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Storyshift is an alternate universe created by Voltra.

It is a role-swap AU, unique for being one of the first to not swap personalities. Instead, it has the characters retain their canon personalities, while still being in a new role. It also started the popular "pair shift," where characters swap in pairs based on their relations in Undertale.

The current iteration of the AU is a reboot from an earlier iteration, now known as Storyshift (Preboot). While some elements of preboot have been recycled for the reboot, preboot itself is considered non-canon.

About the AU Edit

Notable Changes Edit


Character Roles Edit

  • Frisk's role remains unchanged, although after befriending a major character, they will speak in first person with a dialogue sprite.
  • Boogie takes the role of Flowey. They appear apathetic and emotionless, but harbor a much more sinister personality.
  • Papyrus takes the role of Toriel. He is the Prince of the Underground.
  • Alphys takes the role of Napstablook. She is a sympathizer for the anti-human rebels, the Solar Warriors.
  • Chara takes the role of Sans.
  • Asriel takes the role of Papyrus.
  • Toriel takes the role of Undyne.
  • Asgore takes the role of Alphys.
  • Undyne takes the role of Mettaton.
  • Sans takes the role of Asgore. He is the King of the Underground.
  • Napstablook takes the role of Asriel. Through unknown means, they become Boogie.
  • Mettacrit takes the role of Chara. He acts as the narrator of Storyshift.

Locations Edit

  • Old Home replaces the Ruins.
  • Frosted Fields replaces Snowdin.
  • Wetland replaces Waterfall.
  • The Furnace replaces Hotland.
  • Dreemurr Labs replaces the True Lab.
  • The Mountain's Soul replaces the CORE.
  • New Hope replaces New Home.

Story Edit

From Preboot Edit

Characters Edit

  • Frisk will now be wearing their armor in their overworld sprite.
  • Undyne is no longer a cyborg, just a fish monster.

Locations Edit

  • TBA

Story Edit

  • TBA