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Please read this: (Please do not confuse Sans DDD (Distorted, Destructive Destiny) with Sans DDD (Distorted, Distinctive Destiny) by TheKing35. They are completely different beings with different abilities and different stats).


Sans DDD used to be Undertale!Sans. However, due to a recent event known as the Villain Sans Squad, Sans accidentally teleported to a place called the Anti-Void or as you may call it the "code sea." The reason he accidentally teleported there was because Homicide!Sans was about to slice his to pieces. Sans saw a being with a white jacket with blue marks on the jacket. It was Error!404.

404 was confused on how a lowly pathetic being like Sans managed to go to his lair (or Anti-Void), (The reason Sans was able to teleport to 404's realm was because of SS!Chara giving their soul to Sans but before SS!Chara gave their soul to Sans, US!Papyrus was about to turn to dust because of Horror Sans greatly outmatching him in battle. When he was about to turn to dust, he gave his soul to SS!Chara, in Undertale.

Tt was said that a human can absorb a Monster soul. Because of this, Sans' abilities were upgraded (especially since SS!Chara not only having Determination, but also having Hate). 404 then says "How did you get here, friend?" (404 is planning something) Sans responded "I don't know..."

404 then runs towards Sans with godly speed and then grabs Sans by the neck and tells him "Say? How would you like to become my puppet?" Sans couldn't say anything because he was being choked. 404 then throws him to different dimensions that contains power and abilities (ex. Bill Cipher's dimension). However, because of "Destiny" Sans gained more abilities than he was supposed to gain, 404 then says "What?!" In 404's mind "How did he become this strong? He was only supposed to be as strong as King Multiverse. I have to get rid of him fast, Before he learns to fully use his new found powers."

404 then charges an attack, in which he calls "God Ray" (a technique created by 404). But when 404 hits Sans, Sans was able to block this attack by only using 1 hand. He then throws 404 to different timelines. Sans is punching and kicking and blasting 404 everywhere. 404 was greatly outmatched until 404 was forced to retreat to Error!Sans, fusing together (forming the entity known as B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y) and forming B666 in the process. However, even after fusing, B666 was still no match for Sans. Sans then charged a very big Gaster Blaster that is even bigger than Ultra!Sans. While charging the Gaster Blaster, Sans used an ability called paralyzation to paralyze B666. After the Gaster Blaster was fully charged, it finally hit B666 and finally destroying him. then Sans DDD teleports out of the Anti-Void.



Sans DDD appears as a short, paunchy skeleton with a wide toothy grin. He wears an unzipped grey hoodie, a white shirt, dark-grey shorts with darker grey stripes, and a pair of Golden slippers. He has a Silver moon locket that was given to him by his Mentor/Teacher (Z!Sans). He has lightish blue eye pupils that disappear when he is serious or angered. When Sans DDD is fighting, both of his eye flashes rainbow colors.


He has a lot of Patience. He is nice and cool, and often erases Genocide Players on other AUs because he likes it. But, he is very sadistic in battle. Other than that, he is very kind and nice. He likes to goof around and is lazy. He likes to tell puns. He often visits 4th Breaker Z!Sans.


Sans DDD has everything, he has every Omni-powers, he has every superpowers, he has every ability, including his own powers, etc.

Time Manipulation

Sans DDD can manipulate time in the general area or for a specific target in various ways, with the most basic of acts revolving around accelerating, slowing, stopping, and even rewinding or looping time. The range of the affected area is proportional to the mastery of Sans DDD, with those at higher levels being able affect the entire space-time continuum.

Since "time" exists and flows within "space", the two are interrelated, and by manipulating time, one is also distorting space proportionally. The effects of this relative distortion can vary, however. For example, controlling time of a mere object or person may not affect the space they reside in, whereas twisting the time-stream of an entire region of space can cause the area itself to warp. Additionally, due to time being so closely intertwined with our three-dimensional space, manipulating it might not affect another dimension, such as heaven or hell, in the same way it affects our own. However Sans DDD has complete mastery of this Ability unlike other Time Manipulation users such as Patience users. He is able to slow time or forward or backward the time of the entire Omniverse. And he doesn't even need to move or blink, he just needs to think it in his mind. Sans DDD can stop time in the entire Omniverse meaning no-one can move except him and his mentor (Z!Sans) and other beings that are beyond him (ex. Scp-3812 or Creator!Sans). If one was to encounter Sans DDD. Sans DDD will simply use this Ability to forward the time of the being's age until they reach their final breath.

Take Note that when Sans DDD is using this Ability the speed of the Forward/Backward is faster than the speed of light so if Sans DDD were to Forward or Backward a being's age, they will die instantly because of the speed of it being faster than the speed of light.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Applications/Abilities That Time Manipulation Contains:

-Accelerate, slow and/or stop time to others while being able to move freely.

