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What Is It?

SpacialTale is an AU lost deep in the vast outsides of the Boxplex, in which all Monsters in the AU look over 'The Box', where everything remains.


You are a human. You are Frisk. You are helpless. You woke up on a bed of Tulips, and you have to continue on. In Here, you find a Flower...a SunFlower. It tells you it's name is Flowey, the Flower of Life. It defines that it is what keeps AU's healthy and alive, and needs to be treated joyfully to be accepted. You are confused. Why is this flower talking to me? Am I dreaming? All those thoughts are cut off, as you look at the Flower, he burrows into the ground, and appears on your left shoulder. He tells you to carry along, that he wont harm you. You decide to trust him. You haven't introduced yourself, yet that doesn't seem to matter, all that matters, is that you know it is real, and you need to leave..


After a couple minutes of theorising, a white-furred, vibrant-coloured being comes out. They ask if you are okay. You simply say that you dont know what's happening, and to be fair, that makes sense. She informs you her name is Toriel, however her nickname is 'Sparkles'. Flowey tells you that she is the caretaker of the Wastelands, and that you shouldn't be afraid of her. She looks harmless. Her white, pristine fur looked very soft. She put out her hand, and you think for 5 seconds. Will she squeeze your hand? Will this be your demise? You dont really care. You take it, graciously.

She takes through the first room, and tells you to be cautious, as many other monsters aren't as kind as the ones you've met. Monsters? The joy of the tall goat lady fills you with Happiness. You carry along into the second room, as they point at buttons. "These are going to be alot of what you see." She says, yet you still feel confused. She flips them in the order 2, 5, 3 1, 4, as the door opens. You smile at her, and she graciously smiles back. You enter into the third room, as the sky is filled with stars. "Perhaps you do not know this, my child, but you are in space. Do not fear, we are not in your galaxy, so the air is able to be inhaled and exhaled." You looked at her in confusion. Space? Air? Air doesn't exist in space! Ah, whatever. You carry along with her.

She takes you into a room filled with spikes. This wasn't a joyful puzzle, so you do what any sane person would do, and gtfo. All of a sudden, a monster appears in front of you. It had 4 Sharp Teeth, 2 on the upper gum, and 2 on the lower. It starts to chomp, as Toriel just stares at it, menacingly. It decides to stop, and smile, then hop away. "That is an example of many creatures you will find here, my child." Did she just call me child? You decide to respond, calling her Mom, as she blushes, laughing. She then takes your hand. "Do not fret, child, I will take you through this puzzle." She takes a step on one of the spikes, as it plummets into the ground. Neat.

She walks you along the spikes, as your feet tense up, you instantly grip onto her hand, tighter. Before you know it, you are back on non-spiked ground, as you sigh in relief. She would look at you, and giggle. "Oh, don't worry." She'd notice the sweat producing from you, and gasp. "Oh, my child, I will get you something to dry yourself with!" She would run, gone in an instant. Strange, you never expected her to be like that.

You notice she hadn't helped you learn to Fight them, so you just sigh, and carry along, you can just tell them to go away, anyways, or fake being a monster. You'd enter a room, and see a strange, nearly paper bag looking ghost, sleeping. And by sleeping, I mean he repeatedly says 'Z' out loud. You try to step over him, but a vine grips onto you and you accidentally stomp him. You start to apologise greatly, and realise he couldn't even feel it, yet woke up from the screaming.

"H-huh?" It would reply, looking over at You. You look at it. "Oh..your a human...humans kill people, so i've gotta, kill you...or something.." You'd sigh, looking at them. They charge at you, and you duck. "Uh, uhm...good job?" You'd say to them, as they smile. "Th-thanks..." He'd look down. "I kinda dont want to do this, but I have to..sorry." He'd cry, as the tears followed you, forcing you to do some acrobatics, yet one hit you in the face. Felt like acid. "OW! ERM...Wanna, uh...dance?" You'd mustur up the only thing you could think of. He'd actually think, and you waited, dunno why you didn't run, you just didn't want to. "How about a fashion contest?" He'd suggest. "Uh...sure?" You'd reply, fixing your white and blue sweater, licking your hands to rub your hair with. He'd then start to weep, as his tears went up, forming a baseball cap. "H-how do I look?" You'd decide to jokingly flirt. "10/10, would smash if ghost." You'd make an okay sign, as he giggled. "Y-you're funny." He'd realise something. "Oh, im blocking your path..ill go now...sorry." He'd vanish. You would look in confusion.

