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Solstice!Tale Papyrus

*You wanna know what would've happened if I didn't make her a promise?....I ' D H A V E T W I S T E D Y O U I N T O A F U * * I N R A G D O L L.

Solstice!Tale Papyrus takes Sans's role in this AU and the differences are almost unbelievable,so what are these so called "Differences" well allow me to show you.

(Pacifist Route Papyrus)

Pacifist Papyrus is not going to allow you to be his friend thanks to his Hatred of all Mankind which he makes obvious again and again,and when it comes to you he could care less about doing anything for you or having anything to do with you at all but will do it anyway just to please you or as he puts it to "Shut you up." so you can for sure say he's not going to do crap for you.He can be caught drinking Mayo from time to time but he doesn't mind getting caught and smoking almost constantly,he also appears to be a known comedian around the Underground since monsters when asked will refer to him as "A great comedian with a horrible downfall" hinting that something crashed his career but it's never specified.Also when spoken about to other monsters they refer to him as "Depressed" but they say it's just a guess but when asked personally he'll respond with "Go the fu** away." hinting that he may possibly be depressed but all is confirmed when you get the key to his room by(Finding it buried in the snow by the right side of the house.) and when you enter you can find his journal and you'll come across just how depressed he is and not only that but how when compared he's most likely the most depressed AU Papyrus or most depressed of all.Papyrus can often be found at the door to Snowdin Forest talking and laughing Muffet and once again in his journal you can find that he has grown feelings for Muffet over time.One other thing that can be found in his journal is that he is much stronger than he lets on saying that he does have the ability to hop universes like Ink!Sans and Error!Sans for example and having tons of fighting ability.

(Genocide Route Papyrus)

Genocide Papyrus is very different from his Pacifist self he seems to take pride in murdering you and shows no emotion whatsoever when it comes to slaughtering his own kind to gain LV and then there's his sword,when finally revealed in battle it's first wrapped up until later in the fight when he takes the wrappings off revealing a sword covered in a Shadow like substance and this sword can deal massive damage even when wrapped but the damage it deals when uncovered equals a one hit kill the second it touches you and when faced you will not fight in the Judgement Hall but by the Barrier.