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"That's what you get for messing with another man's woman, you Prick."
– Sans after killing Nick

Sans, full name Sans Gaster, serves as the Deuteragonist/(somewhat) Antagonist of Mafiafell and the fan novel/comic "Sooner or Later You're Gonna Be Mine".

He is apart of the gang of skeleton monsters known as the Gaster Family along with his older brother, WingDings and his younger brother, Papyrus.

He assaulted Frisk when first meeting her, yet he seems to harbor feelings for her. He may also be apart of a dangerous cult called the Never Dies, who write an N on their victim's foreheads after killing them.



Sans is a skeleton monster with red pupils, that disappear when angry or serious, with sharp teeth. One tooth on the far left of his mouth being gold. Unlike his other counterparts, Sans is shown to actually be quite large, being taller than an adult human (but not tall than his brother). He is still somewhat chubby.

He likes to wear a black suit with a red under vest. Most of the time, he tends to smile; Just like his eyes disappearing, this all stops when angry about specific things. His also opens his mouth at times, another thing most his counterparts aren't involved with. Whenever he smokes his special cigar, red smoke will spew out of his left eye.


Sans is a very dangerous and lethal skeleton, just like his brothers. Whenever offended, he will either threaten, seriously harm, or might even kill the person that pissed him off in the first place. Sans does seem to have control over his emotions and the way he acts depending on the situation, which is why Wing Dings chose him over Papyrus to talk with Don Dee.

As when he spat out whiskey, a beverage he hates, he was laughed at; As much as he wanted to kill everyone who taunted him, he had no choice but to refrain himself. When Papyrus took his mustard away, Sans knew to back down and let it slide, because this would lead to an argument that would wake up Wing Dings, who would be very upset if this were to happen. He does not seem to make puns or jokes of any sort.


Sans is shown to have incredible brute strength and telekenesis, as he is shown moving Frisk before pinning her to the wall by grabbing her head. By the looks of some flashbacks, he also seems to acquire great skills with guns and other weapons. Even though it has not been shown much yet, he does have some powers of his own.

No Gaster Blasters are seen yet. However Sans is capable of summoning sharp bones and teleporting.


Papyrus (Younger Brother)

Sans is the older brother of Papyrus. As children, Sans seemed to have teased him about his height; The tables ironically turned, as he now towers over him. He holds some respect for his brother, yet he teases him by calling him boss at times, something in which he hates.

Wing Dings (Older Brother)

Wing Dings is the eldest brother of him and Papyrus. While not shown interacting much yet, Sans is shown to be afraid of upsetting him; Most notably waking him up from an argument caused by him and their younger brother. Yet, Wing Dings acknowledges Sans for his maturity and control over situations, which is why he picked him to interact with Don Dee and the other humans. Despite the fear of upsetting him, Sans and Wing Dings have shown that they do in fact have a good relationship when joking and laughing at Papyrus’ claims of having an “admirer”.

Frisk (Crush?)

Sans seems to have a love/hate relationship with Frisk. When first meeting, Frisk accidentally insulted him, the results were obvious: Him banging her head against the wall. This made Frisk scared of him, and also a resentful attitude for him. After their first encounter, Sans seemed to admire messing with her, maybe even developing feelings for her. When Nick, the old abusive, racist, and sexist landlord of Frisk's area grabbed her, and before he could make an attempted assault, Sans grabbed him and took him outside. He then proceeded to kill him in revenge. Because of Sans protecting her, while not knowing of him murdering Nick, Frisk began to see that Sans wasn't the angry and ferocious monster she thought of him to be at first glance.


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