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Shattered!Tale Sans, (also called "Cecil") is a Sans that survived the Genocide Route after it being destroyed by The PLAYER.

Shattered!Tale is an Au where all hope is shattered, and Sans is the last survivor, being unable to leave from Snowdin because of his state, and developing some serious problems affecting his mental health, made by Pinkyrandomness

His life has become eternal hell, having to survive each day since the player still lurks around refusing to reset. He stays hidden during the day in his room, and during the night he goes out to Grillby's to get food to be able to survive.

He's weaker and more vulnerable than Sans missing a limb and being blind, only having 0.5 HP, he has to be extra cautious, since there's still someone trying to kill him.



He's a bit shorter than normal Sans, (4'8) He always looks unhappy, frowning all the time. He wears a opened blue hoodie with a fluffy hood, (Kind of like Underfell Sans) a grey shirt, black shorts with white lines, and some boots with fur, it's believed that Papyrus made those boots for him to match with his blue outfit and for them both to wear boots. His hoodie is ripped and has around 7 stab marks around his arm area stained in blood. He's missing his right arm and his eyes, due to having his face almost destroyed, he only ended up losing his vision, becoming permanently blind.


He's really timid and shy, he hasn't had contact with another monster over a whole year, he lives in constant fear of dying in any moment, and rarely gets any sleep, he tries to stay cautious at all times, he's really paranoid and would not hesitate in attacking anything he hears.

Powers and Abilities

He can still teleport, but not as often as he used to, he gets tired when he uses too much magic, and overdoing it could even kill him.

When he attacks, he immediately uses his Gaster Blasters and tries to instantly kill the "enemy" he does this when he hears something nearby that could probably kill him. Whoever...

  • He has weaker attacks than normal Sans (His Gaster Blasters start cracking and disappearing after a few uses)
  • He can easily die, he tries his best at defending himself from danger.



He hasn't seen Frisk in a while, he doesn't know if he should trust them or not, there hasn't been a reset since a whole year, he does miss them though, he believes that it's not Frisk who is evil.


He's absolutely terrified of them, during Genocide, when his brother got killed, all he could think about was revenge, but at the end he failed and thought he was going to die, whoever they did not kill them, instead they tortured him, (yes I know sans only has 1 hp and with just one stab he's dead, but just- pretend that he somehow did not die-) They ripped his arm off, and broke his face; while he screamed in pain, he couldn't do anything to defend himself because he was already in pain, and couldn't avoid the attacks. Then they left him there to die, whoever after all that he survived, Chara realized that after they didn't hear him turning to dust, and they have been lurking the underground just to find him and refusing to reset.


He cared a lot for his brother, He misses him so much and hasn't seen his brother in a long time. It hurts him so much, he cries at night when he remembers about his brother, and he sometimes wishes he would of died when Chara tortured him. He's also suicidal and tried to kill himself many times but he isn't capable of doing it, because he's afraid of death, but he badly wants to see his brother again.


Shattered!Tale Sans (also known as "Cecil" or "Cil" for short) is a Sans who was near-death after being tortured in the Genocide Route, but survived, Whoever ended up losing a arm and becoming blind. He stays hidden in his home during the day and sometimes goes outside to Grillby's to take remaining food, ketchup that has been abandoned there (he still remembers the route to Grillby's even though he's blind) and returning immediately back home, panickily to not be seen, because he already knows Chara still wanders around Snowdin. Sans has been living the rest of his life hidden, and worried of being found one day.