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Horror!Sans is a darker and more insane version of Tale Sans, created by Tumblr user Sour-Apple-Studios.

In this AU, Sans appears as the villainous deuteragonist of Horrortale. He also serves as the main protagonist of the prequel comic. After Frisk finished the Neutral Route, Undyne became the ruler of the underground. The situation, however, got worse when the CORE shut down, resulting in the air being toxic and the food source completely running out, which ultimately led to the monsters slowly losing their minds.

Sans and Papyrus gave out rations to the needy and tried to keep morale as high as possible despite the circumstances. Undyne eventually lost her mind due to the stress and Alphys revealed Sans' unique power to be a chance to bring the CORE back, leading to Undyne attacking Sans and almost killing him to steal his power and also his sanity. Sans survives the fight despite his wounds, and implements the rule that humans should be harvested for food instead of power, which he tries to pass as Undyne's.



Horror Sans doesn't change much when it comes to attire. Like Undertale Sans, he wears a blue jacket, black shorts with white stripes, a white shirt and, instead of slippers, blue tennis shoes. His shirt also appears to be stained with blood, as shown in SAS's mini-comic "Service" However, his jacket is a different tone of blue and the hood now has fur. His bones are weak since he hasn't eaten anything for many years. There’s one big red eye in his left eye socket and a large hole in his skull. Sometimes he's portrayed carrying a big axe, but in the original Sans isn't seen carrying any weapon although he is shown using a cleaver before with the exception of one mini-comic, where Sans is seen carrying a bear trap.

His grin has widened and became more psychotic after his cranium got broken (which might be due his psychosis or because he is in pain).


Before his cracked skull and insane demeanor, Sans used to be a cheerful skeleton with a welcoming and intelligent yet hilariously lazy attitude, showing that a few puns could bring upon a smile or two.

However, after his skull got broken and a part of his magic was taken by the now insanely violent Undyne, something within Sans changed. Sans instigated a new rule by Undyne, where humans who fall down are to be consumed for survival. After this, Sans was no longer the joyful skeleton he once was. According to the bunny, despite the rule he himself implemented, Sans has not eaten anything for 7 years, which then led to him losing his kindness, along with his sanity.

After many years of hunger Sans is seemingly bored of everything, even though the dire situation has damaged his psychological state severely, as he now seems to enjoy psychological humor and every bit of Aliza's screams. Whether it be Papyrus's puzzles or the hungry people of Snowdin or even himself torturing her, he has no sense of morale or seems to care about right or wrong; his jokes have changed from annoying yet funny to dark, insane and sadistic, reflecting his attitude.

He loves to decapitate humans for fun, usually using them for "head-dogs". Sans follows his own rule, which is to never eat a human, despite being the one who implemented it, and tries to prevent Undyne from finding out about Aliza's existence. He also shows regret and sadness over realizing that he almost gave into his hunger and tore out her arm to eat it, only for Papyrus to stop him via letters that told him not to eat anything that moves. This could somewhat prove that Undertale Sans is still somewhere inside the insane and starving skeleton. He is seen as the more psychotic of the bunch, even though he manages to speak and have normal conversations. Sans in fan works is mostly portrayed as a blood hungry and feral brute, that socializes very rarely, a far call from his Undertale counterpart though sometimes he’s portrayed as a more psychotic version of Sans. Despite his psychotic tendencies, he sometimes shows signs of loneliness or hopelessness, mostly around his friends in Snowdin and sometimes even around his brother due to his introverted disposition.

Later it is revealed that although insane, Sans had been trying to earn the respect of the Snowdin Townsfolk by protecting them from Undyne and helping them find food.

In some fan works that include Horror!Sans now living on the surface, he doesn't act as insane as he did while trapped Underground and instead acts more aggressive and brute like.


Physical Strength - Horror!Sans is far more powerful than his original counterpart, with extreme physical strength, able to rip off the arm of a child in one swoop while also being able to cut through almost anything with his thigh bone.

