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This is a joke article
An OC to mock the OP character creators for wanting to overpower everyone.
So let's all have fun in this wiki and have a fun time

OP!Sans is a Sans that wants to overpower everyone in the fandom, so he makes OP!Sans have a desire to become the father like figure of the Fandom, the only one that cannot be defeated.


OP!Sans was once a Classic Sans from Undertale, but a random 5 year old kid stole that Sans and made him OP, but it wasn't enough, so now, OP!Sans' only objective is to become the most powerful one in the Fandom and the one that cannot be Overpowered



Because of His Creator being a lazy piece of S[poo]T, he gave the job of designing his creation to some random editor on pixelartmaker. And because of it being pixelartmaker OPTale Sans pretty much just resembles Sans but for some reason he has a skeleton shirt and is bleeding for an unknown reason? Who the F[duck]K thought this was a good idea?


OP!Sans is selfish, he doesn't care about the others and only cares about himself and his mission to be all powerful.

Abilities / Powers


OP!Sans can manipulate everything, such as:

  • Wind
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Earth/Ground
  • Darkness
  • Light
  • Space
  • Time
  • Gravity
  • Life
  • Death
  • Rainbow
  • Matter
  • Energy
  • Infinity
  • Boundry
  • 4th Wall
  • Powers and Abilities
  • Concepts
  • Universe
  • Omniverse
  • Totality
  • Creation
  • Destruction
  • Error/Glitch
  • fantastic elements
  • demonic elements
  • primordial elements
  • divine/transcendental elements
  • metaphysical elements
  • absolute elements
  • absurd elements
  • Omni-elements
  • Cosmos
  • everything else.

Alphaversal Omnipotence:

OP!Sans has gone beyond Omnipotence, and it's really really powerful, but hes not powerful to kill people on the level of Breaker Z! Sans or The Creator.

Omni-Power/Complete Arsenal:

OP!Sans has an endless number of abilities and powers, covering every possible effect and countermeasure. He can use any existing power as well as those that are yet to be, as his complete power database includes all potential abilities.

OP!Sans has complete mastery and exhaustive knowledge of all of his abilities, (nature, effect, characteristics, strengths/weakness, etc.) including knowing which ones are best suited for every situation, all possible combos, and can use them flawlessly, effectively and efficiently in any condition

Alphaversal Strings:

OP!Sans can shoot strings out of the tip of his fingers, anyone that is tied up on those strings is under OP!Sans' control and can edit them with free will, he can also absorb their powers, this is the ability that OP!Sans most uses.

The Blades of Creation:

These are dual welding blades that can create anything without limit and kill anyone, except for Breaker Z! Sans and The Creator.

Alphaversal Omnisphere Manipulation:

OP!Sans can manipulate the concept of totality, and is capable of manipulating the entirety of anything. He can manipulate the totality, which is forever the largest thing conceptualized and imagined by any mind. It absolutely encompasses anything and everything. Even though OP!Sans can transcend everything and has power over everything too, they may or may not be the origin of it all. It also gives him an extremely powerful force that allows him to control and manipulation of the Omnisphere, which contains an absolutely infinity or unlimited number of other universes, multiverses, metaverses, zenoverses, Superverses, hyperverses, Omegaverses, ultraverses, omniverses, Outerverse etc.

Alphaversal Absorption:

OP!Sans is able to absorb various types of energy such as: negative effects imposed on him, someone else's strength, knowledge, memory, concepts, entities, universes/multiverses, meta verses, Omniverses and etc. This ability will not have any effect, since its force cannot be absorbed, nullified, pulled out of it, taken away, Controlled and etc.


The Creator (Enemy)

OP!Sans absolutely hates The Creator and wants to overpower him no matter what, but The Creator is always at the top and defeating OP!Sans, if OP!Sans manages to overpower The Creator, he'll torture him so badly that The Creator will not even feel pain after dying infinite times. But OP!Sans only equals to 1.0e-4495% of The Creator's power.

Alpha404 (Enemy)

OP!Sans managed to overpower Alpha404, but decided to not kill him because it was useless, Alpah404 now tries to overpower OP!Sans but OP!Sans always brings him down.

His Creator (Father)

His creator is a complete a**hole and want's to overpower everyone, so he uses OP!Sans to do that and overpower everyone, him and OP!Sans are hated by everyone in the Fandom, even the fictional destroyers and IRL creators.

4th Breaker Z! Sans (Enemy)

OP!Sans once meet 4th Breaker Z! Sans and immediately tried to kill him and absorb his soul, But 4th Breaker Z! Sans was and still is stronger than him, after that OP!Sans ran away, he swore to his life that 4th Breaker Z! Sans would suffer. But OP!Sans only equals to 10% of 4th Breaker Z! Sans's power.


  • OP!Sans wants to be the only one that cannot be defeated
  • OP!Sans wants to be the most powerful being inside the fictional world, and that no one can surpass him.
  • OP!Sans hates anyone slightly stronger than him.
  • OP!Sans hates Breaker Z! Sans and The Creator.
  • OP!Sans will be on the movie "Fandom War"