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"Don't spare me. There's only genocide."



Lost!Sans is a Sans that was made in a AU that was made outside the code of the Multiverse. It was a strange occurrence, a AU that was outside the multiverse. Not much was known about this AU for a really long time. Nobody really knew it was there, otherwise.

About Losttale

Losttale was created by EntiXW, and a anonymous user, and it only consisted of one being. Lost!Sans. Since Losttale was so far away from the regular AU's, it had issues. It didn't get to fully render Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton, or any other monsters. The only things that were there were the map, and Lost!Sans. There was a recent discovery of Losttale, and they first called it Abandonedtale. But the name didn't stick for too long, so Losttale was the new name. No one could really reach it, or interact with it because it was far too out of range. It would be dangerous to go out that far, and, it would be confusing to find Losttale. The code obstructs a lot of view, so it would be like a maze.

Lost!Sans History

Lost!Sans is the only being in the Losttale AU. Since he was the only one, he was bored during his childhood. He found other things to play with during his childhood. He started out with playing with telekinesis, gravity manipulation, and other powers. The powers kicked in at such a young age because he was bored and whatnot. He also rarely ate because of his independence, so he was really skinny when he grew up. The only thing he ate was cold cabbage soup, which he found at the abandoned MTT Resort. Lost!Sans soon became bored using his regular powers, but one day when he tried using his powers on his sentry station, he accidentally broke the map and then fell into the code. When he fell into the code, he was confused. He'd never seen such strange things. He wandered around the place, until he got a bit impatient. He tried to use his telekinesis on the code, but it didn't work. He then started to try to bang his way out of the weird, blank, colorful mess of words, but then accidentally broke some, and fell into the Internet. He was shocked even more by this even more colorful, spacious land. It had masses of things, like colorful icons floating around with letters around them. He was flabbergasted by this land. Of course, he wanted to get back, but, he also wanted to explore this magical land. He spent a long time there, and during that time, he had harnessed power from there. He had learned Text Shooters, which were Gaster Blasters, Advertisement Attacks, which were big bones, Tab Bullets, which were bones, and new things like Window Crash, (which crashed the window), and Cursor Manipulation, (which means he could control your soul/cursor), Internet Explorer, (which brought you too a application of Lost!Sans's choosing), and Stat Change, (which he could change his or your stats in a instant). He eventually got back, and still kept those powers that he learned.

Lost!Sans's Unusual Sightings

  1. When he was stuck in the code, he saw 2 error messages. One saying, "PAPYRUS COULD NOT BE RENDERED." And the other one said, "UNDYNE COULD NOT BE RENDERED." Later, he saw tweets about Papyrus being his brother. That gave him a "Merciful" trait, so he could be nice. So, if a human comes by, he can convince them into RESETing.
  2. When he was in the internet, he saw things about Geno!Sans and CHARA.
  3. When he broke through the code, he broke his soul's code, so he has a glitched soul.



Lost!Sans has a dark yellow hoodie, midnight navy purple pants, dark yellow eyes that matches his hoodie, and black shoes. In his "bad time mode", instead of a glowing blue eye, he has yellow cracks going down from his eye sockets. He got the dark yellow hoodie and the purple pants from the Internet, and his black shoes were rendered in. He always wears his hoodie, even in battle. He has no mouth, and he cannot speak, but he still has a text bubble hovering over him when he speaks.


He is merciful, bored, and scared. He developed the "Merciful" trait when he was in the internet, he developed the bored trait when he was 7 years old, and he developed the scared trait when he was learning about Chara. When you fight him, he will be merciful at first, but will eventually panic, and then will fight as hard as he can.

Lost!Sans Battle Info

There are 2 phases in his fight.

Fight Phases

Phase 1

Phase 1 is where he will go easy, and will use -1 attacks, instead of Internet Based attacks. He will be merciful, and will trust any spare as not a betrayal attack, though you will never be able to spare him because he knows you don't really mean it. The reason for the mercy is because he needs you to TRUE RESET, even though the code won't allow it. Also, he has regular Sans attack, defense, and stamina until Phase 2. Lowvania is the song that plays during Phase 1.

Phase 2

It's when Lost!Sans realizes he'll never get a complete world with characters because the player can't TRUE RESET, but they can RESET. So, if Lost!Sans was killed, he would never come back. That's how Phase 2 starts. He starts off by pulling off Internet Explorer, and then using his other attacks in other browsers and apps. In this state, his stamina is infinite, but his attack and defense stay the same. You can't fight or heal in this phase, though you can see your HP. It's a unbeatable phase, basically. Though, no one has ever experienced it. Second Thought plays during Phase 2.

He also has a final form, if you survive long enough in Phase 2.

Crashlagg Form

The final form of Lost!Sans. His yellow jacket turns into a jacket that switches colors from dark blue, to grey. The jacket also has strange dark marks, like glitched stitches sown into it. He also has really dark navy blue pants, and he also has eyes and cracks coming from his eyes that match his jacket, but with more glitched stitches. You only see him for one second, before he restarts your computer.


  • Text Shooters
  • Advertisement Attacks
  • Tab Bullets
  • Window Crashes
  • Cursor Manipulation
  • -1 Gaster Blasters (-1 refers to non-internet based)
  • -1 Bones (-1 refers to non-internet based)
  • Stat Change



  • He could defeat Infinity Code in a flash if he wanted to.
  • Absent!Sans is the exact opposite of Lost!Sans, and is basically designed to kill Lost!Sans.
  • When he is in his Crashlagg form, he is only using half of his full power.
  • He cannot defeat everything, but he is extremely powerful.