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Script!Sans is a Sans originally created on toyhou.se by CatAndCrow. Script is a paper-skeleton monster that technically exists outside of any AU, having spawned in what is called The Multiversal Library. Script spends almost all of his time doing his job. Said job consists of collecting information, recording it, and filing it away into archives. He is the only skeleton tasked with caring for the Secret Archives within the Library, sworn to never reveal the information to ensure someone doesn't use it to overthrow the multiversal existence as it is known.


Formed by papers, calcium powder, and monster dust, Script was born with the job of keeping records in the Library not long after the multiverse became a larger presence. Storyteller Sans, recognizing what Script's purpose was with a certain omniscient knowledge surrounding the Library, accepted Script's presence and gave him the job of collecting information and keeping the Secret Archives a secret. Script, having began as a being with no understanding of life and only knowing inherently what he was made to do, accepted this without second thought. Full of fascination for the multiverse he had entered, Script wasted no time in traveling and creating notes about everything he saw. On occasion, he would hear otherworldly whispers, which he quickly found had correlated to the place he was in. At one point, Script witnessed the creation of an AU and could barely make out the whispers of the one creating it. Script quickly began to call these whisperers "Makers."

Through his travels across the multiverse, Script has learned almost all of what he knows through observation, scouring existing documents, listening to personal accounts, or rarely experiencing it for himself.

Script remained rather isolated and observant despite all of his travels, knowing already the dangers of getting involved. His main goal from the start was to observe, record, and file, so he wanted nothing to do with altering stories. Thus, Script saw many things happen in the Multiverse, such as Error!Sans destroying AUs or Ink!Sans protecting AUs. Script learned many secrets both from observation and from listening to the brief moments in which he can hear the words of the Makers. Thanks to following out-codes and more knowledgeable beings, Script also learned that Makers to him were more popularly known as "Creators," yet Script insists on his own self-appointed name for them.

Within the Multiversal Library, Script has always had the job of filling and protecting the Secret Archives of the Multiverse. Outside of this, Script helps around the Library with filing other records. Though the Library has other people sorting and stacking, Script doesn't interact with them much aside from when he needs something or has time to offer his help. Despite being busy with his job most of the time, Script does have the occasional free time where he can pop up and offer his help to the people at the Library. However, Script greatly dislikes interacting with guests, as he doesn't want them to see or know of the Secret Archive Keeper whether they know who he is or not.



Script!Sans is excited by stories and knowledge, but he is also somewhat shy and nervous around people. Most often, Script appears withdrawn in his work as a Record Keeper for the The Multiversal Library. Although Script is nervous and closed off around people not working for the Library, he becomes more open and passionate when left to his work. Because of his job to protect and fill the Secret Archive, Script doesn't trust anyone outside the Library, and even then he only truly trusts those within the Library holding high standing with Storyteller!Sans. If Script is too caught up in a telling a story, he will lose some of his anxiety about interacting with others. However, if he suddenly realizes what happened, he will become even more anxious than before and will likely try to exit the conversation as fast as possible, perhaps even teleporting away.

Script greatly dislikes confrontations he is involved with because he can't observe what is happening as efficiently. Script also does not like being part of any occurrences within the multiverse, feeling as though he is something more removed from it's happenings. Additionally, Script is more familiar with being a bystander than being part of a situation. On rare occasion, he has had to protect the Secret Archive with drastic measures, such as banishment or even murder. Luckily, the Secret Archives are kept secret rather well, so attempts to steal or invade are rare.

Script is a Lawful Neutral character because he is fine with both creation and destruction, as long as the information is recorded beforehand. Script understands that stories are made with beginnings, middles, and ends, and sometimes the ends are riddled with devastation. The laws of existence, semi-existence, non-existence, and so-on are ones he is deeply in tune with, hence his acceptance of the ebb and flow of all creations.


