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Summontale is an AU where after the war between humans and monsters, the humans won and the monsters were banished to a strange land called Ebott, which had a circle range of mountains to separate humans and monsters. These mountains are the barrier created by 7 sorcerers with a magical spell. To maintain the power of the barrier, the sorcerers linked it to 7 pillars which contain magic representing the power of each sorcerer. Every 5 years, humans send a person to Ebott to enhance the barrier by summoning 7 pillars. They are called "summoner".


Ebott - land of monsters

A land which has strange sources of energy, makes everything there become dangerous (at least for the humans) to live in. It is on the surface instead of underground. However, the terrains here are unbalanced, some locations are above the ground, while some are under.

The pillars of Ebott

There are 7 pillars, each of them representing a specific power: Integrity, Patient, Kindness, Bravery, Perseverance, Justice, and Determination. Each pillar is located in Ebott respectively. All of them must be summoned by summoner before enhancing the barrier.