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Sans is a skeleton first seen in Snowdin. He is a sentry in its forests, and he is a teeny tiny bit afraid of his brother, The Great Papyrus. He wears a black jacket with a hoodie, red sweater, shorts with golden stripes on them, and red sneakers. After a fight with some bunny monsters, he was forced to step up his magic to bigger levels, which caused a crack around his left eye socket. His brother, Papyrus, is his boss. In the Soulfell Comic, he is powered with determination, having to inject himself with it before his soul gives up and he dies. He has to do that because of random townspeople in Snowdin almost killing him. When he got injected, he could start melting, he could dust or he could live.

Powers and Abilities

Sans is probably one of the most powerful monsters in the Underground, just like his Undertale counterpart. His power hasn't been seen in the comics, except when he blasts someone away with a Gaster Blaster and manipulates sharp bones to try and kill an illusion(?) of Gaster.


Toriel: He enjoys walking to the Ruins and trading jokes with Toriel back and fourth. While they can insult or embarrass one another for laughs. Such as Sans joked about her being old, Toriel responded by calling him an ass. Sans said back that skeletons don't have asses. While confused at first, Toriel seizes advantage of the moment and says, "Well that is just disappointing." and laughs hard while Sans hides in his hood from his damaged ego.

Papyrus: He has a tad tense of a relationship with Papyrus. Although they are really close. Sans raised Papyrus when they were both kids and would stand up to bullies who picked on him. Although this resulted in his soul being shattered and reformed due to his determination, having to get even more injected within him, resulting in his HP being set to where it was last when attempting to stay together, 1. He didn't have the heart to tell Papyrus at first, but he eventually found out sometime later. This causes Papyrus to be somewhat overprotective of his surroundings and worrying about hurting him himself.


Gaster: As a child, Gaster saved him when his soul was almost shattered, thanks to determination. At some point, Gaster was presumably shattered across time and space, with Sans being the only one able to see him. However, Sans is shown to be incredibly hostile towards him and cusses him out for reasons that will most likely be explained later on.


Sans is a laid back skeleton. He often jokes and doesn't try to kill the protagonist. He irritates his brother, Papyrus because of his puns. He tries to help the protagonist by giving them money for the Inn.