Script!Sans always wears a forest-green elongated slouch hat, which is a special item to him as it is the first project he successfully created using crochet. Script is seen most often wearing a medium-thick tight clasping long coat, almost a cross between an opera cloak and a militant jacket. Underneath this coat is a black silk tank top and canvas black pants. The canvas pants are tucked into stringed knee-high leather boots with a small heel on the bottom. Sometimes, Script dons his side-clasping cape, a full-circle cape comprised of light material made to clasp over the right side clavicle; he sewed it himself.

Script's bones are slightly yellowed due to his paper-calcium bone structure. Script's bones are a mix of calcium, paper, and magic. Because of this, they cut a little easier, but they also have the slightest bit more flexibility than regular bones. His eyelights are both slightly dimmed green circles, though his left eyelight has a cyan diamond inside the green circle. When Script is overwhelmed with multiple emotions all surrounding fright, his eyelights become outlines of the colors and their placement. Script's blush is the similar green to his eyelights with soft cyan flecks in it.


Script Carries an assortment of items with him, though some are either left at the Library or removed from his person depending on his goals and where he is going.

Item Details
Pencil-like Spear +18 ATK

+3 DEF

-3 INV

This is Script's signature weapon, no matter how much he dislikes fighting. This weapon converts magic into a boosted intent to harm. It also pinpoints written magic into stronger effects, though said effects are again focused on intent to harm. Script keeps this item in his bottomless messenger bag.
Writing Pages +13 Writing

+1 DEF

These pages are used to record information for record-keeping. Script has an infinite number of pages with notes on them which he later converts into proper documents. Script also uses these papers to write simplistic stories (he's not very good at being creative).
Pouch +19 Inventory Space A medium-small pouch strapped onto Script's belt. He uses it to hold smaller items such as his favorite quill. Script takes this item off only when he is resting.
Messenger Bag +??? Inventory Space

+4 DEF

-1 INV

This item is bottomless, but it mostly used to hold semi-larger items, like papers, books, and notepads. Script also collapses his spear weapon to place within the bag as well. Script only wears this when he is leaving the library to record information. When Script wants something to be protected, he will typically put it in here.
Fancy Quill +3 Writing Script's favorite writing tool, and a slight magic conductor for him. This quill is made with a black plume feather and dips into ink.
Ink Container +0.5 Writing A thick, glass container corked at the rim with black ink inside. This is what Script uses to write with his favorite quill.
Parchment Paper Stacks +25 Range

+9 ATK

+27 Writing

Special paper used for more magic-related things, such as to affect current happenings, though the constraints are that it has to fit into what is happening and must have pre-existing reasons that match up for this to occur (ex.: goes against what a character would do in the situation). Script can also use these pages as semi-long-range attacks (see Ability Arial Paper).
Side-clasping Cape +16 Cold Resistance

+2 DEF

-2 INV

A full-circle cape comprised of light material made to clasp over the right side clavicle. The fabric is a thin silky wool the color of browning mustard. Script sewed this clothing it himself.
Magic-amplifying Stone Necklace +30 for desired stat change A stone held by a chain necklace string. The stone amplifies the magic of the one wielding it.


Maker's Whispers

Script rarely obtains the ability to hear the voices of creators, albeit they are hard to hear and cut out a lot.

Page Fold

Script an teleport through pages of paper more easily than regular teleportation. Script has regular teleportation as well, but it takes a toll on him.

Story Immersion

Script can "jump into" books physically to explore their written words more thoroughly via visuals and residual soul indentions. This helps him to understand works not written by his own hand, as he is able to see what the author had seen and their intent when writing. The older the book, the harder it is to see these things.

NOTE: If the book Script is inside is destroyed, Script must find his way through the crumbling story to another story that has some soul-residual connection to the one destroyed. If the book is destroyed completely before Script can escape, Script will find himself spawning in the furthest ring of existence and will have to recollect himself, as his magic will be nearly depleted.

Plot Shifter

Script can help aid in story creation, but does not a strong ability to create on his own. Writing things on paper create feeble and flimsy happenings that can fall apart easily. Any plot hole will immediately disregard what was written (ex.: goes against what a character would do in the situation).

