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Like all Sanses, Scratch! Sans is aware that the player is restarting the game, over and over again, but is unaware of his purpose. he doesnt have a story, brother, or even friends, just a fight and it takes a toll on his sanity, questioning if. he deserves to live. He eventually figures out how to escape to different AU, but whenever someone presses his fight's green flag, he is taken back to his AU, right where he started.



Scratch! Sans is very similar to the classic Sans, except somewhat crudely drawn instead of 8-bit. since sans only is in battle and not a full game, his clothing is black and white(black jacket, white shirt and slippers).


Scratch! Sans has a very similar personality to that of classic Sans, but is still questioning his purpose more since he doesn't exactly have a backstory. He still tries to be helpful to those he meets in other AUs during his free-time, despite his depression.


Aside from the usual Sans abilities, Scratch! Sans also has the ability to teleport throughout Scratch projects without issue. He can also alter the code in those projects as well, although slightly.




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