Bones - While Horror!Sans still retains his bones, they now appear sharp with blood stains on them. Their unique abilities, however, are their extreme durability and capability to withstand almost anything without a scratch, as well as being able to instantly kill anyone from below, making them very dangerous when in close range combat.

Weaponry - Horror!Sans has several weapons along with him, his favorite being a giant, heavy thigh bone he pulls from the ground or a cleaver as these weapons tend to help Horror a lot.

Immortality - In many fan works, Horror is depicted having some form of immortality, claiming he can’t be killed since he isn't alive, even though this isn't proven. Whether that is true or not, he is extremely difficult to kill, requiring complete obliteration to truly kill him. It is said, that, if any part of his body, no matter how small, survives, he is still alive, though this hasn't been proven or shown.

Semi-Immortality - As an undead, Horror Sans was implied by many to never age, and as a result, he stay young forever or at least never suffer the ravages of aging. Because of this, the user will always be at their physical prime. The user will also be immune to aging abilities, such as Age Acceleration or Reversal.

Gaster Blasters - While Horror!Sans has yet to use Gaster Blasters after having his eye removed, it is speculated that he may still have them.

Past Life

Around one month after the CORE malfunctioned, Sans and Papyrus gave their food away to ones in need, while Sans convinced his friends that support and jokes would be enough to keep their spirits moving in the right direction. One day, some of the dog monsters left to go to the CORE for a meeting and asked Sans if he would want to come along before they left Grillby's. Sans turned down the offer and decided to eat instead. Suddenly, Grillby smashed his food, screamed from pain, as the clean air magic that created the fire of his very existence was now gone, and begged Sans for help. Scared, Sans ran out of the restaurant and decided to join the dogs to the CORE.

Sans later arrived to meet Undyne and Papyrus, apologizing for being late and handed her blueprints of the CORE’s interior. Undyne was left impressed by his work and thanked him. As a response, Sans said, "What are friends for?", leaving Undyne to go and reconcile for lashing out at Alphys a month ago. As they hugged, Sans and Papyrus decided to go home and eat some food. As Sans turned around to say goodbye, he noticed Alphys staring at him, very intense and crazed, making Sans somewhat nervous.

Three months had passed and the CORE was nowhere near being fixed. Sans was walking around Waterfall at the time and heard a conversation that Undyne and Alphys were having at another location through an Echo Flower. He was left horrified from Undyne's consideration of suicide, Alphys mentioning that food was running low, the thoughts of monsters wanting to eat one another, and most importantly, Alphys suggesting that they use what ever kind of powerful magic Sans had in him to power the CORE. Not wanting any of this to happen, Sans spent weeks in the shed, conducting plans of engineering and science.

Papyrus attempted to reach out to him, but he was not interested. Upset, Papyrus began to leave for the CORE. Thinking of the horrible stuff that Undyne could possibly do to his brother, Sans offered to go in his place. As he almost left town, the Not-Mayor Bear caught up to him and expressed his concerns for him. Sans shook them off and told his friend that he was fine, hiding his true feelings. The Bear then walked him to the end of town and gave him a pear for the road.

A while later, Sans noticed a kid crying from starvation. Sans offered his pear to the kid, but was left in shock from how disfigured their face was, as they were dusting. Once the kid had dissolved completely, one of Undyne's guards appeared and walked him to the lab, telling Sans how noble he's been for giving his food away, but also worrying about his state. They then arrived at the lab, with the guard shutting the door behind him, leaving Sans in the dark lab.

Sans walked through the halls of the lab, pretty jumpy about how dark it was. As he began to brush his worries aside, he heard screaming, instinctively creating rows of bones down one of the halls. Once he started to calm down, he instantly screamed and jumped when a monster was creepily smiling right next to him after the loss of her child. Blaming her daughter's death on Undyne, she told Sans that she was starting a revolution against the Queen. Before she left, she offered Sans a place in her uprising.

A while later, Sans met up with Undyne in front of the CORE. Undyne, not wanting to sacrifice her friend and afraid that his presence might make her consider it, asked Sans to leave. Sans did not, however, and said that he had an idea about fixing the CORE. He devised that they destroy the only power cell inside it and rebuild it. As he began to leave, Undyne yelled at Sans for being useless, as she thought his plan was stupid. Hearing this, Sans immediately grew angry that he was giving away his food, convincing his friends not to end it, and staying up day and night trying to fix the CORE himself, only to be called useless.

