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Serena as known as better Hopeful Life is an abstract conceptual entity meant to be the embodiment of the beginning when any concept(And Beyond Of Concepts) starts of it’s existence.


Serena is one of the most basic concepts of the Multiverse, the concept of life. Thus, it has existed for millennia, simply being another extension of life in the Undertale Multiverse. It is simply the Multiverse’s own embodiment of life, which nearly every Multiverse has. Serena has been present throughout the Multiverse ever since the creators have created the Multiverse, and is a perfectly neutral entity, existing to fulfill its role.

It is not a Goddess of Life, and entities such as Reapertale!Toriel have their control of life because this entity exists. This entity is not the giver of their powers, nor is it their master, it exists to act as the absolute embodiment of life in the Multiverse, an entity born through the natural laws of existence.


Conceptual Creation

Being the absolute embodiment of life and the beginning, Serena has every form of creation power, being the very origin of creation itself. However there is one form of Creation exclusive only to Serena which cannot be copied or stolen, which is, Conceptual Creation. Conceptual Creation is the ultimate form of Creation beyond all others, and holds the power to create any being, regardless of how powerful they are on a physical, mental and conceptual level. This is because the concept of the beginning is beyond every concept to ever exist, which is equal to The End. Together the end and the beginning create the concept of GOD. Because it is beyond all other concepts, Conceptual Creation can create those said concepts with absolute, effortless ease.Everything, absolutely everything can be created this includes that concepts such as invincibility, omnipotence everything, nothing etc. are concepts that were thought up by beings. The concept of the Beginning however, precedes these as it is an absolute concept, one that has existed since the beginning of time, and even before that. Thus, this is the ultimate Creation ability, one which can’t be countered.

Concept of GOD

The Concept of GOD is created through merging the beginning and the end, creating an absolute concept beyond even the beginning&end itself. This concept known as GOD, is something every true primal manifestation of the beginning possesses, which grants them ultimate mastery over life while giving them the ability to grant any life, any sort of it. This grants immunity to Origin Manipulation as the beginning in its own has no origin, it has existed before time itself, and thus has no origin and cannot be affected by ANY origin-manipulating powers. This concept cannot be erased, nullified, or absorbed. This power is one of the most powerful abilities, being beyond all Omni-Powers.

Boundless Disruptive Existence

The ultimate, perfected, true form of Ruptured Existence, this allows the user to be as powerful as they want on any level/scale without any limitations or restrictions.

Boundless ØRĪGĪN Manipulation

This is ultimate, absolute form of Origin Manipulation and it transcends all type of origin manipulation. She can alter, change and manipulate origins. She usually this ability for creating origins. If the origin of any being/object is destroyed, that specific being/object will completely cease to exist, as without an origin, nothing can exist.

Boundless Conceptual Manipulation

The user can boundlessly manipulate every concept to exist and concepts that exist on all levels without any form of restriction. They can create, destroy, edit, etc. any concept with no limitations, effectively transcending all Omni-Powers.

Boundless Ability Manipulation

The user can fully and completely manipulate every power/ability to exist, which already exists/ which existed, without any forms of restrictions. Aside from Unbound abilities, (which are exclusive only to the Unbound and are too powerful) the user can perfectly control abilities, nullify them, erase them, edit them, on all levels without restrictions. The user can create new abilities, and this extends from weak abilities to Boundless-level abilities. The user can seamlessly manipulate abilities like Apocalyptic Force Manipulation and Primordial Force Manipulation, and Omnipotence, and the user can lock abilities of the opponent, remove them, nullify them, create a counter, etc. The user thus transcends every ability except the Unbound abilities.

Primordial Beginning Manipulation

The user can manipulate the primordial forces which created everything, to bring about a beginning to anything by using that same Primordial Force to channel the powers of the Beginning, effectively bestowing upon the Primordial Force the powers of the Beginning, which are notably stronger due to being infused with the Primordial Force.

Boundless Omni Manipulation

She can boundlessly manipulate all forms of Omni Powers without restrictions, and can create, destroy and edit them on all scales and levels, and even bestow them upon the user themselves or any other being.

