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Template:Infobox character 2Omni!Ink is a variation of Ink!Sans in the Undertale Omniverse, he's more powerful than normal Ink and he can create anything he wants


A creator felt like Ink!Sans was lonely and didn't have anyone to protect the AU's besides Dream , so he created Omni!Ink, a variation of Ink!Sans to protect and create new AU's.





His personality is similar to Ink!Sans.

Abilities / Powers

Normal Form

This Omni!Ink's normal form with his basic powers

  • Ink Bones: Omni!Ink can summon rainbow bones made of ink and can manipulate their size, speed and shape.
  • Ink Blasters: Omni!Ink can summon rainbow blasters made of ink and can manipulate their size, speed and shape.
  • Creation: Omni!Ink can use his brush to create anything he wants, it can be a soul, an object, a city, but he cannot create AU's
  • Ink Manipulation: Similar to Ink!Sans, Omni!Ink can manipulate ink and alter their shape, like making ink turn into chains or hold someone with ink.
  • Teleportation: Capable of teleporting to any timeline or AU through any liquid source mixed with paint.
  • Creation Soul: This version of Ink!Sans has a soul, which gives him some abilities.
    • Create: A button which can create anything he wants, but he can use his Creation ability instead of the button. He still cannot create AU's
    • Erase: A button which erases anything created by the Create button, this can also erase things created by the Create ability.
    • Determination: he has the powers of the soul trait, "DETERMINATION".

Imagination Form

If Omni!Ink is about to die, he'll turn into his Imagination form and achieve new powers.


True Form

If Omni!Ink fuses with Ink!Sans, they'll become an absolute powerful being and be really OP. But this form was never used or revealed.