After a couple puzzles, you arrived at a nice home. with a sweet smell from it. Toriel would run out. "Oh dear, I hope the child hasn-" She'd stare at you. "Oh!" She'd run to hug you. "I'm sorry, little one, you must've been so scared. I wish I could communicate with you, sadly we do not have cellphones." She'd pout, as you wrap your arms around her, telling her you were fine. Her eyes would shrink. "Oh, dear! I must have left the pie overcooked! Come on in!" She'd run to the house, panicking. You'd stare at the turquoise exterior, as its calming atmosphere fills you with Happiness.

You enter the house, looking around, as Toriel comes back. "Would you like to be introduced to your room?" She'd ask. "My room..?" You'd ask in confusion. She'd instantly grab your hand, rushing you to a hallway with doors. She'd then ruffle your hair, letting you enter. You wave goodnight to her, and get into bed, and close your eyes, happy.

After a comforting rest, you rise, and notice there is a pie on the floor. Strange, she hadn't mentioned she was GIVING you a pie. What a nice act of kindness. You'd go and get up, smiling, as you ate the pie, walking into the living room. "Oh, hello, my child!" She was now wearing sparkly pajamas, glasses and slippers. "Uh, hey, I was just wondering, when can I get back home?" You'd ask, grinning. "There's kinda this prom date im going to by 9pm, and-" She'd interrupt. "Er...this IS your home now, sweetie." She'd look at You. You'd retaliate. "What? No! Listen, your cute and nice, and honestly your an amazing mamma figure, but, i've got my own life! I've got frien-no I dont...I've got my own imaginary friends!" You'd shout. She'd pout. "I'm sorry, but..you must stay here. How about we read about star-" You'd interrupt her. "No! I've got a family, such as people I love! You are nice, I admit to that, but...I've got people that need me!" You'd shout. She'd be left in silence, then put her book down. "I'll be right back." She said, running over to the basement. You'd simply sigh, and follow along.

She'd be standing at the far end, as you walked over. "Out there is not like in here, child. There are merciless beasts, that will end your very existence with little hesitation. Go to your room, it will ensure your survival..." She'd demand, walking further. You'd follow. She'd be at a door. "This is the end of the Wastelands. It leads to the end of the underground, I am going to destroy it." She'd explain. You'd panic. "NO, I CAN HANDLE OUT THERE, JUST LET ME OUT!" You'd shout. She'd turn back. "You really think you can survive..? Prove it." She'd summon Lunar Flames, with a violet flame. You'd ready yourself...now or never.


Tears in her eyes, she sent a ball of fire at you, you had no time to react, and got struck right in the soul, as I felt some of my life fading away. You got up, enraged. "WHAT THE HELL?! IM GONNA F-" You'd stop, and look down. You are going to just harm her, even though she tried to help? Flowey would heal you, as you stared into her wet eyes. "I'm not going to hurt you." You'd exclaim. "Im not..going to kill you." She'd stay silent, as she threw a circle of fire at you, causing you to duck, then jump, falling to the floor, as you got up. "I will be fine!" You'd shout out, her silence building further, she hurls even more fire, yet it felt...slow, like she didnt want to harm you. You'd step out of the way. "Please...i've got to go..I need to.." you'd sigh, as the ashy floor creaked. She'd summon one ball of fire, and...crush it. "What am I doing..?" She'd ask her self. "Forgive me my child..." She'd kneel down to you. "I..I am just worried...I don't want to lose another one.." She'd cry, holding onto you. "I wont die..I refuse." You'd pat her head. She'd giggle, still filled with tears. "Just...be worried of The Shadow King. He is a threat..he...he can kill nearly anyone. And, do not fear the Skeleton past this door..we have been on good terms with one another..he will not harm you.." She'd smile. "Be safe, little one." She'd run back.