Appearance of Enhanced Reflexes and Enhanced Speed:


-Forward Time Save

-Temporal Looping

-Loop the time to gain Infinite Supply.

Temporal Rewind to reverse the effects of recent events:

-Repair damaged objects

-Replay Effect

-Resurrect the dead

-Temporal Healing

-Temporal Inversion

-Temporal Reload

-Temporal Restarting

-Time Frame Creation

-Temporal Selection

-Temporal Stutter

-Time Travel

-Remote Time Travel

-Accelerated Probability

Age Manipulation of both living beings and objects:

-Move the effects of time elsewhere

-Slow or stop effects of time

-Reduce things to dust

Time Theft

-Duration Manipulation

-Parachronal Cognition

-Parachronal Manipulation

Perceive both past and future:

-Alternate Future Display

-Chrono Vision

-Omnichronal Perception

-Temporal Awareness

-Perceive the history of objects

-Personal Time

-Temporal Banishment

-Temporal Cognition

-Temporal Duplication

-Temporal Erasure

-Temporal Exchange

-Temporal Interaction

-Temporal Intuition

-Temporal Isolation

-Temporal Matter Selection

-Temporal Phase Manipulation

-Temporal Protection

-Temporal Scramble

-Temporal Trapping

-Time Attacks

-Time Boundary

-Time Compression

-Chronokinetic Constructs

-Time Defiance

-Time Energy Generation

-Time Energy Manipulation

-Time Field Projection

-Time Fusion

-Time Portal Creation

-Time-Window Alteration

-Timed Events

-Timestream Shift

-Timing Defiance


-Ancient Empowerment

-Chronokinetic Combat

-Inevitable Event Creation

-Temporal Empowerment

-Temporal Messaging

-Temporal Phenomenon Inducement

-Temporal Shockwave

-Temporal Slicing

-Time Aura

-Time Perception Manipulation

-Time Physiology

-Timestorm Manipulation

-Timestorm Creation

Spatial Manipulation

Sans DDD can create, shape and manipulate physical aspects of space within an area of one's choosing, including an area and whatever is inside of that area. Sans DDD can trap subjects or objects in space and push that space, throwing subject and object away from them or to create wormholes, paradoxes, and other strange events by warping spatial areas and twisting them around.

Space consists of the normal 3 dimensions that matter and energy exist in and the 11th dimension that exists within the 3rd-dimensional space. The theory behind the spatial movement is to get away from the 3 dimensions, find their position in the 11th dimension, and then calculate the vectors to teleport, moving faster than light speed without occupying the space in between the two locations.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Applications/Abilities That Spatial Manipulation Contains:

-3D Inducement

-Create/generate, delete, shape, and manipulate space

-Distance Manipulation

-Infinite Supply

-Spatial Flight

-Conscious Spatial Awareness

-Dimensional Manipulation


-Inverted Dimension

-Location Manipulation

-Momentum Manipulation


-Personal Space

-Portal Creation

-Dimensional Storage

-Door Projection

-Portal Locating

-Reach Manipulation

-Room Shifting

-Space Boundary

-Space Compression

-Space Sharing

-Spatial Adaptation

-Spatial Attacks

-Spatial Barrier Creation

-Spatial Constructs

-Spatial Contortion

-Spatial Defiance

-Spatial Direction Manipulation

-Spatial Displacement

-Matter Substitution

-Spatial Duplication

-Spatial Healing

-Spatial Linking

-Spatial Looping

-Spatial Telekinesis

-Spatial Xeroxing

-Subspace Manipulation



-Warp Generation


-Amalgamation: Merging matter with another by overlapping the two objects' spaces, removing their separate boundaries.

-Pocket Dimension Creation: Create an extra dimension of space that exists outside of the original space.

-Singularity Inducement: By collapsing space into a single point.

-Spatial Aura: Create an aura of space around oneself.

-Spatial Crush: Crush objects by manipulating the surrounding or personal space.

-Spatial Distortion: Bending the curvature of the three-dimensional space to distort anything within.

-Spatial Empowerment: Draw and gain strength from space itself.

-Spatial Mimicry: Become space itself without physical form.

-Spatial Perception: perceives spatial distances.

-Spatial Rift: Tear open the third dimension space to create portals for inter-dimensional attacks and travel.

-Spatial Slicing: Sans DDD attacks by tearing out a section of space to sever the spatial connection of the target.

-Spatial Tuning: Distort and warp space in a specific area for various effects, even potentially alter reality.

-Spatiokinetic Combat: Combine space with physical combat.

-Warp Bubble: Sans DDD creates a small warp around himself, which is only marginally connected to the rest of the space around it.