After a long argument, Sans apologized for his outburst and offered Undyne to have some food at his house. Undyne, finally losing it with no other options, had her guards pin down Sans and explained to him everything Alphys had told her about him. She gripped a mechanical claw in her hand and held it close to his face in means of extracting his eye Angrily, Sans broke free and fought back with his magic, confirming to Undyne that Alphys was right. As he tried to teleport away, Undyne held him still with her Green Magic and shooting spears at him. Sans’ reflexes proved to be far too fast for her to hit him, and he explained that she should quit. Alphys, however, used the speakers to tell Undyne that she should wear him out. Before she could say anything else, however, Sans destroyed the speaker.

Undyne attempted to wrap up the fight by throwing one giant spear at him. Before it could touch him, Sans used his magic to repel the spear and hit the right side Undyne's face, thus preventing her from turning into Undyne the Undying and causing her to release Sans from the magic grip from the pain. However, reflecting the spear took a lot of magic and energy, resulting in Sans collapsing from exhaustion. Seeing her chance, Undyne grabbed him and held him up. Sans attempted one last time to convince her that there were more ways to fix the CORE, but this fell on deaf ears, too, and she removed his eye from his head. This resulted in a giant hole in the side of Sans' skull which led to him bleeding out, although he did not turn into dust. As Undyne left, the guards prepared to bury him, but since Sans was still very much "alive", he killed one of the guards, and Scared the other guard away, In the process, the blood that was pouring from his injury turning his eye red.

He then chased one of the guards to the CORE, where the guard warned Undyne that Sans wasn't exactly dead. He killed the guard, then attacked everyone in the room with bones, harming them with his Karma effect. He quickly left to confront Alphys, as this was her idea from the beginning.

Sans knocked on the door to her lab. Knowing who it was, Alphys refused to let him in, only for the wall to be destroyed by him. Alphys tried to reason with him, saying that there was an explanation for their attempted murder. Sans did not want to hear it, however, already preparing to rip out her jaw. Alphys quickly pressed a button, turning on a machine that was powered by his Determination. Recognizing the blue glow as his own magic, Sans began to hear reason from what Alphys had to say. She explained that the idea about the "CORE’s core" was too big of a risk, and that while this wasn't justified, monsters had him to thank for this. Sans remained silent, seemingly beginning to understand her actions. However, Alphys went too far by saying that while she was sorry for her convincing Undyne to kill him, she didn't regret her choices and that she did the right thing. This seemed to trigger Sans, as he turned towards her with a creepy smile. He then proceeded to impale Alphys' head with the sharp bones which damages the CORE as well, thus rendering the Underground without power once more. He then left to avoid Undyne's wrath.

After arriving back home in Snowdin, Sans gathered what was left of the residents for a meeting; he told everyone that they were under Undyne's orders, and that they were to eat humans instead of harvesting their SOULs. He also states that since the Queen was apparently guilt ridden in saving them, no one was to bring this up to her unless they wanted to be incarcerated. After everyone left, Sans called in for Papyrus to stay. His brother was appalled by the fact Sans wanted him to eat humans and went against the idea, claiming that he didn't even know Sans anymore. This triggered a flashback for Sans from when Undyne labeled him useless just before their fight. Angered, Sans stated that he hated that "everyone" is labeling him as a threat, just as Papyrus began to leave. Not wanting his brother to die of starvation, Sans handed him human flesh to cook and eat. Papyrus was touched, although this led to him in this current state.

Relationships/Character Mentions

Horrortale Toriel (Friend)

Horror appears to be friends with Toriel, communicating with her from behind the door. In the Playable Teaser, however, he claims that he hasn't checked up on her lately. It seems like they are still in contact. He was the one who told her how terrible the world outside the RUINS is at the moment, which greatly damaged her sanity. He also tried to prevent Aliza from escaping the Ruins.

