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Sans is a very contradictive character of Negativetale.

He constantly plots of ways to move up in the world by killing his brother and others, Despite being perhaps the weakest monster in his AU.



Sans is a skeleton who wears a black and orange coat with an orange shirt. He also wears white slippers with orange socks. Sans also wears a red scarf and has a crack on his skull and has his left eye not lighting up since his brother Papyrus took it out after an argument. However, his pants do not change.


He's known as a thief, constantly pickpocketing people for money, committing several crimes, and being a general irritation. Overall, Negativetale Sans is the complete opposite of his Sans counterpart. His infamous quote is simply "Hey Kid, Got any Money/Cash on ya?" He is also shown to despise, loath, and hate his brother.

Battle Information

None yet, as of now, but his special eye is apparently broken. He's also likely faster than his Undertale counterpart because he's not nearly as lazy. He's also a thief by trade.



Their relationship is quite similar to the way UF!Sans and UF!Papyrus interact with one another. Although they do it as a twisted way of affection, Sans and Papyrus don't have that emotional bond. They despise each other and are openly abusive towards one another. They barely have any bond, if at all, unlike underfell.

Sans hates his own brother for breaking his skull and taking out his eye after telling a pun. He frequently refers to his brother as "A piece of sh#t."

He has also referred to his brother as "a pain in the ass" and multiple other insults.


He helps the human at first, much like his Undertale counterpart. But in reality, he's simply using them to finally kill his abusive brother, Papyrus. After doing so, he tried to laugh it off.

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  • Sans one of the only Sanses that killed their own brother during Papyrus' battle.
    • However, Sans one of the Sanses that commited Patricide, along with Dust! Sans,
  • He is one of the remaining characters that survive in the underground after Frisk falls into the underground and dies, the other 2 being Asgore and Flowey.
  • Instead of ketchup, he drinks mayonnaise as a condiment.
  • He is one of the few sanses that actually hate their brother
  • His AU is evil and twisted


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