Absolute Condition

Sans DDD has a supreme mental and physical condition. His strength, speed and other qualities are vastly superior to that of all other beings in the entire Omniverse, even those with Supernatural Condition. Sans DDD's other abilities are often at Absolute levels.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Applications/Abilities That Absolute Condition Contains:

-Absolute Accuracy

-Absolute Adaptation

-Absolute Agility

-Absolute Athleticism

-Absolute Attack

-Absolute Balance

-Absolute Body

-Absolute Charisma

-Absolute Combat

-Absolute Creativity

-Absolute Defense

-Absolute Dexterity

-Absolute Endurance

-Absolute Evolution

-Absolute Flexibility

-Absolute Health

-Absolute Immortality

-Absolute Intelligence

-Invulnerability/Absolute Invulnerability/Flawless Indestructibility/Immutability

-Absolute Leap

-Absolute Life-Force

-Absolute Lung Capacity

-Absolute Mind

-Absolute Perception

-Absolute Potential

-Absolute Reflexes

-Absolute Regeneration

-Absolute Running

-Absolute Senses

-Absolute Speed

-Absolute Stamina

-Absolute Strength

-Absolute Survivability

-Absolute Wisdom

-Absolute Wits

-All Personal Physical Powers

-All Physical and Mental Enhancements.


-Indomitable Will

-Movement Transcendence


-Optimal Finesse



Absolute Transcendence

Sans DDD transcends anything and everything. This includes all dimensions, life/death, beginning/ending, concepts/ideas/principles, creation/destruction, boundaries, context, potential, possibilities/variables, levels of reality, existence/nonexistence, perfection/levels of perfection, embodiments, their personal status, being/non-being etc.

It may be impossible to categorize or find an exact description for Sans DDD in any way as he can exist completely above and beyond all classification and definition. He is unbound and free to defy absolutely all things; even logic itself.

Even if Sans DDD choose to hold on to his tangible existence and identity for himself, he would still be able to transcend all forms of limitations, weaknesses, restrictions and boundaries on his own being, at any time. This allows Sans DDD to surpass his physical, mental, spiritual, and existential limitations, resist negative effects (natural and supernatural), develop new abilities, correct their flaws, change their form, their mind and even their nature, essentially opening new worlds of possibilities with each use or closing them when users aspire to a simpler life.

Sans DDD powers are limitless, eternal, timeless existences with no beginning nor end and are beyond the notion of personality and individuality. He cannot be grasped or understood as a concept at the core of himself. Sans DDD is also distinguished from the totality of all existence as he has very being completely out-classes it. Comparing Sans DDD to everything else would be like comparing a grain of sand to infinity. Thus, Sans DDD holds truly unfathomable power greatly exceeding that which exists within the framework of the Omniverse.

Sans DDD transcends all things and nothing can apply to him unless he wish it to.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Powerful Abilities

-All Absolute Powers

-All Almighty Powers

-All Conceptual Powers

-All Infinite Powers

-All Meta Powers

-All Omni Powers

-All Superpowers

-All Transcendent Powers

Application (Detail):

-Absolute Existence

-Absolute Immortality/Eternal Existence

-Absolute Invulnerability

-Flawless Indestructibility

-Conceptual Self-Removal

-Complete Arsenal/Thoughtless Complete Arsenal

-Diverse Interface


-Irrational Indeterminacy


-Meta Power Immunity

-Power Anchoring


-Conceptual Transcendence

-Cycle Transcendence

-Dimensional Transcendence

-Duality Transcendence

-Form Transcendence

-Gender Transcendence

-Hierarchy Transcendence

-Life and Death Transcendence

-Numerical Transcendence

-Obstacle Transcendence

-Origin Transcendence

-Reality Border Transcendence

-Fictional Transcendence

-Rule Transcendence

-Spatial-Temporal Transcendence

-Omniscience (in some cases since he should be free of all limitation of knowledge)

-Hyper-Cosmic Awareness



-Totality Connection

-Ultimate Invincibility

-Unknown Existence

-Nameless Existence


-Formless Mind


-Logic Defiance

Nothingness Manipulation

Sans DDD can create, shape and manipulate nothingness, the absence of entities or substance; with this he can remove energy and matter from existence, by simply making things disappear, preventing energy from ever being conceived or via varied other means. Sans DDD can control the essence of oblivion, allowing him to delete an eternity, removing targets from all lineages of time in every dimension, alter, reverse, or negate energy; etc. This could also lead to an ultimate goal of "destroying matter," as in bringing it out of existence.

Unlike Erasure, which merely removes targets from existence, this power allows Sans DDD to control the nature of nothingness to enable feats ranging from unique attacks to unusual shapes crafted from its nature.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Applications/Abilities That Nothingness Manipulation Contains:

-Black Hole Creation

-Gravitational Singularity Generation

-Send the surrounding air and oxygen into oblivion causing the target to be suffocated.

-Delete negative aspects such as injuries and death, preventing death.

-Apathy by erasing emotions.

-Memory Erasure by deleting parts of target mind.

