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This is not Canon to the original Sans/The Creator

Light and darkness are the same. You'll see that if you look at it in a different way. "

- The Creator

Creator Sans (Fanon) is it a result of the Creator's power being boosted way more than it should.

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As the first being, Creator had to spend a large amount of time creating the dimensions, but it doesn't really mind, as creating makes it happy. as the dimensions were being completed, the creator had used up lots of mana, something inside it starts to change, so sometimes the creator will act like a kid suddenly.

Creator had set a rule for itself, just trying to recover the mana it lost so it doesn't suddenly act like a kid often, creator will return to The 4th dimension, into the unstable zone, and into the timeless capsule then will fall asleep for ten-thousand years, when ten thousand year passes, the creator will be awoken once again for a century or two. during the creation of the first gods, the creator had made a mistake, as it made a glitched form of itself, which now creator calls it: 'The Corrupter/The Devourer' the corruptor's personality is that he hates everything, he likes to corrupt files and multiverses. creator bumps into him sometimes and he would start a fight with the creator, but as a weaker being than the creator, he always gets beaten and yet the creator gave mercy every time but soon enough the Creator suddenly felt massive power being given which resulted in the Creator becoming the Creator (Fanon)


Creator has never killed or destroyed anything even when it became a Fanon, the creator's feeling to the multiverse is just like a mother to her child, at the end will always end up giving mercy or teleport the target away, there is one thing the creator always does and can't get enough is to change timelines, the creator only wanted a happy ending but every time creator looks away, tragic starts, the creator used to be flawless and dark, the reason creator created everything is because all it wants is to feel... next time you feel lonely or down, try to ask the creator to lend you a hand, the creator will always look down to u...


Creator usually looks like a Sans, it wears a plain light blue robe that's tied by a white gem and it wears a plain white robe inside of its blue robe, creator's eyes are usually green with loops, and its pupils were some sort of symbol. the creator also has a staff that can control the matters of reality, the creator can summons it anytime but it doesn't use it that often. The Creator's kid voice sounds like underswap sans but more kawaii, but when it's in its normal voice it sounds more like ink sans.


after falling asleep and waking up again the creator felt more powerful and using the Omniscience that it has it found out that it more power from one of the Creators which made the creator realize that it's now a fanon as the Creator who did it was not JTW5142 but even then it decided that it could continue the same and since it now became a Fanon it realized was there another creator now as usually when a Fanon happens the original one still co-exists with the Fanon one and it was right it saw the canon creator and since then it's been pretty normal still following the original things it does before it became a Fanon.

Powers / Abilities

Beyond True Metaversal Omni Infinity Omnipotence

The Creator (Fanon) is way, BUT WAY beyond omnipotence, he achieved incredible and unimaginable powers. nothing can stop him and he knows everything there is nothing he doesn't know he even knows everything in real life and beyond.


The Creator (Fanon) is truly beyond all it has no one even close not even the original Creator comes close not even other Fanons come close and it also has all the powers that the original creator had.


The Creator (Fanon) can easily overpower anyone who tries to become stronger by a lot to the point you can't even calculate or imagine it at all.

Mental Manipulation

The Creator can manipulate any creature it wants, their thoughts, powers, consciousness, and memories. This makes The Creator able to weaken or strengthen anyone it controls, it makes The Creator easily able to distract or knock out anyone, even the gods cannot resist to this power


Due to The Creator as the first being that exists, he/she is immortal, can't be erased by anything until the next creator is passed on or it self-destructs along with all its creations.

Reality manipulation

as the creator, he/she can manipulate or change the reality of any dimensions, it can change anything into other things as it wants


Able to change an au as it wants, but much more efficient than overwrite that's made by x gaster

Total annihilation

This move creator uses the most (when the creator is lazy and does not want to fight) creator uses the power to wipe out the object it's thinking just in a snap and the object will be wiped out of existence


instantly destroys a soul of a monster or human, although this uses a lot of mana, the creator can continue to use it since it has infinite mana (but the creator might not use it as the creator never killed anyone)

Hyper Freeze

The Creator (Fanon) can freeze anything, from tangible targets to intangible energy such as fire, or concepts such as time, even a person's mind.They can drop the temperature to absolute zero, which is impossible by natural means, causing quantum effects; due to freezing at such otherwise impossible levels, breakdowns at atomic levels and superconductivity occur.

