

Fear me by zeroa5raven dcgj732-fullview.jpg

Ghost Sans' Gaster Blaster (His Gaster Blaster looks like Golden Freddy - no joke. XD)

Gamer and ghost edit by zeroa5raven daj84sf-pre.jpg

Ghost Sans' flying form

Ghost Sans with TimeKid Sans and Gamer! Sans

Ghost! Sans with Gamer! Sans

UnderFell Version of Ghost Sans and Gamer! Sans