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Speck has a bubbly, happy personality. She's quite innocent and loves hugs, cute animals, and making people happy. She extremely dislikes violence, blood, cursing, and seeing anyone in a bad mood.


She wears a gray under a pale yellow jacket with a green hood. She also wears a pair of blue jeans with light blue sneakers. She has hazelnut eyes and brown hair.


Speck's SOUL is half DETERMINATION and half KINDNESS, allowing her to RESET and have the KINDNESS traits.


Speck's world was destroyed by Error Sans, but she managed to hide from him, making her the only one that survived. She was trapped in the now Anti-Void of her home. She still never really understood why Error destroyed her home, or even who he was, but she never got sad, not once. She kept her spirts up because she knew that bad emotions would just make the situation worse. after a few years of staying in the Anti-Void, Shattered found her. At first, he was going to take her code, but her nice personality stoped him, he then got her out of the white void and took her in.