Anti-Void Magic

He has unlimited access to all forms of magic and other mystical and supernatural powers. It can bend, break and even create natural laws, distort the fabric of reality on a cosmic scale, perform incredible miracles and create things without limits. The Creator (Fanon) is also immune to all opposing magic and can even break through all external mystical defenses.

Anti-Void Bones

These are absolutely indestructible black bones, The Creator (Fanon) can invoke them in any quantity and any sizes. In the multiverse there is no armor capable of somehow protecting against them since they have ta remendous penetrating power.


The Creator (Fanon) is able to absorb various types of energy, negative effects imposed on him, someone else's strength, knowledge, memory, concepts, entities, universes/multiverses/metaverses. At The Creator (Fanon), this ability will not have any effect, since its force cannot be absorbed, nullified, pulled out of it, taken away, etc.

Blue Mastery

The Creator (Fanon) is able to manipulate any objects with blue as if it had a soul, an extension of every Sans's power of The Application of Manipulation of Gravity, even to the point of manipulating meta-physical concepts like the mind.

wraith blasters

it's just like a baster that all sanses use, but from that, its shape of a prism and shoots out an impossibly strong beam when the prism opens up, it's estimated to one-shot any enemy when got touched

creator made a nickname for them: one-shot

beam of purfaction

Creator summons its staff of reality and charges up a beam of light, when shot out, anything touches it will lose its rage or corruption, or simply just turns into a puppet under its control

beam of total wraith

once the creator reveals its true form (if it's raging) creator will summon a giant prism using the staff of reality and charges up a beam, one the beam is released, it will destroy up to a few multiverses, but usually, the creator never use it because it destroys stuff and the creator will feel guilty

Doomsday XII

Creator self destructs, bringing down everything it created, and after a long 'time' a new creator will be born, and everything starts again

Unseen Strings

creator shoots out a bunch of invisible strings from its fingertips, and anything touches the strings will immediately be under the control of the creator, no matter if the victim is a god or a normie, no one can resist

Overwhelming Omni Infinity-Power:

If The Creator (Fanon) is fighting an enemy he cannot defeat or harm, he can use this ability to become infinitely stronger than the opponent. He will also gain new abilities to bypass his opponents ones and even copy their powers and make a stronger version.

Metaversal Beyond Omnipotent Amplifier

This ability allows The Creator (Fanon) to amplify his stats to do even more damage than before. Example: make his weapons do a googolplex or infinite amount of damage, this also allows The Creator (Fanon) to be protected by any stat manipulation attacks.

Metaversal Infinity Omni-Power:

The Creator (Fanon) has an endless number of abilities/powers, covering every possible effect and countermeasure.He can use any existing power as well as those that are yet to be, as his complete power database includes all potential abilities.

The Creator (Fanon) has complete mastery and exhaustive knowledge of all of his abilities, (nature, effect, characteristics, strengths/weakness, etc.) including knowing which ones are best suited for every situation, all possible combos, and can use them flawlessly, effectively and efficiently in any condition

The Creator (Fanon) can instantly use and combine any number of them, often flooding his opponents with overwhelming torrents of highly efficient combinations.