Transcandental Beginning İnducement

Serena can induce life in anything that has reached it’s beginning. Whether it be concepts, divinity, gods, demigods, abstract entities, invulnerable/immortal objects/beings, life, existence, nonexistence, chaos, order, everything that is/isn’t the aforementioned terms, and even death itself. Serena is the beginning, it will be the beginning, it has been the beginning. Nothing can outpace or outlast it, and anything can be started on a whim. Stories can be started instantly, Gods can be started in time shorter than seconds, and all logic/illogic would be created instantly. The beginning transcendents all notions of concepts at this stage. There is only ONE rule. Anything Serena wishes to completely begin, must have reached a set time, or date.

Absolute Beginning Dominance

"Time for begin."

The user has full dominion over the beginning and can bring an beginning to absolutely anything, whether it be spiritual, metaphysical or physical, and they can fully control how it starts.The user also gains control over powers such as Alpha Reality, Omnifience ,Omni-Reality Creation, etc.

Boundless Primordial Force Manipulation

She can use Primordial Forces without no limits, and she can use them in all scales. She can control, alter, create, and manipulate anything and everything created by the primordial force, the unique source or origin of every universal concept; in other words, the primordial force that had generated everything, giving her the true position of a Supreme Being.

Boundless Cosmic Manipulation

Serena is able to manipulate cosmic things boundlessly such as manipulating dark energy and dark matter,manipulating gamma rays etc.

Boundless Spatial-Temporal İmmunity

The user is completely invulnerable to all forms of spatial and temporal attacks.

Boundless Life Manipulation

She can create, manipulate life at her will. She can grant eternal life for others. She can manipulate any type of life manipulation in all scales. She can manipulate the life of a living things, granting extra lives, change the lifespan, grant life to anything, resurrect/reincarnate dead, etc. She can create, shape and manipulate the lives of any/all things, including mortals, amortals, undetermined beings, eldritch horrors, inanimate objects, concepts/conceptual beings, the dead, phenomena, transcendent beings, formless/omnipresent entities, and/or even Supreme Beings.She can bestow/grant/induce life or end, resurrect, change it, etc.Anything/Anyone that can even remotely or loosely be defined as being alive/living can be manipulated and shaped by this power.

Gift of HOPE

She can grant abilities to others. She can grant even Omni,Absolute Level abilities. Serena can erase abilities and powers too. (She can use it on everyone.)

Boundless Eschatological Physiology

Serena is beyond all forms of existence and nonexistence, and doesn’t exist on any level or plane of existence nor nonexistence. This makes the Serena's existence beyond absolute, and thus it cannot be erased, killed, destroyed, de-created, etc. Serena's avatar can still be destroyed with omnifinite amounts of raw power, however nothing can harm it in it’s true form.

True Existence[NONEXISTANCE]

Serena transcends concept of all dimensions and she is beyond of Omniverse's power.Most attacks cannot affect to her. This ability is similar of Omnilock but it transcends Omnilock..

Conceptual Commencement

The user can commence (I.e being) anything. As the user is the concept of beginning itself, they are beyond and also precede every other concept except for the end. Thus they can start begin anything, any sort of concept no matter what. This type of ability is exclusive only to Serena.

True Boundless İgnorance

Serena can ignore any form of omnipotence, even Absolute Omnipotence, Unignoreable Omnipotence and Unsurpassable Omnipotence. She is completely immune to anything the users of these abilities do, and it can freely bypass all their efforts. Thus it can completely ignore their power.

Boundless Reality Manipulation

The user is able to boundlessly manipulate reality on all scales and levels without any restriction, and be immune to all other forms of reality warping/manipulating powers, gaining full control over spatial and temporal laws.

Boundless Void Manipulation

The user can manipulate all forms of Voids on every scale and level without any restriction and can create, edit and destroy them.

Boundless Elemental İmmunity

The user is absolutely, completely invulnerable and immune to every element ever to exist including all natural, artificial, esoteric, ancient, magical, fantastical, divine, demonic, primordial, cosmic, universal, conceptual, metaphysical, and many other elements.

