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UnderControl Sans (Also known as Orphic Sans) is a skeleton who exists as one of the creators themselves to help balance out Au's and aid the newest of creations until they are stable enough to be published out into an actual AU. 

He watches over them through his right eye and checks over coding with his left to keep all Au's in check. He even watches over the guardian and the destroyer without interfering. Ink has known of this strange skeleton who had a high ground than he and has befriended him in a way from hearing his gentle voice during his time of creating certain Sanses.


Control started off as a new creation, who was not known by many and often judged by the other creators since he was well. A skeleton. The original creators name was unknown, once they died. They gave the creation their own ability as creator before his death, and that led him here. He was armature in creating and getting a idea directly on the spot. This resulted in his Au's to be mostly empty or plain. This caused the Guardian of Au's, Ink Sans to take notice of all of the sudden blank Au's and continue on with Control's unfinished work. One day, he began to speak to Ink, rather than creating it himself and the words he spoke Ink obeyed. His voice seemed to control others by the way it sounded mentally and the way it came back to them after minutes if they didn't act upon it. After some years, he matured into one of the top creators, but shortly after, he discontinued his work to be actively watching over the Aus whilst the others created on.



He usually doesn't have one, since he's seen as a frame of light. After being seen multiple time from the same being, he can actually be seen wearing: A black long-sleeved jacket with golden tracings going along his forearms and curved into a half heart on his rib cage, Black joggers with golden markings going up the center of his thighs, milk white-bones, a blue eye (right) and a golden eye (right) with large glistening golden wings and a sphere that appears just above his skull only for a few seconds when he appears.


He is usually tranquil when it comes to everything and anything. He can sometimes come off as stoic, but that's only assumed by people who don't know him fully. It's rare to see him angry since nothing hardly angers him. Orphic can get excited when it comes to making a plan, or idea, which causes him to fidget and or bounce on his own two feet with a lot of hand movements. He gets happy once he sees others with their family and friends, but he can also get a bit upset, knowing that he doesn't really have any.

He cares for almost everyone, although he hardly shows it. He can be claimed as acting like a "Multiversal mother".  Sometimes people may forget that he's male due to him somewhat acting like a mother. 

He only speaks around his ONLY friend which will be stated below. This friend of his is like his only family, so he treats them that way, even though he's not supposed to interred the to those who live inside the Au'she watches over. They're distant since he has work to do,  it he squeezes in as much time as he can just to speak with them to have a sense of having a family.

He's a good friend, stated from the only one he actually has, and he would actually go through almost killing himself if it was best for the multiverse's sake.


High Tier Regeneration

Since he doesn't entirely exist within the place he's in. He always has a piece of him in his own isolated realm where he keeps watch of everything. 

Bone Manipulation

Should be similar to Original bone Manipulation, but likely stronger than any kind of bones.


Capable of teleporting to any timeline or AU at his will.



Tier-Master Gaster Blasters

like normal gaster blasters, but much more powerful and sometimes it can controls gaster blaster that it around. He can speak through ones mind who's mind is clear at that time and order them to do thins he requests. Being present everywhere at once. He can summon Sans' at his own will. Only if needed, he will conjure a large bow and arrow, made out of pure energy held within the arrows he shoots. Once it hits another person, depending on their universal role, it will either explode in a mass of seconds, not exploding their whole frame, just a source of magic that stuns the enemy for 1 full minute. Sometimes, it can be used to ‘Close the Day”.



He was roaming throughout he AUs the day Control decided to exist, which led to them bumping into one another in a awkward way. Control was hopping through a portal and face planted at Alpha's feet during his stroll. Control was lucky that Alpha was in a good mood that day, or else he would try to kill him. At first, the two were cautious of speaking to one another, and soon they got along swell. They talked and talked about their past and soon became close like brothers. That was the day Control would never forget.


  • He'll tug at his own wings when he gets frustrated, or claw at his skull until he begins to bleed.Times of random he'll snort(laugh) when he sees something odd to him.
  • When he is in battle and an enemy has made him furious, he will go as far as breaking his own wing-bones and using them as weapons. (Don't worry, it doesn't hurt. At some point, it'll grow back. He gets very quiet, and tends to ignore the other person the best he can to avoid saying something or harming them in any way.)