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"Its melting right before your eyes"-Sixdreams

Sixdreams Battle Theme-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l945aoaPPxM



Sixdreams, like Sixbones, seems to have all of their original memories from Storyshift. Their mental state isn’t the greatest after being amalgamated together, especially that of C#@R@. They always seem... slightly depressed.

Because of the two clashing personalities of Sixdreams' former selves, it constantly experiences random mood swings. It'll be happy and forgiving one second, and cynical and sad the next.


Sixdreams is comprised of the melted bodies of Storyshift C#@R@ and A$RI3L.

A$RI3L is standing at a slight tilt to his left, his mouth is open, and a bit of the roof of his mouth is melting onto his lower lip. His eyes are now black, gaping holes. He still wears his battle body as well as his Rainbow Bandana. Some of his fingers are melted together, his right hand is permanently stuck to C#@R@'s head.

C#@R@'s Body is partially fused into A$RI3L, their head and arm hang just to the right of A$RI3L's head. Their torso and legs are all halfway melted into A$RI3L's torso, their feet touch the floor, unlike Sixbones, however, they still prefer to drag their legs across the floor and let A$RI3L do the walking. Some of their fingers have also fused, and their face is now a twisted version of their "serious" face. It drips some sort of Black Substance. The entire left of their face is slightly melted into A$RI3L's Torso, this includes one of their rosy pink cheeks.


Sixdreams is capable of using the magical attacks listed here:

  • A$R!3L's Powers:
    • Star Blazing
    • Pyrokinesis. (Fire Manipulation)
  • C#@R@'s Powers:
  • Real Knifes
  • Ferrokinesis (Metal Manipulation)
  • Uncontrollable Teleportation
  • DETERMINATION Ghosts (Ability to make ghost-like copies of dead or forgotten souls. (I.E, Gaster, their Former Selves, etc.)


The story begins before the events of StoryShift, and it takes place in a universe where humans can melt, it starts with Chara rapidly calling Asgore and telling him that Asriel has “fallen down”. Asgore says that he has something in mind, but he doesn’t know if it’ll work, but Chara insists. So they inject Asriel with DETERMINATION. For the first few months, things seem to be going fine. Although, in later months, something goes wrong. Asriel says that he feels weird, so Chara said that they would call Asgore but Asriel insisted that Chara should stay. As drops of A$RIEL slowly fell upon Ch@r@, they began to cry and C#@R@ started hugging A$RI3L, merging the two together. When Asgore found out he said, “What have I done?!?”, and he locked them in the True Lab with the other Amalgamates. By the time Frisk arrives, they are known as Sixdreams.


  • Humans can melt in this dimension.
  • Asgore works slightly harder to try and cure for the amalgamates in this dimension because he’s biologically related to A$RI3L and C#@R@ is their adopted child.
  • Asgore has told Toriel about what happened to Sixdreams. Alongside her Royal Guard duties, she also acts as a lab assistant to Asgore in the hopes that they can fix Sixdreams.


The Human and Goat-monster, fused together in the middle

The melted duo amalgamate