Absolute Condition

The Creator (Fanon) has ultimate levels of his stats and other attributes:

  • Absolute Attack
  • Absolute Health
  • Absolute Immortality
  • Absolute Defense
  • Absolute Accuracy
  • Absolute Agility
  • Absolute Combat
  • Absolute Creativity
  • Absolute Endurance
  • Absolute Invulnerability
  • Absolute Senses
  • Absolute Regeneration
  • Absolute Mind
  • Absolute Speed
  • Absolute Stamina
  • Absolute Strength
  • Absolute Power
  • Absolute Indestructibility
  • Absolute Light
  • Absolute Darkness
  • Absolute Life
  • Absolute Death
  • Absolute Intelligence
  • Absolute Resurrection
  • Absolute Control
  • Absolute Creation
  • Absolute Destruction

Limitless Conceptual Power

404 is capable of manipulating, creating, managing, destroying, erasing, editing and forming absolutely any limited and unlimited, possible and impossible, adequate and inadequate, absurd, absolute and omnipotent concepts and rules that cannot be overcome by absolutely anyone except The Creator (Fanon) itself. It gives him complete invulnerability and immunity from any conceptual influences.

True Code Immunity

This allows him to be protected from all types of code influences, manipulations and attacks. But, it also gives him immunity to such types of attacks as magic, physical, astral, energy, conceptual, psionic, mental, quantum attacks, metaphysical attacks, omniversal-manipulations (or powers), etc.. The Creator (Fanon) is protected from any influences, from absolutely any sources. Able to easily survive the destruction of the Omniverse or the all attacks of creatures such as Infinity Code, Devourgeddon, Beyond!Sans, Apollyon!Sans, Abstract Conceptual Entity. No matter what is attacking him, he cannot take damage, not even by omnipotent beings.

Limitless Psionic Power

The Creator (Fanon) possesses absolute psychic power, tapping into infinite/absolute, pure, raw psionic might, and achieving an unimaginable level of psychic power, capabilities, and precision that surpasses any and all other psionic by an incredible margin. Unlike Omni-Magic, Physical Godhood, and Psychopotence, The Creator (Fanon) Beyond Omnipotent level of power is purely psionic, achieved through unique circumstances, or extreme training. The Creator (Fanon) is empowered by all other users of psionic, and psionic energies/forces, they could be the mightiest psionic being across all universes/multiverses/omniverse, planes, and realms, and have a mind which exists everywhere and anywhere.


The Creator (Fanon) can manipulate everything and anything, this is one of his most OP powers and he can do anything with it, here some of the most OP manipulations he has:

Cosmic Manipulation:

The Creator (Fanon) is able to manipulate the cosmos and create and shape it, this also grants him the ability to manipulate outer space. With this power, he can call upon comets, meteors, asteroids, moons, planets, starts, nebulas, black holes, white holes, dark matter and he can create cosmic storms, stellar winds and solar flares.

The Creator (Fanon) can also manipulate reality and its laws, including space, physics, time, math and anything.

Primordial Force Manipulation:

The Creator (Fanon) can control, alter, create, and manipulate anything and everything created by the primordial force, the unique source or origin of every universal concept.

Omni-Elemental Manipulation:

The Creator (Fanon) is able to control any element such as wind, ground, etc. He is able to use elements to their full potential like create tornadoes using wind, earthquakes with ground, and so on.

Limitless Energy Manipulation

The Creator (Fanon) can manipulate and control absolutely any kind of energy in the entire Omniverse, for example, it can easily reset the energy of absolutely any creatures or even the energy of the Omniverse, thereby destroying it. However, he is also able to create absolutely any variation of energy and control it, edit it, in general, if he really wants to do something with it, he will do it. This ability also gives him the ability to control his power by all 1000% (including control the strength of his enemies), that is, even an absolutely omnipotent enemy will not be able to erase, nullify or destroy the power of The Creator (Fanon) , no matter how hard he tries. In fact, he himself has unlimited energy.

Manipulation of the Outerversal Void & Highest Reality

This ability allows him to manipulate, shape, manage, warp, edit, destroy and control, absolutely any form and any kind of voids, completely ignoring absolutely any restrictions.

It also to manipulate and control everything forms he reality and all realities(even non-reality or omniversal-reality), common sense, non-sense, logic, non-logic, space, non-space time, probability, non-probability, create things, erase things and etc.