-Negative Zone Creation

-Power Erasure

-Regenerative Healing Factor/Immortality by deleting injuries and death.


-Cause targets to have never existed.

-Cutting by deleting a portion of object.

-Destroy all of existence in a single wave, resetting the universe.

-Obliterate the bonds of objects causing them to collapse.

-Selectively destroy planets or other heavenly bodies.

-Unleash an obliterating wave that can cause the fabric of reality to temporarily collapse.


-Flight and Levitation by erasing gravity.



-Tracking Evasion by having "nothing" to track on.

-Neverness Manipulation

-Nonexistent Object Manipulation

-Nothingness Attacks

-Nothingness Constructs

-Nothingness Solidification

-Null Energy Manipulation

-Null Zone Emission

-Partial Existence Inducement

-Teleportation by disappearing and reappearing.

-Deleting space and distance in between target and oneself.

-Create stabilized wormholes with negative energy.

-Vacuum Creation by creating a region of space that is devoid of any matter and energy.

-Void Sealing


-Nihilikinetic Combat

-Nothingness Empowerment

-Nothingness Physiology

-Nothingness Removal

-Physical Nonexistence

-Void Creation

Absolute Existence

Sans DDD has complete control of his own existence. Sans DDD is beyond all there is, even reason, physics, and logic. No rule or law can apply to him other than his own.

Sans DDD can also rewrite himself on any level, at any time, anywhere, without any limit of any kind. He can even change/rewrite his own fundamental nature/structure.

This allows Sans DDD to access to any ability in existence, said abilities being as absolute as their maker/wielder.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.


-All Absolute Powers

-All Almighty Powers

-All Enhancements

-All Manipulations

-All Mental Powers

-All Mimicries

-All Personal Physical Powers

-All Superpowers

-Absolute Condition

-Absolute Attack

-Absolute Combat

-Absolute Defense

-Absolute Immortality

-Absolute Immutability

-Absolute Intelligence

-Absolute Perception

-Absolute Speed

-Absolute Strength

-Absolute Will

-Author Authority

-Destiny Manipulation

-Future Manipulation

-Identity Manipulation

-Mental Manipulation

-Past Manipulation

-Present Manipulation

-Samsara Manipulation

-Soul Manipulation


-Almighty Absorbing Replication

-Body Recreation


-Self-Belief Dependent Physiology

-Self-Particle Manipulation

-Self-Status Manipulation

-Soul Recreation


-Access to absolutely any power.

-Access to brand new abilities.

-Boundary Manipulation (on a personal level).

-Complete customization of abilities.

-Complete evasion of all laws.

-Complete Invulnerability

-Complete Immutability

-Infinite Inner Power

-Flawless Indestructibility

-Meta Power Immunity

-Meta Teleportation








-Perfectly adapt to any situation.

-Personal Mastery

-Personal Probability Manipulation

-Power Refining

-Self-Existence Manipulation

-Self Origin Manipulation

-Survive absolutely anything.


-Ultimate Invincibility


Aspect Manipulation-Metapotence

Sans DDD possess unfathomable power far beyond any reason and understanding. Sans DDD can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, however he wants, allowing him to achieve anything and everything without any limit.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Applications/Abilities That Metapotence Contains:

-Absolute Change

-Absolute Condition

-Absolute Existence

-Absolute Force Manipulation

-Absolute Law Manipulation

-Absolute Will

-Absolute Wish

-Absolute Attack

-Almighty Law Creation

-Almighty Mind

-Alpha Reality

-Author Authority

-Authority Manipulation

-Axiom Manipulation

-Boundary Manipulation

-Causality Manipulation

-Complete Arsenal

-Conceptual Lordship

-Conceptual Transcendence

-Cycle Manipulation

-Dual Warping

-Ethereal Manipulation

-Existence Manipulation/Parallel Existence Manipulation


-Immunity Bypassing/Meta Immunity Bypassing

-Logic Defiance

-Logic Mandate



-Meta Luck

-Meta Power Manipulation

-Meta Power Immunity

-Meta Probability Manipulation

-Meta Summoning

-Meta Transcendence


-Omni-Physics Manipulation

-Paradox Manipulation

-Perspective Manipulation/Meta Perspective Manipulation

-Rule Transcendence

-Science-Magic Ascendancy

-Self Origin Manipulation

-Totality Manipulation

-Ultimate Invincibility

-Universal Irreversibility

Almighty Magic

Sans DDD possesses the truest and omnipotent form of magic which surpasses all the rules and has no need for any justification as to how or why feats are accomplished. Magic, for the most part, is about feeling and gaining power from one’s emotions; this is why magic is the counterbalance to science. While Almighty Science manipulators may need to understand the fields of science to control their vast powers, Sans DDD does not possess that limitation, he is simply able to do as he feels.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Applications/Abilities That Almighty Magic Contains:

-All Esoteric Powers

-All Form of magic

-All Magical Powers

-All Mystic Powers

-All Supernatural Powers

-Absolute Condition

-Absolute Change

-Absolute Existence

-Conceptual Lordship

-Divine Magic


-Magic Intuition

-Magic Lordship

-Mystic Derivation


-Meta Miracle Manipulation




-Omniverse Manipulation

-Origin Manipulation

-Self Origin Manipulation

-Rule Transcendence

-Meta Magic

-Totality Manipulation

Omni-Manipulation: Sans DDD can manipulate anything, absolutely everything -- be it physical (matter, energy, the space-time fabric, etc.); or metaphysical (soul, life, death, aspects of reality, and concepts).

With the stipulation of kinetic powers being wide-ranged.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Applications/Abilities That Omni-Manipulation Contains:


-Higher-Dimensional Manipulation

-Dimensional Manipulation

-Dimension Manipulation


-Meta Time Manipulation

-Time Manipulation


-Meta Space Manipulation

-Spatial Manipulation


-Meta Matter Manipulation

-Omni Atomic Manipulation

-Organic Manipulation

-Biological Manipulation

-Biomass Manipulation

-Health Manipulation

-Particle Manipulation

Charged Particles Manipulation:

-Electron Manipulation

-Positron Manipulation

-Proton Manipulation

-Quark Manipulation

-Subatomic Manipulation

-Atomic Manipulation

-Molecular Manipulation

-Vector Manipulation


-Omni-Energy Manipulation

-Ethereal Manipulation

-Esoteric Particle Manipulation

-Esoteric Energy Manipulation

-Reality Energy Manipulation

-Physical Energy Manipulation

-Ambient Energy Manipulation

-Binding Energy Manipulation

-Chemical Energy Manipulation

-Internal Energy Manipulation

-Physical Lightning Manipulation

-Electricity Manipulation

-Electromagnetism Manipulation

-Surface Energy Manipulation

Center Manipulation: Sans DDD can create, shape and manipulate the center of anything, making it to change its position as he moves around the being he is the center of. He can manipulate centers as in how significant the being in question is.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Applications/Abilities That Center Manipulation Contains:

-Center of Mass Manipulation

-Dimensional Element Manipulation

-Midpoint Dominance

-Reshaping by manipulating centers.

-Significance Manipulation

-Transition Manipulation of centers.

Omni Beam: This ray beam is very similar to Omnipotent!Sans's Omni Beam. This ability shoots out of Sans DDD's two eyes and releases it in a full ray beam that goes on until he closes his eyes. This Beam can kill any Sans that is not an outer being of power or higher, but even then it's able to stun if not completely obliterate God!404 or Fatal!Virus.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability

Reincarnation: Sans DDD is capable of surviving and escaping death. Even if you kill Sans DDD 1B Times, it doesn't matter, he will just come back.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Chroma Hands: This ability lets Sans DDD summon an infinite amount of Gaster Hands of any Size. They can differ in traits. Sans DDD is also capable of using another's soul to accomplish this feat.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Reality Breaker: Sans DDD has the ability to break and manipulate reality to his will.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Omni resistance: Sans DDD can use this ability to resist any damage.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability

Reality Warping: Sans DDD can create, shape and manipulate reality just by thinking about it; while weaker users like Fatal!Error are limited to what is already considered "real", Sans DDD can make changes from nothing. Depending on the power of a reality Warper, he may alter something as tangible as physics and the universe to something inconceivable like logic.

The way the power really works is when the user controls the very existential state of anything depending on their proficiency, regardless of whether or not the entity in question is an object or subject, among so many or most others depending on their power scale. It can range from transmogrifying objects or subjects into something different, altering the laws of reality, logic and physics, creating things out of thin air, to even outright erasing it on the spot.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Applications/Abilities That Reality Warping Contains:


-Ability Creation

-Alternate Reality Creation

-Cosmic Creation

-Empathic Creation

-Imagination Manifestation

-Life Creation

-Reality Constructs

-Reality Creation

-Reality Defense

-Reality Solidification


-Energy Erasure

-Reality Attacks

-Space Depletion

-Time Destruction

-Total Event Collapse


-Infinite Supply


-Reality Condition

-Reality Defiance

-Reactive Adaptation

-Supernatural Condition


-Biological Manipulation

-Biomass Manipulation

-Death Inducement

-Health Manipulation

-Regenerative Healing Factor

Cosmological Force Manipulation:

-Dimensional Manipulation

-Fundamental Forces Manipulation

-Life-Force Manipulation


-Physics Manipulation

-Physics Distortion

-Space-Time Manipulation

-Space-Time Distortion

Elemental Manipulation:

