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In a universe similar to ReaperTale but different. In this Version of ReaperTale, Sans takes the role as life and Toriel takes the job as death, everyone has different jobs and everyone is each other's shoe. Chara has been replaced with Frisk and this time toriel is the God of Death and Life/Sans must try to convince her not to kill him and the king.


ReverseReaper!Sans appears to be wearing a white/brown cloak instead of a black one. He also has a Jewel for a pin instead of a gaster blaster. And also instead of massive scythe, ReverseReaper!Sans wields a dagger.


ReverseReaper!Sans acts the same as ReaperTale Sans except he takes his job more seriously and takes breaks more frequently.



With his dagger, ReverseReaper!Sans stabs you and causes you to fall under his control, while also dealing 10 points of damage per second.