The Flowers Joy

Flowey would smile. "Good job! Honestly, i've kept myself silent cause I thought you'd be another bozo who would die, but turns out, you aren't!" He'd smile, somewhat reassuringly. You'd roll your eyes, walking forward at the door. "So...this leads into the outside world?" You'd ask. "Well, either that or it leads to narnia." He'd giggle, and you wondered how he even knew of the book. "Well, for Narnia." You'd smile, opening the door.

Snowcluster Forest

The stars lit the sky, as the snow engulfed your feet, you carrying along. "P-pretty cold, h-h-huh?" You'd ask flowey. "If only I had nerves." He'd say. You'd look at the gate nearby, walking towards it, as a branch snapped behind you, forcing your body to turn over. "Huh.." You'd look at the branch, and it was smashed like it was nothing. You'd run to the gate, stopping to catch your breath, as footsteps came from behind you, a deep voice emitting. "Human..." The voice would speak. "Don't you know how to greet a new pal?" You'd turn around, staring at the shadow figure. "Shake...my....hand." He'd put his hand out. You'd close your eyes, grabbing his hand, as he pulled you closer, impaling you with a large spike-like thing. "The codeword is Dim." He'd whisper, as you woke up, back in the entrance of snowdin.

"Wh-what the hell?!" You'd shout. Flowey would look at you. "Saves, Overwrites, Loads, You'll get it soon. Just continue on." He'd sigh. You'd panic, walking forward, each paranormal event causing you an even larger jump, as you stepped closer to the bridge, the same footsteps carried along, your muscles tensing. "Human.." They'd speak. "DIM!" You'd shout at the top of your lungs, cutting the figure off their next line, as they frowned. "Uh.." He'd place his hands in his pockets. "Yea, how did you know? Some kinda time cop?" He'd grin, looking into the starry sky. "Well-" He'd interrupt you. "Im Sans. Though around here im called Dimmy, Dim, Dimbo and other 'Dim' nicknames." He'd have a nervous grin. "I ain't gonna hurt you, pal! Come on, why would I? Not like I'd just be like 'turn around and shake my hand' and then impale you with a large bone." He'd shrug, raising his hood. "Anyway, lets go this way, my bro's over here, and he...well, he's awesome. He kinda wants to get into the Lunar Guardians, and they're, well, kinda despising towards your kind." He'd scrunch his left cheek. You'd look at him, confused at it all. He tried to kill me? Why is he acting so passive? Despising? You'd get the courage to reply. "Well, uh, that's..racist?" You'd scratch your hair. He'd just let out a little giggle. "I'm not into it, pal, don't worry." He'd walk forward, pointing in the direction, asking you to follow. You reluctantly follow, feels kinda familiar. Person helps you, makes you follow them, kind of a pattern.

You'd pass the bridge, it appeared that the gates were so wide you can simply walk through them. You saw a station, a strange-looking Lamp, and a figure walking towards you. "Quick, behind that UFO-Shaped Lamp." Sans would exclaim. You'd turn at him. "How the hell will I-" He'd interrupt. "Okay, you can just let my bro get you then." He'd roll his eyes, as you ran straight to the lamp, crouching down, as the figure stepped closer, his yellow, beaming eyes carrying along. "SANS!" It would shout, as Sans waved. "Yea, it's me." He'd giggle, as the strange figure shouted even louder. "IT HAS BEEN SEVEN MONTHS, AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN MADE A PUZZLE! WHAT IF A HUMAN CAME BY? THEY'D FIND ME A JOKE TO KNOW MY BROTHER WAS LAZY!" He'd kick the floor, as Sans just scratched his skull, the crack in it easing. "Well, thank the STARS you don't have a brother like that." He'd wink, as the taller brother shouted. "SANS, WE DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR PUNS!" Sans would just keep his expression the same. "Come on bro, don't lose your..FUNNY BONE." He'd wink again, forcing you to sigh. "Anyway, wanna talk to my UFO Lamp? His name's Jeremy." Sans would turn over. The other skeleton sighing. "Why do I bother...SANS, I WILL BE AHEAD, COME FOLLOW ME, AND IF YOU COULD...PUT A LITTLE MORE BACKBONE INTO IT! NYOO HOO HOO!" He'd laugh, hopping back, as Sans sighed. "You can come out now, kid." He'd smile, as you hesitatingly rise. "Why did you try to rat me out?" You'd demand an answer. "Well, uh, my bro..he's never seen a human before, so..yea, you'll be seein' him much more." He'd smile, then walk back to the door, as you peeked at the side, and he was gone. "Flowey, analysis?" Flowey would sigh. "That's Sans, he's the 'Funny' guy." "Then why did he kill me?" You'd ask. "Yes, I know why! I know everything, right?" He'd smile. "Sorry, period flower." You'd sigh, carrying forward into the vast verse.