Arial Paper

Although harmless on their own, the magic parchment papers Script carries in his messenger bag are able to be thrown through the air as slicing attacks, acting much like kunai. Script prefers this distanced attack to the close-range of using his Spear.


HP 540
ATK 7 (+18 Spear)
DEF 160
EXP 34
LV 2
Murder Count 3

HP (Hit Points)

Script's HP is at 540 because of the substances he was created with, his type of magic, his way of thinking, and his desire to avoid fighting. Script is confident in his placement of the Multiverse and believes he is an important part of keeping the history of occurrences accurate and remembered by someone, even if the more sensitive material must be locked away only for his eyes. For this reason, Script is very assured in the importance of his position and thus keeps a somewhat healthy mindset. Script also has high HP because he spends more time learning how to avoid fights and recover HP when hit. Because of Script's poor ATK, he focuses more on HP and SPEED when doing the rare training regime.

ATK (Attack)

Script has poor attack due to his dislike for being involved in situations he can't detachedly observe. For this reason, he is very opposed to attacking at all, and the few times he has fought people to the death, it was to protect the Secret Archives. Nonetheless, his distaste in actively engaging in fighting fuels his lack of attack power. In the event he has to fight, Script relies on his high defense stat to engage in counter attacks which partly use the attack strength of the attacker, but his weak attack is still a weak point for him.

DEF (Defense)

Script's defense is at 160, much higher than attack, because he believes he needs to be able to defend more than attack both for his own safety and for the safety of the Library. Script focuses much more on counter attacks, which requires a higher defense and speed stat. His ability to counter is more important in his eyes because his major role is to defend in response to other's actions.

EXP (Execution Points)

Script's execution points are at 34 because he has killed three people, two being rather powerful beings, throughout his time as the guardian of the Secret Archives. As stated under Murder Count: "While many have attempted to enter the archive and have been thwarted, some with erased memories and some banished forever, only three have actively fought and persisted until death. It's these three that are the reason for Script's Murder Count currently sitting at 3."

LV (LOVE, Level Of ViolEnce)

Script's LV is currently at 2 because of his kill count being at three, two being more powerful beings. As stated under Murder Count, "While many have attempted to enter the archive and have been thwarted, some with erased memories and some banished forever, only three have actively fought and persisted until death. It's these three that are the reason for Script's Murder Count currently sitting at 3."

INV (Invulnerability)

Script has an invulnerability stat of 3 because of his magical makeup. Script's magic is green and, though slightly dulled, he is able to use it and his cyan magic to increase his rate of invincibility when attacked. This is because green magic is more defense-based while cyan magic has a hand in speed and is directly involved in the ability to dodge and avoid damage.


Script's speed stat is +25 because his intent in magic format is always focused on escaping as fast as possible. On occasion, if his opponent is slow enough, Script can escape before they take their turn.

Murder Count

Script has killed three incredibly persistent invaders of the Secret Archive. While many have attempted to enter the archive and have been thwarted, some with erased memories and some banished forever, only three have actively fought and persisted until death. It's these three that are the reason for Script's Murder Count currently sitting at 3.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Silent Observer

Script is best at avoiding things while still being able to observe them.

Written Word Consumer

Script has excellent descriptive writing skills and is a fast reader.

Physical Dexterity

Script has some strength thanks to carrying books all the time, though he can't lift much more than 30lbs and cannot do so for an extended time. Script is good at dodging, having done so his entire life, and can make quick, short bursts of fast movements.


Lack of Direct Communication

Because Script has spent his entire life observing and writing in books, he has little to no life experience. Thus, Script's social communication skills are sub-par and he often tries to find a quick way out of conversations unless a person is telling a story or sharing information.

Hyperfocused Observation

Script's attention and awareness can become dangerously centered on observing and recording particular happenings, and thus he becomes easier to sneak up on.


Script will do just about any weird maneuver he can to gain information, preferably without anyone else's knowledge.

Poor Fighter

Script has minimal knowledge of executing fighting techniques and prefers to dodge or escape completely. Despite this, Script is adamant about protecting the Secret Archives however possible and will stand his ground regardless.