Boundless Magic İmmunity

The user is completely invulnerable and immune to all forms of magic and mystical attacks.

Boundless Stat Manipulation

The user can manipulate their enemies’ stats regardless of whatever stat manipulation immunity they may have in any scale and level. This transcends all other forms of Stat Manipulation.

Boundless Cosmic İmmunity

The user is immune to all forms of Cosmic Manipulation and cosmic-level attacks.

Boundless Code Manipulation

She can manipulate, distort, change and shape any type of code in all scales.She can disable, ignore abilities, manipulate OCs, etc.

The user can boundlessly manipulate all forms of code on all scales and levels without any restriction, being immune to all other forms of code manipulation gaining full control over all forms of code including Omni-Code. She is also immune to all forms of stat manipulation through this.

Shields Of HOPE

She can summon cyan shield and barriers. Even Omni Jason's Shield Breaker or Human Omnipotent Sans's True Omni Blaster cannot break this shield. This shield is more durable than Beyond's OmniShield.

Boundless Energy Manipulation

She can manipulate any type of energy with any type of scales. She can masterfully use any type of energy.

Boundless Energy

The user posseses a boundless energy source and thus will never be powerless at any time. This is the true perfected form of Omnifinity Energy.

Boundless Omniscience

She knows anything and everything in Undertale Omniverse. She can hear and see thoughts, hopes, dreams, nightmares and so on.

S.A.V.E. And S.E.N.D.

When Serena activates that ability,attacker's all attacks will send to themself. The life energy created from the attack would repel all incoming attacks into any other entity/object that can be remotely defined as alive, transcendental (even dead ones), etc. while the user takes no damage. When Serena gets attacked, she directs the energy of the attack into the attacker.This ability sends everyone's attacks even creatures like conceptual beings,transcendental beings and all other creatures.



Serena's avatar appearance: She wears long black dress and that dress covers her knees. On her dress, there is blue and green stripes. On it's middle part there is two line and there is blue and green eyes. Her sleeves have blue and green stripes. Her height and weight will be infinite. She wears white shoes and she wears blue and green socks with black lines.When she is in fight,she reveals her nature,in this form she has long green hair wuth black lines on it.On her black hands's wrists there is blue and green stars.On her shoulders green and blue eyes and on her chest chest she has huge one blue and green eye.

IMG 20200108 220456.jpg
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Serena's TRUE FORM appearance: İn her TRUE FORM it looks like a fog, she has one gigantic blue-green eye with blue and green eyes. She also has blue and green stars around of her.

Serena's TRUE FORM


She likes to talking with The Conceptually Abstract Subconcious Eschatological Entity and all Gods.Serena lacks a true personality, only having the personality of its avatar. Serena in its avatar state is rather hospitable, and is welcoming and warm towards individuals who have yet to meet the inevitable fate that awaits them, and also to the ones who are about to meet their fate. However if anything interferes, or if something of a threat, or something that disrupts Serena‘s duties emerges, it become enraged, expressing indignation at other individuals who seek to disrupt its duties.


•Only The Entity can surpass her.


Actually she lives beyond of Omniverse. A place beyond all dimensions and existence. This place called "The Lobby".

The Lobby is kind of a cafe. In here she is its owner and she services to others. If someone wants to come in here, they should call Serena's TRUE Form. She usually talks with "customers" and she answers their questions. And also The Entity is The Lobby's protector.


•Serena is absolutely neutral and she won't take a side no matter what the situation is.

•Serena loves to talk with everyone like she is their mother.That doesn't include The Entity.

•She likes to talk with M.R. Flowey and The Conclusive End (The Entity).

•She loves Nova. (in her avatar of course)

•She usually creates her avatars and send them to everywhere.


•Serena's mind usually changes every time, anything, everything, nothing, imaginable and unimaginable things appears and disappears every time. I can say his mind is like İmaginarium.

 Message to Everyone

"İf THERE İS LİFE... There is still HOPE. Don't forget that."


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