Covered Truth

"So, I know there's a whole backstory to this Underground, and I know you're gonna eventually backstab me, but before you do, please explain the backstory." You'd say on your phone. You forgot you had it before you came here, even when Toriel mentioned it. Flowey would frown, angrily. "I'm not gonna backstab you! What do you think I am, a flower that acts nice at the beginning and then becomes Your Worst NIghtmare?! Jeez, kid. I'm simply Toriel and The Shadow King's kid. Everyone here has their own Name, Shortened Name, and Nickname. Star!Toriel, Toriel, Sparkles, Dimension!Sans, Sans, Dim, Dimbo, Dimmy. Rift!Papyrus, Papyrus, Rift. And so on." He'd sigh. You'd think. "Papyrus? Isn't that like paper?" You'd ask. Flowey you smile sarcasticly. "Yes, and Sans is ALSO a font." You'd carry along, noticing the two brother's. "So, Sans, about my small crush on Undyne, is that normal?" Papyrus would ask. Sans would shrug. "I dunno, you two are practically the same, only difference is her personality, style, and species." He'd smile, as Papyrus nodded. "Wow, that's only three things!" He didn't seem to get the joke, as he turned to you. "OH MY GOD! IT'S A FLOWER!" He'd point to Flowey, as Sans looked at you. "Well, I prefer the term 'human', but, if you find them cute, you can call them sweet." Papyrus would stare at Sans. "SANS! I MEAN, god...-WAIT, HUMAN?" He'd stare into your eyes. "Well, it's either a human or a play doll." Sans'd shrug. "UNDYNE LOVES PLAYING WITH HUMAN PLAY DOLLS!" Sans would raise an eyebrow. "SO, HUMAN, IT APPEARS YOU MUST FACE MY POWERFUL PUZZLES, AND THEY ARE PRETTY BONERIFIC IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF, NYOO HOO HOO! Iwanttodie." He'd walk away, Sans staring into your Soul. "He's, uh, in a bad mood. Our dad's kinda...strange, today." He'd walk away, as you just shrugged, and carried along.

The pathway was rocky, as your phone rang, you going to answer it. "Hello, this is from the lab, may I order some parts for the Machine? Code:#0329. Thank you." It'd hang up. "Huh.." You'd scratch your head, looking at Papyrus and Sans. "Bro, are you sure you should capture the kid? I mean, Undyne, she kinda has this thing for humans, and I don't exactly think the kid's into fishes." You'd giggle. "Well, I didn't know many fishes in the sea were taken THAT literally here." You'd smile, as Sans blushed a bright purple in surprise. "HUMAN! I, The Great Papyrus, will stop you. So! As you can see here, I have made a puzzle!" There were spikes everywhere. "ONLY! THE POINT IS....I actually don't know, other than the points on top of the spikes, NYOO HOO HOO-Sorry. Try and find the order of the spikes, and you may survive, NYOO HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO!" He'd run away. "Okay, then." You'd just walk to the other side and get passed. "Your brother's an absolute goon, you know?" Sans would turn at you. "Come on, kid, he's had a rough life, don't say that." You'd stare at Sans. "Like what, trying to bore another species to death? At first I was scared of you, but then-" You'd feel a rush of pain hit your chest, and look down, as you see your heart impaled by a giant bone. "A. Hard. Life." Sans would say, as you blanked out, waking up again.

