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She has feminine body.She wears black long jacket which there is purple,red,white flames on it,in underneath there is grey t-shirt.She wears black boots and black pants.She has white lines on her eyes that almost resemble W.D. Gaster's scars.


Her personality is same as Original Gaster's,her personality is just bit more chaotic then his personality.]



Source sees her as her student and she is thankful for her.


Boundless Darkness Manipulation

The user can boundlessly manipulate darkness on all levels without any form of restriction. They can grant themselves any darkness-related powers.This ability transcends all other forms of Darkness Manipulation, and can also kill almost anything, even beings that are already dead.

Cosmic İmmunity

The user is immune to all forms of Cosmic Manipulation and cosmic-level attacks.

Boundless Elemental İmmunity

The user is absolutely, completely invulnerable and immune to every element ever to exist including all natural, artificial, esoteric, ancient, magical, fantastical, divine, demonic, primordial, cosmic, universal, conceptual, metaphysical, etc. elements.

Mental Power

Source can manipulate, modify and control the thoughts, mindsets, and upper brain functions, allowing the ability to render others unconscious, suppress their memories, and negate the use of abilities, increase/decrease mental capacity, modify minds to be agreeable, control minds, sway sensations to induce altered perception, bestow/heal mental disorders, create/penetrate mental barriers, etc.


Source is everywhere and nowhere at once and she can create a visible body anywhere she pleases.


Source knows almost everything in Undertale/Deltarune Omniverse and she has awareness which is in Omniversal scale.

Boundless Reality Manipulation

The user is able to boundlessly manipulate reality on all scales and levels without any restriction, and be immune to all other forms of reality warping/manipulating powers, gaining full control over spatial and temporal laws.

Boundless Code Manipulation

The user can boundlessly manipulate all forms of code on all scales and levels without any restriction, being immune to all other forms of code manipulation gaining full control over all forms of code including Omni-Code. The entity is also immune to all forms of stat manipulation through this.

Boundless Void Manipulation

The user can manipulate all forms of Voids on every scale and level without any restriction and can create, edit and destroy them.

Boundless Psychological and Mental Immunity

The user is completely invulnerable to every form of mental attempt and psychological manipulation.

User possesses psychic abilities on an omnipotent scale, allowing them to surpass all rules without anything but the mind.

Unlike Transcendent Consciousness, the user has a form and can use the mind at the same time.

Omni-Elemental Power

Source is able to control any element such as wind, ground, etc. She is able to use elements to their full potential like create tornadoes using wind, earthquakes with ground, and so on.

Source can use: Wind, Ice, Water, Fire, Earth/Ground, Darkness, Light, Space, Time, Gravity, Life, Death, fantastic elements, demonic elements, primordial elements, divine/transcendental elements, metaphysical elements, absolute elements, absurd elements, omni-elements and etc.


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