Horrortale Papyrus (Brother)

His relationship with Papyrus hasn't changed as they're still very close. But he questions how much time and effort should be put into his brother's puzzles. Yes, they have an interesting spin of bloody murder, but they're not original. Sans convinced him to eat the humans, so he won't die from starvation. He also seems to argue with Papyrus at times, and rather in a not so relaxed way. Such as when Papyrus argued with him when he misheard freebies as frisbees, Sans talked back to him in a not so nice tone, rather than admitting he was wrong in a sly way and letting it slide, even saying, "Forget about the god**n Frisbees!"

The Player/Aliza (Uninterested)

Horror doesn't care much for the player/Aliza. To him, she's just another human that's about to meet their doom. When asking him about "Home" he replies with "Aw, gotta family waiting for ya? Nice parents? Friends? That's cute. But I doubt it. You look pretty miserable for a well-loved baby human." He then proceeds to insult Aliza and explain how things down in the Underground are worse. His gore puns make Aliza really uncomfortable. Beyond this, Sans tries his best to resist the urge to eat a half-cooked Aliza, and he also teleported her from death. Sans also tries his best to keep her existence from Undyne hidden, so he might care. After they met up again, Sans made an attempted apology for trying to eat her prior to Undyne's arrival. However, the Non-Mayor Bear revealed that they were informed that the disguised Aliza was his daughter (since Papyrus had informed everyone she was his niece by accident). This infuriated Sans, as he now thought he would be a laughing stock in the Underground.

Horrortale Undyne (Enemy)

Horror hates the Underground's new ruler, Undyne or "Queen Undick" as he calls her. Sans also mentioned that Undyne would better off dead. This all started when he was brought in to her for assistance for fixing the CORE. Already being experienced with science and mechanics in the past, Sans devises a plan on taking the CORE apart on the outside and changing the inside. Undyne did not find this useful and lashes out on him for having the weight of their people being on her shoulders and for claiming that Sans wasn't doing anything.

This angers Sans, as he has been staying up day and night trying to end this nightmare, while also convincing his friends not to commit suicide. A while later, their argument ends and Sans apologizes for yelling, as he hasn't eaten in sometime. Undyne, going crazy and remembering what Alphys informed her of the former earlier, had two royal guards pin down Sans. However, Sans fights back, revealing his powerful magic to be true. As the fight goes on, Sans inflicts serious damage on the right side of Undyne's face, before finally running out of energy.

Undyne then extracts his "bad time" eye, and during the extraction, Sans' skull cracks and bleeds out. However, he is still alive and kills one of the guards that forced him down. He proceeds to rip his eye out and place it into his own socket, the blood pouring from his head then covers the eye, turning it red.

Because of their domestic dispute, the two of them now hate each other. It has also been stated that she seems to heavily fear him as the Drunk Bunnie explained to Aliza that while he is hard to trust, he keeps them safe from her wrath.

Horrortale Gaster

After asking about Alphys, you can ask about Gaster (It's hidden under the "..." text.) Horror!Sans will tense up, flash an unsettling smile and then bones will impale Aliza. Papyrus responds with a "SANS! NOT AGAIN!" and then the death screen appears with Flowey saying, "That's a touchy subject down here"


  • His dialogue ranges from helpful advice/encouragement to bad ideas and random gibberish.
  • In-game, it's impossible to pass him, unless the player has tasted Papyrus's spaghetti first.
  • There is another mini-comic piece, showing how a date might go in Horrortale.
  • He still drinks ketchup, not blood.
  • The idea of Horror Sans as a villain and becoming Nightmare's servants is just pure fan-made (non-canon) created by fans.
  • Some fans has claimed that Horror is not a Neutral Evil alignment but a Sans that is an anti-hero.
  • In some fan-comics and portrayals his alignment is good instead of bad, as he is familiar with and also friends with Tale, Fell and Swap; however some fandoms, and fans do not agree with the fact of Horror becoming one of the Sanses whose alignment is good, and neutral. Instead they see that Horror is a more perfect Sans for Nightmare's gang as the Villain Sans.