You'd hold onto your chest, tears streaming from your face. "That skeleton!" You'd kneel down, crying, as Flowey frowns. "What's wrong?" "He killed me! He killed me again! It hurts too much!" You'd cry, the snow wetted. "I don't wanna die again!" You'd wipe your eyes, as flowey took a vine out and wiped them as well. "Don't worry...just...don't hurt his feelings." He'd sigh, as you got up, nodding shakingly, carrying on. "..into fishes." He'd say, as you walked past the spikes, silently. "HUMA-what?" You'd turn around. "I know your puzzle." You'd walk forward. "What's the next one?" Papyrus rushed to you. "Well, uh, there is no other..next, you have to face me!" You'd raise an eyebrow. "Isn't that just lazy?" You'd frown. He'd just sigh. "No, it is..but, the fight will be worth it!" He'd run forward, into the strange town, as Sans followed up behind you. "You sure hurt his feelings." He'd put his hands in his pockets. "What, gonna kill me again?" You'd frown. "Nah." He'd sigh. You'd look at him. "You know....you know about it all!" You'd shout. "Why?! Why do you kill me?!" You'd shout louder, as he frowned. "Listen, kid, that was the last time..i've seen it. If I didn't you were gonna kill my bro, upset Undyne, kill my dad, and destroy the CORE." He'd walk past. "Kid...I'm not a bad guy...I just sometimes do bad things for good." He'd frown, vanishing. You'd smile. "He..he probably is a nice guy." You'd reassure yourself, walking into the town.

Snowcluster Town

You'd look at the sign. ' ' Welcome To SnowCluster! ' ' The Sign Read. You'd look at the welcoming, dark night, and raise and eyebrow, and walk into the shop, being greeted by a warm smell and a strange, bunny-like character. "Welcome to the Snowcluster's Shop, run by me!" She'd give a warm smile. "Well, what do you have?" You'd ask, leaning against the counter. "Well, erm..We've got a universe globe, a Star Bandana, alongside the hypergloves." She'd smile. "Well, that's all we serve humans. I am not as dumb as everyone else here, I can tell your human, but I wont kill you, provided you don't hurt my family." She'd insist. "Why would I? I may be very confused here, but if I don't kill anyone at my world, why yours?" You'd ask. "Well, 12 years ago, one of your kind, a kid with a pan came, he seemed kind, but..he bashed my daughter's face, now she's blind. Bit weird, yea, but..it happened." She'd frown. "O-oh. I'll take a Bandana and a globe." You'd reply, searching in your pockets. "That'll be 40G." She'd smile. "Uh...I don't have any..? Would human currency do?" You'd ask, as she giggled. "Oh, not right now. But, we've got this converter that changes Pound, Dollar, Yin, Yen, and other various currancies to Gold, if that's what you want!" She'd reply, patting you. "Well, I'll uh, do that." You'd take out your wallet, checking. "$50, £70." You'd murmur to yourself, placing it in the converter. "I'm guessing it'll probably be 120G." You'd think, as she took out a satchel, handing it to you. "Here you go!" You'd take it, it was very heavy. You'd start counting. "Ba..Ba..Ba...915000G?! How can I carry this?" You'd ask, surprised by your richness. "Well, I can tell your surprised, but..human artifacts are worth alot here." She'd explain. "We've got other clothes if your willing to change." She'd smile. You'd look at her. "Is that a flirt? Im sorry, im already preparing for a fish." You'd place your hands in your pockets, as she tilted her head. "Undyne? Oh, yea! She likes humans. Not sexually..well, a bit. But, she's just playful. She may seem all powerful and hard, but while she may be powerful? She's just a softy." She'd smile, then pat you. You'd nod, pay for the items and leave, glad you didn't answer her clothing advice. You'd notice a woman bent over, kind of looking like she want more than to help her pet. You'd shrug, and continue along, looking at Flowey. "Do I need to feed you, or..?" Flowey would roll his eyes. "No, buddy! I'm immortal!" You'd roll your eyes, bumping into a tall figure. "Human.." It would speak, looking down at you. "I see the truth now...you..love me...I saw the way you looked at me with Sans, saying about a 'goon'. That must mean something nice." He'd turn around to you. "I..I understand. It does not mean something nice. It wasn't even in this timeline...Sans spoke to our dad about it, how, in another timeline..you said that." He'd sigh. "I am not fighting you because of that. I am not as joyful as I may seem...I...I feel sad...depressed. I try so hard to make people happy, and Sans always calls me cool, and...I know it's just so I feel better." He'd rub his eyesocket. "But...you..you give me a purpose...you...you make me have a meaning of living! So...I shall capture you..and..then I'll have a purpose....understand?" He'd whisper, as you shakingly nodded. "Good.." He'd sigh. "Then lets go."

