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"I-i wouldn't call him lazy, though. Sure, he slacks off. . . But he handles public speeches, he goes scouting for food. He manages the Canine Unit, and he's always just. . . there. And unlike me, he's not afraid to stick up for what he believes in. Poor Sans, years of hunger have gnawed all the kindness right out of his bones, thanks to him the people are somewhat protected, but, his increasing psychosis makes him difficult to trust."

--- Alphys, Part 93B

"Sans is PAPYRUS' older brother and one of the main characters in [HORROR: Swap].

He is lieutenant of the Royal Guard and the final fight in the Sunnedout, but remains a recurring character throughout the story. He is also known as "The Sunnedout's Alpha Freak".



"Sans is larger than his normal counterpart, but he is still shorter than his younger brother, Papyrus. He has a large crack on the left side of his skull, Sans voluntarily extracted his power eye, for the sake of monster-kind. Yet he still holds a grudge against the queen of the Underground, Alphys.

Papyrus made the outfit Sans usually wears. It consists of a crooked, light blue cape. A short-sleeved blood stained tattered white shirt, and blue boots.

However, he switches from this outfit to a clean, golden suit of armor early in the comic, though he keeps the scarf, and boots. Said armor bears a broken Deltarune Emblem, emphasizing his royal guard status."


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"Sans grew up in the capital alongside his brother and father, W.D Gaster. In his teenage years, he worked alongside his pops, hoping to one day follow in his footsteps. While not much has been revealed about the nature of their work, a grand announcement was made about the unveiling of a new and exciting invention. One that would revolutionize the sciences and the lives of monsters everywhere.

But tragedy struck. Tremors shook the Underground. The CORE flickered and wailed. In the end, whatever this mystery machine was, it failed and robbed the Underground of an incredible mind. W.D Gaster fled to The Sunnedout to live a more peaceful life. However, he has no reoccurring memory of what happened or who Sans and Papyrus are. Sans, who had witnessed the disaster, refused comment and fled to The Sunnedout as well in an attempt to escape the pandemonium.

It was on the outskirts of Waterfall that he met Undyne, a plucky young monster who bombarded him with questions. Ultimately, he found her antics amusing enough to distract him from his grief, and in time he took her in as an apprentice, while circumstances thrust him into the position of Royal Scientist at the young age of 15[1].

Naturally, this was a stressful time in his life. He and his brother were just orphaned, and to top it all off, Pap was just a small child. Nonetheless, Sans attempted to continue where his pops left off, though in the end he could never fix the machine, and eventually the pressure coupled with his guilt and grief made him hang up his labcoat.

Then, one day, he abruptly decided to try out for the royal guard. He never explained why, not even to his brother. But regardless of motive, he moseyed down to the dump for the guard tryouts and wowed both Toriel and Gerson with a flashy display of Gaster Blasters. He was accepted as a trainee just like that and soon formed a friendship with his fellow trainee, Alphys. Over the years, the two would train together, climbing the ranks of the royal guard side by side.

When it came time for Gerson to retire, he turned to Sans as his successor, but Sans ultimately turned the offer down in favor of Alphys, partly due to her hard work and partly because absolute leadership was too much for him[2]. Still, he'd act as Alphys' right-hand man, handling a lot of the more social aspects of the guard while commanding the Canine Unit.

All the while, his brother took up the sciences in his stead, and while Sans was proud of Papyrus' efforts, he couldn't help but wonder if he was really happy following in his footsteps. Still, he showed support to the best of his abilities, but when the DT experiments began to take a turn for the worst, it carved a rift between him and Undyne that remains even to this day[3]. In fact, he grew so suspicious that he asked Hapstablook to look out for Papyrus and keep a close eye on Undyne, just as an added precaution."

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He and his bro are close, which is good. His bro (probably like what Horror Sans does for Horrortale Papyrus) gives Sans meat to use for tacos so he won’t starve.


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