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"Frisk... This Multiverse, It has to persist somehow... No matter the cost."


Sans, or "Ink," Is the last remaining survivor of his Universe "InkTale." He is wracked by the loss of all his friends, and is much less mature and calm than his Undertale counterpart. He's very emotional, however he is still yet optimistic. He has bestowed upon himself the title of "Guardian of The Multiverse," aiming to stop this from happening to any other Universe.


Ink was from an AU which had been made by X-Gaster using OVERWRITE. To try and make another perfect AU. The attempt mostly succeeded. X-Gaster abandoned it, and continued work on X-Tale. The AU was left to flourish, The inhabitants were blissfully ignorant of their Malevolent Creator. They persisted on, happily. This was The perfect target for The God of Destruction, 'Error.' Error destroyed the entire Universe, tearing it asunder. Only Ink remained. The souls of all his friends empowered him, giving him power that could even compare to Error's own. Error underestimated Ink, and Ink was able to defeat him. Error said this was temporary, and cackled about how he would return, more ready. Error then disappeared. Ink was left with nothing but the ghost of Frisk. He wandered the abyss, until he was contacted by an unknown entity, and the entity told him of other Universes. That Error had originated from one of them. The Entity explained how Ink could leave his own Universe, using his paintbrush. Ink did, and ended up in Underswap. He encountered an alternate version of himself and Papyrus. He immediately hugged Papyrus upon encounter, as Papyrus reminded him of his own brother. He apologized, and explained what had happened in his universe. The skeletons were skeptical, but decided that they'd at least humor him. Underswap Sans did mention how Ink had appeared out of a strange portal. Ink explored the AU, and decided to protect all AUs, as they were all full of hopes, dreams, and determination. Ink then went out to defeat Error.

Personality and Appearance

Credit to Relutio

Ink generally looks the same as his "ZA" counterpart. He has a brush, and since the first encounter with Error, his eyes were torn out. He is 6'5, and wears the same clothing as ZA. Whenever he's extremely excited, his eyes will light up again, and have a yellow star along with a blue pupil. If he's going all out, he normally has one flashing rainbow eye. His vials he only uses for his paintbrush, as he still has his soul. Ink is generally cold and doesn't trust anyone, other than Frisk. He's very closed off, and doesn't want to get attached to anyone. He normally tries to maintain a completely serious demeanor. He has a level of Multi-personality disorder, as he acts completely different in a closed off environment. He has something of an obsession with killing Error, as Error is the only person he truly hates. When he's in private, he's extremely cheery and optimistic, which is supposedly how he acted before Error attacked InkTale.

Powers and Abilities

Ink has superhuman physique, and can move at up to FTL+ speeds. He has access to Teleportation, and the abilities of all the characters in Undertale, but buffed to extreme degrees. He also has his paintbrush. He can use this to paint any Sans weaker than him. However only one of each. He can also use the brush to make whatever item he wants, unless it also exceeds his power. He can paint other characters, however he doesn't do it much. He can also lift about 1.5 trillion solar masses. Giving him extreme physical strength. He can also use Gaster Hands. He has access to Save Points and Resets, but certain characters can still block or ignore these. He has three phases, the first being his normal one. The second being his determined phase, in which Frisk gives him excess determination, making him extremely powerful and allowing him to resist death. After he melts, he has access to his third phase, in which a crack goes down his left eye, the melting stops, and He gains extreme amounts of power. This phase is known as "The Gaster Phase." Due to his physical similarities to Gaster, along with the fact he speaks in wingdings in this phase. His durability is extremely high, equal to that of entire Multiverses. He cannot survive existance erasure, however.


-He has a Dog named "Spot." Which is The Inktale Annoying Dog.

-Rather than Ketchup, he drinks paint.

-He normally makes artist or painting puns.