A Bone To Pick.

Papyrus would stand, as the fog eased, as 12 bones float beside him. "Nyoo Hoo Hoo! Prepare, Human! For I, The Terrific Papyrus...will not go easy." His eye would flicker yellow, as 2 blasters appeared, looking furious and charged. They all fired, as you rolled to the left, getting hit by another, holding onto your soul. "Ow! You just hit me!" He'd look confused. "And...?" You'd look up. "Now i'm moderately angry!" You'd get up, and wink. "That i'm not in your bed~" You'd snap your fingers, making finger guns, as he'd giggle a bit. "W-well...i'm too busy capturing you!" He'd send bones your way, as you jumped on them, ducking and sliding behind him. "Honestly, I felt Sans would tell you about my special attack." He'd say, turning around. "Well, he seems to do more than tell me, no offence to him, but you're way cooler." You'd wink, as he scratched his skull. "W-well, that's just a lie.." He'd smile, then summon blue bones. "EAT THIS!" You'd cower, and realise there was no way out. "Well, Shit." You'd mumble. "PROFANITY!" He'd shout. "Sorry?" You'd reply, as you just stood still. "Well, I'm dead. Just don't let Undyne date my Soul." You'd sigh. "Anyway, while I admit my doom, I'm just gonna say..Paps, you are actually way cooler, so when I die, try to be more positive about it, but not TOO positive, we don't wanna have someone too confident, though that'd be cute." You'd giggle, as the bones hit, and...did nothing. "Nyoo Hoo Hoo! If you stand still, you can survive!" He'd wink. "SMART!" You'd move your finger, getting hit. "Ow." He'd remove the bones, as he send more, ranging in colours, as you swerved left, right, right, up, roll, down and stand still. And then...bam. You felt weird. "NYEH HEH HEH! YOU ARE BLUE NOW! THATS MY ATTACK!" He'd grin. "What happened to Nyoo Hoo Hoo?" You'd ask. "Well, that was too dark. Nyah Hah Hah was too evil, and..oh what am I doing?" He'd remove the bones, sighing. "You called me cool when I tried to kill you..it...it's kind of you. I..I never would harm an innocent." He'd smile. "I'll keep Nyoo Hoo Hoo..it feels like a character trait." He'd look up. "So, about that date?" He'd smile, hoping for a clearly friendly answer. "Sure..why not?" You'd smile, as he jumped in the air. "NYOO HOO HOO! I WILL ACTUALLY BE USEFUL!" He'd laugh, in happiness and to remove his sorrow. "Heh, well, i'll see ya there." You'd smile. "I WILL SEE YOU THERE TOO, HUMAN!" He'd then jump, levitating over to his house. "He is one strange skeleton." You'd mumble to yourself.

Snowcluster, The Sequel!

You'd walk back, looking at Papyrus, 'Rifty', as he waved, screaming your name. "Oh boy.." You'd utter, walking over to him. "Heya, bonesy." You'd wink, as he raised his non-existant eyebrow. "I don't get it." He'd state. "Meh, whatever." He'd giggle, picking you up, placing you on his shoulders, barging into the house. "Sans! I have a date!" Dim would raise an eyebrow, waving at you. "Is his name Dim or Sans?" You'd ask, as Papyrus giggled. "Sans! His nicknames Dim!" He'd explain, dropping you. "Why don't you talk to him while I get my outfit?" He'd say, and before you can even answer, he was gone. "Huh." You'd look at Dim. "So, Dim, what's up?" You'd ask. "Uhm, not much, kiddo, just watching some high-tier television." He'd reply, as you looked at the black TV. "Uh..okay?" You'd think for a moment, as Dim fell asleep. You'd just sit there. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. . .

To Be Continued.

This is an ongoing project, that I am furthering into the Story. I have all the Character's ready, I just have to prepare. This will be edited very often, so if you enjoy, do not worry. Im not gonna end up just ditching it, as I really enjoyed making this.