Omega Omnisphere Manipulation:

The Creator (Fanon) can manipulate the concept of totality, and is capable of manipulating the entirety of anything. They can manipulate the totality, which is forever the largest thing conceptualized and imagined by any mind.

Meta Power Manipulation:

The Creator (Fanon) can create, shape, modify, remove and manipulate any/all powers without limits of any kind, including meta, nigh and omni powers by controlling the fundamental force that all powers are created from.

Quantum Manipulation

The Creator (Fanon) can manipulate quantum physics, a branch of physics that explains the behavior of matter and its interactions with energy on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles. With quantum manipulation, The Creator (Fanon) can enter parallel universes or bubble universes, multiverses and alternate realities, open portals via vortices and boomtubes, dimensional voids ,and open wormholes and survive a black hole. The Creator (Fanon) can also enter different timelines/realities/dimensions. Manipulations of the Quantum Foam including.

Code Manipulation:

This ability lets The Creator (Fanon) manipulate all and anything kind and the form's o the code. He is able to create, edit and destroy anytime and anywhere. With code manipulation, he can manipulate the opponent's stats, attacks, etc. He can even glitch or even make the entire game crash. He can also manipulate his own attacks, such also making his Blasters invisible and do more damage but cause less pain, etc. He is also capable of changing his appearance, this makes it so that he can be absolutely anyone and anything, whether it be another omnipotent god or a being without code.

Omni-Magic Manipulation:

The Creator (Fanon) has unlimited access to all forms of magic and other mystical and supernatural forces. They can bend, break, and even create natural laws, distort the fabric of reality on a cosmic scale, perform unbelievable miracles, and create things without limit. The Creator (Fanon) is also immune to all opposing magic and can even break through all outside mystic defenses.

Meta-Matter Manipulation

The Creator (Fanon) can create, shape, manipulate, summon, destroy and customize all possible forms of matter, whether organic or inorganic, baryonic or non-baryonic, etc.. This also extends to “exotic matter”, such as dark matter, antimatter, tachyons, and other highly theoretical forms of matter.

He can manipulate matter from alternate timelines, dimensions, universes, etc., using their immense power to pluck it from one of the aforementioned categories and materialize it to their location. Along with this, he can also create new types of matter and imbue them with properties of their choosing, creating matter not of the normal variety. For example, The Creator (Fanon) could create matter that grants powers to its wielder or matter that has properties or a structure that defies the established laws of physics.

At their strongest, he can manipulate quantum foam, the smallest level and foundation of reality as we currently know it.

The Creator (Fanon) can also manipulate his opponent's magic and either copy or bypass it.


only a couple beings remember t̷̡̳̏̈́͐͋h̵͖̐͊̈́e̶͇͋ ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ ̵̦̤̰̞͛̆̇o̵̝͙͕̯͛f̵̲͈̾̈̄͋ ̴̨͈͇̦̅ă̶̛͔̘l̸̝̯̈ͅl̶̘̐, these are the only beings that are often visited/watched over by t̷̡̳̏̈́͐͋h̵͖̐͊̈́e̶͇͋ ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ ̵̦̤̰̞͛̆̇