Low Attack Magic

Script's magic is not much use in a fight without his spear as a conduit.

Short-Term Energy

Script's endurance is low and his stamina is sub-par.

Fire and Water - Papery Bones

Because Script is made partly of paper substance, he is somewhat afraid of and weak to fire and being submerged in water. While it wont kill him easily, he will burn in fire or dissolve in water. Both are very painful experiences for him, but fire is an instant pain that gradually fades while water is a soft pain that gradually grows the more he dissolves.


Due to a past face-to-face encounter with Nightmare, for the most part, Script is terrified of getting anywhere near Nightmare Sans.

Other Facts

Quirks and Habits

  • Script likes to hide especially important things in his long slouch hat. These items usually fall to the end of said hat and give some weight to it.
  • When in deep thought, Script sometimes swipes the underside of his nose-hole and his mouth with the feather of his fancy pen.
  • Script observes anything and everything, unless he is focused keenly on one event.
  • When experiencing any kind of strain, Script enjoys a cup of hot tea.
  • Script genuinely enjoys having time with the makers to share facts and tell stories, but this time is rare and his connection to them is very flippant and poor.
  • Script might play chess with himself if he is too uncomfortable asking others to play with him.

Trivia / Random Facts

  • Script's bones are a mix of calcium, paper, and magic. Because of this, they cut a little easier, but they also have the slightest bit more flexibility than regular bones.
  • Script's marrow is somewhat sludgy thanks to the slightly papery bones of his; though it doesn't really make his bones much weaker, the bones have a crisper feel and have more give to them. Script will catch of fire more easily; this because of the marrow slightly wetting the paper bones and because the bones are papery.
  • If Script were to somehow die, he would burst into papery dust.
  • Script's secret hobby is writing cheesy romance prose, mostly because he finds that the makers tend to read those and angst the most.
  • Script will occasionally spend time rereading Secret Archives, believing they too need readers from time to time. Script also does this to brush up on his knowledge.
  • Script genuinely enjoys having time with the makers to share facts and tell stories.
  • Script suspects Storyteller!Sans had a hand in his creation, but Script can never get confirmation or denial of this idea when asking Storyteller about it.


Note: Script avoids the attention of any powerful beings. He has no true close relations as he is too focused on his jobs. Additionally, Script is terrified of someone learning what he knows and using it to eviscerate the multiverse.


Script is somewhat close to Storyteller!Sans, but he is not very open to him despite their history. Script was created in The Multiversal Library and taken in by Storyteller. Storyteller was the first person Script had met and both knew what Script's purpose was, so Storyteller was fully willing to take him in. Storyteller had aided in the creation of Script, but refuses to tell Script of this information.


Prior to the events of "Script’s Bitter Taste of Cruelty in the Multiverse: A Skele-napping," Script had only ever observed Nightmare from a very distant viewpoint. After being kidnapped and tortured, nearly being forced to tell all the secrets of the multiverse, Script is personally familiar with the King of Negativity's merciless nature. Script avoids entering AUs where he can be detected by Nightmare, preferring to gain the personal accounts thereafter. In the off-chance he has to be in the same AU as Nightmare, he will avoid all possible chance of being snuck up on and/or captured again with an extreme paranoia and jumpiness guiding his actions.


Script only spends time in Ink's presence when he is recording information about the skelinkton. Otherwise, Script avoids being near Ink at all costs for fear of the chaotic neutral being trying to learn what Script knows. For the most part, he's been successful, but the Multiverse is a massive place and thus Script knows that a few rumors have started to spread to the skelinkton's ears. Script knows way too much about Ink for his own good, while Ink (to Script's knowledge) knows nearly nothing about him, and Script wants it to stay that way.


Script avoids Error only to the point of not being seen simply because Error has a hand in what stays in the multiverse and what goes. However, Script is extremely paranoid of being caught by Error and jeopardizing the multiverse with the knowledge he knows. For this reason, if Error is not distracted by destroying or something else, Script will stay as far as possible from the destroyer while still having the ability to observe.