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The Star Sanses is a group that consists out of Ink Sans, Dream! Sans and Underswap! Sans


The group's appearances are usually dependent on how the artist draws them or in what AU they are.


Most (old) fan art usually depicts Dream Sans! in his old design before it was upgraded in 2018.

Empireverse (Which was created by @Lunnar-Chan on Tumblr) is also a notable AU where these three appearances (And the other Evil/Bad Sanses) are notably changed.


Ink Sans

Ink is usually depicted as an energetic monster, who always wants to be nice, although whenever he gets too excited about something, he is shown to throw up black ink randomly. His Pupils also change sometimes depending on his emotion.

He has also been shown to be forget things easily, usually stopping mid sentence while also writing down things on his scarf as to remember them.

His hobbies include making/creating art on other people's walls and checking every AU version of Sans' height since he is smaller than Undertale Sans (Also known as Classic Sans) He also likes to motivate others and make them laugh.

However, due to him not having a soul, causing him to become essentially emotionless and colorless without his vials. Because of this, this makes him literally unable to care for others without his vials of paint.

Dream! Sans

Since he is the incarnation or byproduct of positive feelings/emotions, Dream is usually depicted as a positive, caring and kind monster. He is also shown to be overly talkative and over-dramatic at times.

However, like Ink Sans, Dream has no monster or human soul. Despite this, he is said to possess all the good emotions of every living being (including monsters, humans, etc), having the role of working together with Ink, who creates artwork of the AU's and protects while Dream fills them with happiness and love.

He has a brother, named Nightmare, who is currently corrupted with negative emotions and not in his right mind.


He is usually depicted of being very sure of himself and somewhat immature, while having a love of riddles and a big heart. He also collects Sci-Fi figures instead of action figures like Undertale Papyrus. (He is the same height as original sans.)

Like Undertale Papyrus, he has his own sayings, for example: "MWEH HEH HEH!" and "WOWZERS!".

Powers & Abilities

Ink, the art noodle

High Tier Regeneration: Came back even after he tore his own soul apart, which caused him to be erased from existence.

Bone Manipulation: Should be similar to what Undertale Sans (Classic Sans) has been shown to be able to do in the Genocide Route when you fight him, but is more likely stronger than his.

Teleportation: He is capable of teleporting to any timeline or AU through any liquid source mixed with paint.

Timeline Creation: Albeit not responsible for the creation of AUs (since he aids creators), he is shown to be able to bring characters to life while also shown to be able to revive them and in turn, protecting all AUs.

Telekinesis: Ink is able to influence, manipulate or move objects or beings. This is why Ink always seems to yeet Error out of existence.

Immunity to Soul Manipulation: Ink is immune to souls and soul-based attacks, making him be completely invulnerable to direct and indirect effects. This is due to him not having a soul.

Immunity to Empathetic Manipulation: Ink doesn't naturally feel emotions, due to not having a soul.

Ink Manipulation: Ink Sans is able to create, shape and manipulate ink.

Broomie: Using his paintbrush, he was capable of creating the Doodle Sphere, a structure with 350+ alternate universes that each have a theoretically infinite number of timelines. Ink is shipped with Broomie by a lot of fans.

Higher Dimensional Existence (Doodle Sphere Ability): When Error Sans becomes a 6D entity in the Anti-Void, Ink becomes comparable to him in the Doodle Sphere, which means that he is 6D in the Doodle Sphere.


Emotion absorption: Dream is able to absorb the happy emotions near him and use it to heal himself or his allies, while also being able to use them to increase his own speed and strength.

AU hopping: He can use happiness to travel between AUs.

His main weapon is a golden pole with stars on its ends, although the pole can also transform into a bow.


Soul Manipulation: A trait that he shares with his brother (Underswap Papyrus), Underswap Sans has the ability to turn his opponents' souls blue.

Bone Manipulation: Similar to what Undertale Sans and Undertale Papyrus has been shown to be capable of doing during their battles.

Gaster Blasters: He could also use them like other Sans AUs.

Manipulation: He is one of the strongest Sanses due to his ability to cry his way.



(We Are The Star Sanses (voiced by Carimelle))

Ink Sans


(Tokyovania - SharaX)

https://youtu.be/eQgEvZw5kOY (Megalopaintia - Ink!Tale Megalovania Remix)

https://youtu.be/XvbRVcJRIWs (Underverse OST - Brushwork)

Dream! Sans

https://youtu.be/lFKpn02yHRI (Underverse OST - Wistfully)

Underswap! Sans

Although it is debatable on what his theme song would be, these are only a few most people agree on.

https://youtu.be/p1_IJ7Rl-Tc (UNDERSWAP - Passive Megalovania)

https://youtu.be/41YOknSl0zw (Song That May Play When You Fight Sans)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssIcciLMwyw (UNDERSWAP | Mweh Heh Heh! & Bonequarrel)

Safety Points

Due to this group being The Light in the Undertale Multiverse, They are most likely safe from The Newest Group, The Elemental Sanses. If they start getting stronger, or weaker, they'll either help or hurt.


  • Ink Sans was made by Comyet.
  • Underswap Sans was made by Popcornpr1nce
  • Dream Sans was made by Joku.
  • Joku has stated the Star Sanses disbanded due to Dream and Ink's differences.
  • Their Corrupted Counterparts are known as The Fallen Stars.