  • 4th breaker z!sans (as one of the only beings that can jump through dimensions, 4th is the being that got visited by t̷̡̳̏̈́͐͋h̵͖̐͊̈́e̶͇͋ ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ a lot, the reason is because 4th holds extraordinary powers as he is also the guardian of the fictional dimension)
  • the devourer of gods (as the corrupted greated creation of t̷̡̳̏̈́͐͋h̵͖̐͊̈́e̶͇͋ ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃, the devourer is still wondering around the dimensions full of unstabe vengence, he seeks around the dimensions trying to find c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ to start another fight.)
  • infinity code (trapped in his prison and yet still planninghis ultimate plan, infinity code is aware of t̷̡̳̏̈́͐͋h̵͖̐͊̈́e̶͇͋ ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̞̃ interrupting his plan, because c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ is the one above all beings, c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̞̪̃ easily has the power to annihilate him, ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ is also aware of the destruction he is going to cause)
  • alpha!sans (as alphatale gets destroyed, alpha!sans not only lost his life and his au, he also lost his brother, creator totally has the power to recreate alphatale in a snap, but its fate what worries t̷̡̳̏̈́͐͋h̵͖̐͊̈́e̶͇͋ ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ ̵ as fate is the only thing that c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ ̵̦̤̰̞͛̆̇cannot get it right, so creator can only visit poor ol alpha!sans to keep him company, even though all he has is only a piece of code and a wondering lost soul.)
  • core!frisk (a child falling into the void is something that dosent amuse ̸̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃, its the unusual amount of light core frisk has that made creator notice core, as creator always visit the omega timeline, the reason is because c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ can both visit core frisk and protect the timeline at the same time, c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ has pity for core frisk is because c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ thinks that a child shouldn't be holding up the responsibility of a whole universe.)
  • ink!sans and error!sans (as these 2 fights for the fate of the undertale multiverse, it creates unstable energy everytime the power of creation and destruction clash, and creator always get annoyed at repairing the damage they made to that multiverse)
  • Geno!sans (same as core!frisk, creator has pity for geno is because he survived with determination and pain only for papyrus,so creator always come talk to geno as a voice)


Sans/The Creator

they met while the fanon creator was just born they talked for a bit and they became best friends as they are technically the same except one is the Canon and the other one is a fanon.

ALPHA404 FANON (forgotten)

After ALPHA404 FANON got deleted. Sans/ the creator fanon has forgot about him for a long time.


Creator fanon met ALPHA404 basically the same way as ALPHA404 Fanon except the fight didn't happen.

The devourer of gods

Creator fanon met the devourer just to meet him and left because the devourer still hates the creator even when it's a fanon

4th Breaker Z! Sans

4th was doing stuff with a Multiverse when he met the creator fanon at first he thought It was just the creator but found out that it was just a fanon version but he still became friends


creator has once created many gods or deitys before, there are 3 types of godsit created from lowest (the ones on top) to highest/strongest (the ones on bottom)
  • you may add anything you like to this but the clones of creator and the devourer stay wheres they are

* demi-god

*immortal beings

* lesser tier gods

*lower tier gods

* clones of the creator

* gods with power to create universes

* gods that creates mutiverse level things

* omnigods

* high tier gods

*the devourer of gods

the gods names can be added by any one starting here:

The 4th dimention


True form (also known as L.I.G.H.T)

This is a form no one ever seen before, only the creator sometimes reveals it's true form when the creator is in a big fight. this form will only be revealed by the creator if the creator released more than 1% of its power or if it wants to. in this form, the creator will turn into a ball of light like just when the creator was created, this form's powers are mostly unknown, but, surely, the creator will be able to destroy anything in its path, no matter immortals or mortals will be wiped out of existence if it got hit by one of the creator's powers. this creator will also reveal this form when the dimensions are in danger of getting destroyed. the damage output can not even by Imagine or calculated at all in the speed cannot Be Imagined or calculated also. but yet no one ever saw the creator's true form before, and also the creator's true form can release 100% power anywhere as it can control the power.

The creator's past self

if you're wondering what happened to the 11 creators before this one, well the answer is, they gave up on the creations, they betrayed their vow and yet left everything in darkness. do not get things wrong, the creators were the most powerful and did make themselves, they decided their fate and there are no puppet masters behind this


  • creator I

creator 1 was the first of the creators, the time his ruling ended wasn't its entire fault, it turned out fine for creator 1 to look over the dimensions, but as time flows, creator 1 got bored at everything, so it tried to pull out its core to play around with it, little did creator 1 know its core is very fragile and yet cracked and shattered when creator 1pulled it out of its mana shield

  • creator II

creator 2... creator 2 was the dark one because when creator 2 popped up, it got used to the darkness of oblivion, as it creates one thing, it destroys it immediately, soon creator 2 got bored as it destroyed it's own core, ending the life of creator 2