-Cosmic Manipulation

-Cosmic Awareness

-Energy Manipulation

-Matter Manipulation

-Molecular Manipulation


-Extrasensory Perception

-Mental Manipulation

-Quantum Manipulation

-Telekinetic Force Manipulation

-Telepathic Force Manipulation

-Teleportation Force Manipulation

Superpower Manipulation:

-Power Apex Inducement

-Power Augmentation

-Power Bestowal

-Power Erasure

-Power Evolution

-Power Limitation Inducement

-Power Negation

-Power Reflection

-Power Replication

-Probability Manipulation

-Self-Power Bestowal

Unique Manipulations:

-Absolute Force Manipulation

-Absolute Law Manipulation

-Absolute Psionic Power

-Answer Manipulation

-Being Manipulation

-Beyondness Manipulation

-Bond Manipulation

-Boundary Manipulation

-Causality Manipulation

-Continuity Manipulation

-Detail Manipulation

-Determinant Manipulation

-Distinction Manipulation

-Event Manipulation

-Existence Manipulation

-Fact Manipulation

-Inner Nature Manipulation

-Interbeing Manipulation

-Link Manipulation

-Metaphysics Manipulation

-Meta Matter Manipulation

-Meta Power Manipulation

-Meta Probability Manipulation

-Meta Space-Time Manipulation

-Nothingness Manipulation

-Pataphysics Manipulation

-Realistic Appearance Manipulation

-Trans-Reality Manipulation

-Truth Manipulation

-Universal Manipulation

-World Manipulation

Absolute Durability: Sans DDD's body, bones, etc. are extremely dense/solid, allowing him to withstand harmful forces on the body, such as crushing weight, impacts, pressures, changes in temperature, etc. In addition, due to how durable his body has become.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability

Erasure Immunity: Sans DDD can't be erased by anyone or anything. Though he can erase himself.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Ultimate Indestructibility: Sans DDD has no physical, spiritual or mental weaknesses, giving him immunity to everything harmful, essentially making him indestructible.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Omniverse Destruction: Sans DDD can destroy an entire Omniverse by only thinking it.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Omniverse Manipulation: Sans DDD can manipulate the entire Omniverse and everything within.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Applications/Abilities That Omniverse Manipulation Contains:

-Alpha Reality


-Circadian Manipulation

-Concept Manipulation

-Cosmic Empowerment

-Cosmic Manipulation

-Cosmological Force Manipulation

-Cosmic Creation/Omniverse Creation

-World Merging

-World Splitting

-World Healing

-Creation-Destruction Manipulation

-Crossover Manipulation

-Dark Matter Manipulation

-Divergence Manipulation

-Diverse Interface

-Dimensional Manipulation

-Dimensional Medium Manipulation

-Existence Manipulation

-Parallel Existence Manipulation

-Fundamental Forces Manipulation

-Gravity Manipulation

-Electromagnetism Manipulation

-Strong Force Manipulation

-Weak Force Manipulation

-Grand Design Construction

-Universal Manipulation

-Galaxy Manipulation

-Meta Space-Time Manipulation

-Meta Crafting

-Omniverse Destruction

-Omniversal Attacks

-Omniversal Force Manipulation

-Omniversal Probability Manipulation

-Omniversal Recreation

-Omniversal Restoration

-Omega Reality


-Omni-Element Manipulation


-Omni-Physics Manipulation

-Planetary Manipulation

-Population Control

-Prime Universe Manipulation

-Quantum Foam Manipulation

-Reality Warping

-Reality Consumption

-Reality Searching

-Science-Magic Ascendancy

-Solipsistic Manipulation

-Sympathetic Magic

-System Manipulation

-System Creation




-Universal Manipulation

-Universal Force Manipulation

Techniques: Omniversal Physiology

Omniverse Recreation: Sans DDD can recreate the Omniverse from its beginning state in any way he wish. Sans DDD can reform the Omniverse by inducing a new Big Bang Event altered according to his wishes and even recreate a Multiverse that was originally destroyed.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Applications/Abilities That Omniverse Recreation Contains:

-Big Bang Inducement

-Cosmic Manipulation

-Omniversal Manipulation

Death-Inducement: Sans DDD can kill anyone and possibly even anything using varying means, either instantly, slowly over time, after certain conditions are met, or after a certain period of time has gone. May be used by touch, at a distance, simply willing it to happen, or performing certain ritual.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Gaster Blasters (Star/Sun Sized): Sans DDD can summon a Gaster Blaster that is the size of a Star/Sun this Gaster Blaster can destroy anyone or anything except for his mentor (Z!Sans) and other beings that are beyond him (ex. Scp-3812 or Creator!Sans). What's even more surprising is that he can summon an Infinite amount of this Blaster. This Gaster Blaster can destroy an entire Universe. When the Gaster Blaster is on It goes on and doesn't stop unless Sans DDD decides to Stop.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Blue and Orange Bones (Planet Sized): Sans DDD can summon a Blue bone or an Orange Bone that is the size of a Planet. he can also summon an infinite amount of this Ability.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Bones (Planet Sized): Sans DDD can summon a Regular Bone that is the size of a Planet. he can also summon an infinite amount of this Ability.

