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So Sorry is Dead is a murder mystery AU made by Nin10doGMod himself. It is a parody of Heavy is Dead by Antoine Delak.


Find out how he dies! spoiler : fell sans kills him.
But you probably weren't spoiled since it happens at the begininng of the story, what happens next is what's important hihihihi.


Samael D. Butterdragon: Ya-da-ya-la-dada-🎶 It is good day to be not dead!

Underfell Sans: POW! you are dead!

So Sorry: I am dead!

Fell Sans: hehehehehe...

Storyshift Chara: *conga* Bumbumbumbadumdumdum🎶
Fell Sans: aw shucks.

Storyshift Chara: Oh! The Samael is dead!

So Sorry: Yes. I am dead!

Storyshift Chara: WHY is the butterdragon dead?!

Fell Sans: i dunno.

So Sorry: I think it was-

Both: SHH, You are dead!

So Sorry: Ok. *ragdoll noise*

(Lancer enters scene exiting motorbike)

Lancer: What's up, you wankers?! Who’s up for a- AH! What the- bloody hell just happened?!

Fell Sans and Storyshift Chara: That Samael is dead!

(After you choose the answer, click the [show] button on the top right)

Lancer: The Samael is dead!?

Storyshift Chara: Correct!

(Option C lights up and celebration music starts playing)

Lancer: yay

Correct Answer:

  • A. Haha shid pants
  • B. Poop
  • C. The Samael is dead.
  • D. Flowey is not Asriel

Storyshift Chara: SO, did you see the murderer?

Lancer: Nah,
Fell Sans: no,
Both: sorry mate.

Storyshift Chara: I will find him, I will capture him, and no one will ever die again!

(Fell!Sans and Lancer applause)

Lancer: Ah, well that's nice.

Fell Sans: i am DAMN proud right now.

*intense clapping*


(Swap!Alphys rushes to dead So Sorry)

Underswap Alphys: That Samael is dead!

Storyshift Chara: We know!

Underswap Alphys: Who killed him?!

Storyshift Chara: We don’t know!

Underswap Alphys: I will find clues!

(Swap!Alphys searches through pile of stuff while sniffing)

Underswap Alphys: What's that? *grab gun* A weapon?! That thing is why the Samael is DEAD!

Fell Sans, Storyshift Chara, and Lancer: The Samael is dead?!

Underswap Alphys: Yes, *Slams hands on desk* (Intense background appears) he died!

Fell Sans, Storyshift Chara, and Lancer: *All shocked*

(Intense background stops, showing Shift!Chara, Fell!Sans, and Lancer standing in front of a green screen)

Ralsei: (From far away) Incoming!

(Ambulance crashes Swap!Alphys into a building wall, killing her.)

Ralsei: *Exits out of Ambulance* Raus, raus! *Pushes Shift!Chara, Lancer, and Fell!Sans away from So Sorry* Move now! *Kisses So Sorry on head*

(Heavenly music sounds while the light focuses on So Sorry)

So Sorry: (Rising in air) Ha ha ha ha! Sa- *Explodes and gibbed to dust* Oof.

Ralsei: In my medical opinion, that SAMAEL IS DEAD!

(Camera rotates to Lancer)

Lancer: Rals, what happened?

Ralsei: My professional opinion? *Slams hands on desk then turns to the right* (Intense background comes in) The Butterdragon was killed!

(Intense background stops)

Lancer: Oh goodness.

Fell Sans, Lancer, and Shift Chara: *Panicking*

Ralsei: I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

Lancer: Well, now what?

(Scout entering while doing the conga in the background)

Jerry: Clipidy clop mother****er! Boom!
Shift Chara says “Oh, come on.” before Jerry says boom

Jerry: Look at this! The Freaking Samael is dead!


Jerry: What do you think of that?


Jerry: Um...

Shift Chara: Yes, yes, Jerry.

Jerry: Yea?

Shift Chara: GO HOME!

(Jerry’s mother appears in a car telling Jerry to get in)

Jerry: AH COME ON! Pffff! Freaking unbelievable seriously, you all suck.

(Car drives off and crashing noise is heard)

Jerry: *Screams of pain*

Storyshift Chara: Ok... Let’s get back to the point.

So Sorry: *Poking at his dead body* I think Samael is dead.

Fell Sans, Lancer, Shift Chara, and Ralsei: THE SAMAEL IS DEAD?!?!

Ralsei: [Turns around and notices dead Jerry's dust in burning car] *gasp* Jerry! I will heal you- *Car explodes and camera goes back to So Sorry*

So Sorry: Oh, Seriously?! WHO KILLED SAMMY?!

(Camera shows on Temmie eating Temmie Flakes)

Temmie: *crunch* *crunch* eet wuz MEH!

Fell Sans, Lancer, Shift Chara, and So Sorry: ! *Shocked*

Temmie: yAS! *Box of Temmie Flakes slides up Temmie’s body and Temmie eats the box* tEM did LOIK TISS!!!!!: (Takes out a revolver and shoots Lancer in chest *Boom!* Temmie flies off from force of revolver blast)

Lancer: *Screams of pain*

Temmie: whOOp deE DOOOo!!!!!!

Fell Sans, Shift Chara, and So Sorry: [Are terrified seeing Lancer’s dead body disintegrate to dust]

Temmie: *slurp* dATz-a joke, lads.

Fell Sans, Shift Chara, and So Sorry: *laugh track noise*

Temmie: *Slurp* *Slurp* *Burp* eet wuz... yo-.. *(Burp)* [Points at Underfell Sans] hEM!!

Fell Sans: *Shocked* ! how did you know?!

Temmie: teM diNt! *brup* zat wuz a choHk 2.

(Camera moves to Fell!Sans, as the Temmie keeps chugging up Tem Flakes faster)

Temmie: *Falls on ground* im ded.

Fell Sans: *Manic laughter* that’s right! it was me!

Shift Chara: You MONSTER!

So Sorry: But WHYYYYY???

Fell Sans: cuz you’re FAT, boi. and another thing, you’re ugly.

(They both argue)

So Sorry: Mr. Red, stop!

Fell Sans and So Sorry: *Arguing*
So Sorry: Mr. Red, you are so mean!

Shift Chara: *Shrugs* (Text appears saying : IT’S TRADITION )


Fell Sans: ah dammit sammy, F*CK OFF! you are dead.

So Sorry: No U! POW! Haha.

(Fell!Sans falls dead on floor, disintegrating)

So Sorry: You are DEAD! Not big surprise.

Storyshift Chara: Well, that was idiotic. Off to hang myself! [Shift!Chara doing flip on noose] Watch and lea- (9999999 ) *Choking noises*

So Sorry: I am alive! Is nice. Yes, this is stupid.


Hey you! I want you to illustrate this script with your imagination.