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Sans 096 has nothing to do with SCPTale because he is not apart of SCPTale he is someone else who doesn't belong in any AU.

Sans 096 is SCP 096 and Sans combined. And can travel around AUs


Sans 096 mostly has the personality of SCP 096 but he also carries another part of his personality which is hating the genocide.

he will still attack others who did not do genocide.

And he will kill anyone who looks at his face


He basically has all of the powers of sans but he also has those of SCP 096

Indestructible bones

These bones of very very difficult to destroy can even survive the Blaster of Error and Ink and Reaper combined

Hyper regeneration

Sans 096 has very powerful regeneration yes very powerful which is the only reason besides the indestructible bones of why he can survive a blast of Error or Ink or Reaper

Powerful strength

Nothing to explain it's basically the same strength as SCP 096 but 2 times stronger

Powerful speed

Basically the same speed as SCP 096


He can come back when he's killed but whoever killed Sans 096 Sans 096 fears that person who killed him

Sightings and encounters and rumors

Dust Sans was walking around town looking for LV.

because he trapped Frisk and Chara back in the ruins. he saw something sitting down so he uses Blaster but as soon as the Blaster landed on Sans 096.

he heard screaming and then next thing he knew he was split in half.

Error Sans found a strange entity in DeltaRune but he have never seen anything like that and it was covering his face so he went up to it and saw his face next Sans 096 stand up had begun crying and screaming so Error was about to go to a difference AU when he felt something rip a hole in his chest Error teleported away screaming of all the pain he felt and then he saw Sans 096 running after him he was keeping beat up and torn because he was not fast enough so he did one thing he opened the portal to where Error404 is Error404 Saw Sans 096 but since 404 had better things to do he just killed it with his blaster by the way Error survived and then ink was making fun of him by saying how did he lose to something that is not even a god until

Ink Sans was walking in UnderSwap before he walked he saw something from the corner of his eye but he ignored it until he heared something screaming and running in his Direction so he looked behind him the Ink's skull was broken open by Sans 096 he was throw into a house but when his skull was bashed open he became Horror Ink Sans 096 almost killed Horror Ink but somehow Sans 173 got into the same AU and Sans 096 feared 173 he went to a different AU Horror Ink went back to his home and being bullied by Error

Fatal Error went to DustRune and Sans 096 is right in front of the portal and then he tried to attack Fatal but Fatal just blast him into OuterDustRune

Error404 already saw once which is when Error almost died he Saw him again but Sans 096 run away to a different AU because he fears Error404

Horror Jevil was laughing like a total insane person and didn't notice Sans 096 at first he only noticed when he heard screaming coming towards him and before he did do something his head was sliced off his body

T posing jevil defeated Sans 096 and once again he came back but this time scared of t-posing jevil

FellSwap Sans was walking around Snowden and saw the creature he didn't attack it since it looked like him another skeleton but then he decided to attack it since he was thinking it's weak but than got mad and attacked FellSwap Sans. killing FellSwap sans