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Saturn wears a black hoodie with an Earth symbol at his chest and he wears a green pants. He also don’t wear shoes, sock or boot and it appears that he has a ring of ice suspended behind of him that measures 15 cm and 1.7 m in diameter


Particle Manipulation

Saturn can create, shape and manipulate particle, the basic units of energy and matter (such as molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, ions, gravitons, tachyons, photons, etc). With this power he can manipulate the entire universe because all things are composed of particles, ranging from the subatomic to the universal in scale

Warp Manipulation

Saturn can manipulate warps in the space-time continuum, including portals, rifts, distortions, wormholes and other of warps that affect space and time. He can determine where the warps may lead, including another point in time or space or to another dimension

Physical Immunity

Saturn is completely immune with every physical damage. No physical damage, attack can kill or even harm him

True Illusion

Saturn can create illusions so powerful that they can outweigh reality. He can induce illusions, he can think off into others and himself, and freely shift the phenomenon from illusion to reality and back at any moment. He can change people, places, locations, rooms, events, etc, bring anything forth out of nowhere, make anything vanish without a trace, etc


He came from an unknown multiverse that separate from the Undertale Fandom

He used to be seal by someone

He don’t have respect for anyone except for The Founder A.K.A Sans/The Oblivion

He is a member of Darkness and Chaos