Sans DDD has complete Mastery of this Ability.

Omniversal Sans AU Transformation

Sans DDD can transform into any AU Sans (except for Creator!Sans and Z!Sans) without limit.


-Sans DDD can become Infinity Code

-Sans DDD can become Beyond!Sans

-Sans DDD can become CyberCore!Sans


4th Breaker Z!Sans (Mentor)

When Sans killed B666 (Error!404), The blast of the Gaster Blaster was so strong that the force of the blast reached Z!Sans AU known as Z-Tale, when Z!Sans sensed an incredibly powerful being in the AU called Glitchtale (It's where Sans ends up after killing B666, the reason he accidentally teleported to that AU is because he can't fully control his teleportation, Yes, I know he was able to fully control his teleportation before, But because of so many abilities that he hasn't mastered yet, the new abilities of Sans are affecting his previous abilities), Z!Sans immediately teleported to that AU to meet Sans, when Sans saw Z!Sans, Sans says "Who the hell are you? Are you here to kill me?", Z!Sans responded "No friend, I am here to help you" Sans calms down and decides to accept Z!Sans help from Z!Sans, Z!Sans trained Sans everyday so he can master his abilities, after a few weeks of training, Sans has fully mastered all of his abilities, Sans says "Hey Z, I wanna go home, my brother Papyrus is probably worried sick" Z!Sans responded "No, I can't let you do that yet, because your AU (Undertale) was already destroyed by the Villain Sans Squad." Sans was furious and wanted to destroy the entire Villain Sans Squad, however Z!Sans tells Sans "Sans, calm down, remember you have the power to restore your AU, but for now, relax, wanting revenge on others will only result to you becoming the thing you hate the most" Sans agrees and decides to do nothing for now, one day Sans was finally able to knock down Z!Sans in practice, Sans felt bad, but Z!Sans was beaming, anyway, long story short, Z!Sans kept training Sans, and now Sans DDD is one of the most powerful Sans/Monster/Skeleton/Being in the entire Omniverse.

Creator!Sans (Friend)

They never met in personal, Creator!Sans just sent Sans DDD a letter saying "Congratulations, young hero" from then on Sans DDD has considered Creator!Sans to be his friend.

Glitch!504 (Most Trusted Friend)

When Glitch!504 and Omni!404, was fighting, Sans DDD saw this in the anti-void, Sans DDD says "If they keep fighting, it'll be extreme chaos through the entire Multiverse, I have to stop them before they hurt innocent people or better yet innocent monsters" Sans DDD teleported to the place where Glitch!504 and Omni!404 were fighting, Sans DDD stops the fight between the two and asked them "Can you stop fighting? If you continue this I will be forced to erase you both, since you are endangering the entire Multiverse that contains innocent people/monsters" Omni!404 responded "Who are you to tell us what to do?" Sans DDD gets angry and blasted Omni!404 out of the Multiverse (Omni!404 was sent to a place called Quasar TON 618 "The biggest Black hole" where he'll be trapped forever) 504 was afraid since he knew the unknown being (Sans DDD) was far stronger than him, he was about to teleport away but Sans DDD says "STAY, and let's talk about some things" 504 stays and decides to listen to Sans DDD, Sans DDD says "I'm sorry I had to do that, because I sensed that being did not have good intentions" 504 responded "Oh, if that's the case, then it's fine" Sans DDD and Glitch!504 became friends ever since then, 504 was the very first friend of Sans DDD, Together they would try their best to protect the Omniverse and everything within the Omniverse.

Ultra God!Sans (Stranger)

Ultra God!Sans was sucked into a strange dimension and encountered Sans DDD. Ultra God!Sans was curious about that skeleton. Sans DDD saw Ultra God!Sans in his place, Sans DDD attacked Ultra God!Sans to banish Ultra God!Sans from his place. Ultra God!Sans was badly injured and immediately teleported away. Now, Ultra God!Sans still questions how that skeleton hurt him.