  • creator III

creator 3 is mentally unstable, because of all the creation and the time it needs to pass, creator 3 freaked out, as it freaks out, its core's energy also got unstable, its core cracked and shattered into pieces as it screams

  • creator IV

creator 4 had the closest personality to the current creator, creator 4 was almost perfect. but just because of one little death if it's a friend: alpha-sans made creator 4 into a crippling depression, as time passes, creator 4's passion for creating fades, leaving it into a distorted memory of creator 5

  • creator V

the 5th creator was just a part of creator 4, its creator 4 surviving with a fragment of its core, creator 5 did not get a chance to create anything as the devourer (devourer of gods) destroyed its final piece of core...

  • creator VI

Creator 6 started perfect, made all its way to creating the devourer of gods, but the mistake it made it took out 99% of its soul to make devourer of gods, so after the devourer got corrupted, the creator was killed by its creations

more will be added

power level and power aura

creator never reveals its full power, as all the mana he realeses will immedialy fill up every dimention and im not gonna say what will happen if too much power is stored up in space in below the smallest number that doesn't even exist yet. (simple, everything will go nova and everything will be destroyed) but since it's now a Fanon It can release its full power with no consequences but creator's normal form only realase around well it cannot be calculated or imagine as it's way too much.


the creator has existed before time even exist and yet it's still wandering around the dimensions and keeping the balance of it, it is possible the creator won't release doomsday xII and destroy everything, the undertale multiverse might be able to exist forever but now it's been proven that it's truly eternal as it became a Fanon.


* the creator is addicted to sweet food and does not know why

* the creator is said to be the devourer's father figure

* the creator is the only being ever existed that can wield the mana shield for as long as it wants

* the creator often likes to become invisible and play with error sans's dolls

* the creator is weaker then beyond and omnibreaker sans

* the creator is the first being ever existed

* the creator's kid form has depression ;-;

* creator knows why every single time it transforms into its female human form and wonders around the surface, humans from that world likes to creeply follows creator and take pictures of creator -\(:/)/-

* creator can't be controlled in anyways

* creator is immune to manasickness or stuns and paralize

* if creator was touched by a mortal when creator deactivates its mana shield, it will immediaty glitches the one who touches it out

* creator swore it will never abandon the dimentions

* creator is very interested with core!frisk's history and likes to visit the omega timeline often

* creator can see alpha!sans and sometimes likes to talk with him even though alpha is a remaining code thats wondering around the mutiverse like a ghost

* creator never killed anyone

* creator could have restored alphatale easily if it wanted to but creator never did because it wants to see what will happen

* the 4th dimetion creator created is endless, so any creation or destuction wont affect it

* creator is neither on the side of light (good) or dark (evil)

* creator beleves light and darkness is the same thing and need to be balanced

* creator has spread 8 orbs that each contains 1% of creator's core around the mutiverse and right now the orbs are floating in space, none of them was found yet

* if the 8 orbs creator created gather together, a speicial event will happen

* creator's outer robe is undestructable

* underlust sans always likes to stare at creator whenn creator is in its female human form and creator knows why but just decides to ignore it.

*creator is also addicted to coffee

*creator's female human form and male human form's top part of their hair represents the 2 parts of yin yang

*creator's favorite aus are alphatale, inktale, dreamtale and underswap (A.I.D.S)

*no matter how strong you are, creator is always stronger because if creator has been overpowered, its power will also mutiply itself until it overpowers the overpowerer

*creator's normal form is designed and drawn by cat in a tree

*creator will do anything, even destroy a whole dimention just for devourer to turn back

*creator will only visit an au if the main character catches its attention

*creator and 4th breakerz!sans has a long story that goes all the way back before the mutiverse was created...

*creator wont ever kill anyone

*creator warps around reality and fandom, if your lucky enough creator might appear behind you right now

*creator's usall size is about a classic sans's height