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Solstice!Tale AU

So the main thing you must know and what probably explains everything is Solstice!Tale's Route System.Solstice!Tale's Route System is pretty much the same except for one big difference which ROUTE you take,now what's so different you may wonder?.Well for starters if you choose Genocide character and dialogue completely change and most monsters will either flee or fight(Mainly Bosses)  which I'll explain in another page so to sum it up if you choose Genocide you end up making everyone suffer like no tomorrow,you choose the other route everyone's fine.

Now for the role swaps...

  • Papyrus = Sans
  • Sans = Undyne
  • Muffet = Toriel
  • Asgore = Same
  • Toriel = Muffet
  • Chara = Mettaton
  • Mettaton = Gaster
  • Gaster = Alphys
  • Alphys = Grillby
  • Grillby = Papyrus
  • Monster Kid = River Person
  • Undyne = Mad Dummy
  • River Person = Napstablook
  • Asriel = Monster Kid
  • Napstablook = Asriel
  • tEm = tEm
  • And a new character a human named Cecil or Scythe.

Solstice!Tale Thanks You!

Thank you for taking time to explore my AU.