Omnipotent!Sans (Ally/Friend)

Omnipotent!Sans has been traveling out and beyond the Multiverse, he lives in to venture out and find beings that will share knowledge with him. His adventures take him far beyond the realities of our knowing. Omni came across Sans DDD in the AU called Inktale, an AU that has never been finished. (Sans DDD was removing this AU permanently as he sees this AU useless because it doesn't contain anything, it's just a black void) Omni says "Hey you, what are you doing in this AU?" Sans DDD responded "I'm removing this AU permanently. Error!Sans was right about the entire Multiverse, the Multiverse doesn't have infinite space for useless AU's, that's why Error!Sans was doing his best to destroy all the useless/unfinished AU's than Ink created" Omni says "I see... May I ask you something?" Sans DDD responded "Sure" Omni says "Even though I have my Omni-presence active, it's like you're not afraid, it's as if you managed to bypass this lethally, how'd you do it?" Sans DDD responded "I'd rather not talk about it, but I can tell, You're looking for someone who can share knowledge with you is that correct?" in Omni's mind "This guy... for some reason I feel like I'm the whos getting nullified, but anyway he seems very intelligent" Omni then says "Hey, can you join me in my quest of finding powerful and intelligent beings such as yourself?" Sans DDD responded "Sure, buddy" from then on, they explored the entire Omniverse looking for powerful beings.

Beyond!Sans (Ally/Friend)

Of course, in time, Omnipotent!Sans and Sans DDD managed to find Beyond!Sans, Since Beyond!Sans was the guardian of the Omniverse he agreed to join Omnipotent!Sans and Sans DDD on finding more powerful beings that have good intentions on protecting the innocents.

Seraphim!Sans/Omega!Sans (Ally/Friend)

He met Seraphim!Sans in the "Save Screen" when Sans DDD was testing his Powers. Seraphim!Sans was thinking that he was seeing things (that there is another Sans along With Him In The Save Screen). He then Confronts Sans DDD, but then Sans DDD suddenly vanishes along with the current copy of the world, with Seraphim!Sans back to his total "Original" world, with a letter from Sans DDD saying, "See ya, Seraphim." After, that, they were friends due to the fact they met each other finally in the anti-void and properly introduced to each other, Sans DDD asked Seraphim!Sans if he wants to join Omnipotent!Sans/Beyond!Sans/Him (Sans DDD) on finding powerful beings, Seraphim!Sans accepts, and now the adventure of the 4 continues.


"That is so racist.. having a whole agency create a certain group named "Anti Monster", very VERY racist, Just how racist can people get these days?" -Sans DDD getting angry at people for creating a group named "Anti Monster"

"Whether you’re going through a hard time, you’ve just lost your best friend, or you simply woke up feeling a little insecure this morning, we’ve all had these days." -Sans DDD confronting Sans (Negatale).

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure... but of succeeding at things that don’t really matter.” -Sans DDD talking to Ink!Sans.

“It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” -Sans DDD's Quote for other Sans AU to see.

"Every day the clock resets. Your wins don't matter. Your failures don't matter. Don't stress on what was, fight for what could be." -Sans DDD's Quote for other Sans AU to see.

"You ok? should we end this battle? cause you looked like you had a Bad Time." -Sans DDD talking to Alpha!404


  • W.D Gaster (Glitchtale) was wondering around doing his task protecting the city from Bête Noire till his mind was shown 3 years into the future, seeing a skeleton that looks like Sans, Later on a few years after that, he then saw the skeleton wondering around the city. He went to confront him, but the skeleton vanished as soon as he saw W.D Gaster (Glitchtale).


  • Sans DDD has everything, he has every Omni-powers, he is far stronger than Shaggy,Zeno "True Form", King Archon, etc. essentially making him one the most powerful Sans/Monster/Skeleton/Being in the entire Omniverse, not even Z!Sans will be able to defeat him easily.
  • Sans DDD has restored his Universe (Undertale) it took some time because he had to kill every member of the Villain Sans Squad and as always he is lazy so his basically using 1 bone to toy with the Villain Sans Squad.
  • Sans DDD is nowhere near the authority/position of 4th Breaker Z!Sans, he is still a student learning on how to become a better protector/hero.
  • Sans DDD's true capabilities have not been met even by Gods like Omni!404, Reality!Gaster, CyberCore!Sans, etc.
  • In the Villain Sans Squad, The Murder Time Trio and The Bad Time Trio were about to battle to the death, Horror!Sans Vs US!Papyrus [] Killer!Sans Vs SS!Chara [] Dust!Sans Vs Undertale!Sans [] The MTT has more Level of Violence/Power/HP/Stamina on the other hand The BTT has more Experience/Strategy/Karmic Retribution/Dodging, this is basically a 50/50 fight, however Stamina here matters the most, eventually SS!Chara got tired of fighting Killer!Sans (SS!Chara can't fight for a very long time because of physical burden by magic as said in the comic "The Bad Time Trio") US!Papyrus couldn't find Horror!Sans weakness (his left eye) and that's where US!Papyrus gives her soul to SS!Chara and SS!Chara giving her soul to Undertale!Sans, with 2 souls Undertale!Sans easily defeated the MTT, however a new AU Sans arrived, named Homicide!Sans, Homicide!Sans was easily able to defeat Undertale!Sans, Undertale!Sans was about to get sliced, luckily he had enough Stamina to teleport and that's where he teleported to Error!404's realm.