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Sun!Madisson(Sans) has been created by NovaFruity. Sun!Madisson is the goddess of the Sun and with that, she's also immortal and a Monster/Fire Species from any AU.

About her AU

Suntale is a world universe and multiverse from all galaxies, different from Ink!Sans's anti-blackvoid.



Sun!Madisson has fire hair covering her left eye, which of both, her eyes are pink with consisting of red-orange-yellow eyeliner. She wears a dark blue headband with a pink heart on the right side of it with three yellow feathers. Madisson also wears a red cropped jacket with fur lining with a black choker and a ruby shard and she has a stomach cut out bodysuit with a striped tape side leggings and blue shoes.


Sun Madisson is a skeleton bonk girl, typo goddess of sun origins named "Sol".

She is very positive when it comes to battles and protecting other hair strands, as she protects everyone, she can bonk with her mark red flame, called a "Seal", which is hidden under her clithes and Bonkerito atomico to also hide her evil bonkorito self wihin called "Shadow!Sun".


Her powerful seal is "The Phoenix and Sun".


"Hey you big bonk watch out!"

"Hehe I never meet someone like you bonkfore."

" I...I fight for my friends and everyone else who can't defend themselves!!!"

"Uh-oh....Someone is angry right now..."

"W-What?! N-No you are wrong! I don't bONK anyone!"

"Hey, You know what buddy? I'm tired and burn bones Hehe." *bonk*


Nightdow (EX)

Sun does know where Nightdow!Nightmare Sans comes from, but both of them together are very strong as Day And Night. She knows Nightdow is the son of Nightmare!Sans and he knows about this relationship. But Nightdow still does his best to protect her as well as the forbidden love, Day And Night. They love each other.

Dust Sans

Sun met Murder AKA Dust in a Genocide Timeline and anytimes from Dust's Death, of course both of them share a rather small relationship because Dust want s more "LV" but Sun can't get killed or hit with her own LV. Dust did most give up and Sun did give him a second chance to try and forgive him on this act...


  • Sun-She is an active and serious skeleton.
  • Her Birthday is on 12/25.
  • She was originally created on 01/14/2020.
  • She has Pyrokinesis.
  • She can teleport to any AU.
  • Everyone from her AU, Suntale, misses her..


Full Refenrece And Charatcers Are CANON