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Shiftedtale is an AU where Asgore falls ill rather than Chara. This event changes the positions of the characters, mostly using the Storyshift pairs but not completely. It has been on hiatus for a while, until it got rebooted in early September 2019.


  • Muffet is the Empty One
  • Alphys is the Caretaker
  • Chara is the Recluse
  • Mad Dummy is the Judge and the Enraged
  • Mettaton is the Ambitious
  • Sans is the Captain of the Guard
  • Papyrus is the Royal Scientist
  • Asriel is the Celebrity
  • Gaster is the Outrageous Vendor
  • Undyne is the Monarch
  • Toriel is the Soulless Angel
  • Asgore is the Fallen
  • Napstablook is the Forgotten Scientist
  • The Annoying Dog is replaced with a baby dinosaur


Muffet was created when Toriel killed herself near some spiders, and Papyrus injected DT in one after its death.


She exiled herself after Undyne ordered all humans had to be killed, and turned the Ruins into a technological super-palace, similar to the CORE.


After Undyne instated the new policy she fled to Napstablook's old home in Waterfall to hide there.

Mad Dummy

Mad Dummy happily lived in the dump until Mettaton made him a star in his TV shows, which he doesn't like.


Possesses a robot body he found and wants to make his own TV show with him as the villain.


Decided he needed to get his act together when Undyne promoted him, he's less lazy but still aware of resets.


Undyne put him into the position, and he enjoys his job. Unlike Alphys, he doesn't keep his mistakes a secret.


Succumbed to the wounds he gained on his run from the palace after Toriel's death and died on some flowers. Alphys later performed experiments before she became queen and somehow he came back. He was later damaged in a freak accident involving Endogeny, so he has cybernetic implants, given by Papyrus. He now wants to be a TV star.


After Napstablook's death he became insane and now he hides in a deep part of Hotland.


Became queen after Toriel died and decided all humans had to be killed after one almost killed her.


After Asgore's death, Toriel got stricken with grief, went mad and locked herself in her throne room, letting it become decrepit and covered in cobwebs. Eventually, she stabbed herself with a glass shard, and her dust fell over the many spiders that crawled across the room.


Asgore became ill after Chara and Asriel mistook buttercups for golden flowers, and died. 


Napstablook worked with Gaster and fell into the CORE rather than him.