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"Hey. Let me tell you a secret. Quiet people piss me off."
– Susie to Kris

Susie is a deuteragonist of Deltarune and the monster Hero of Light that The Prophecy speaks of.



Susie has the appearance of a tall, purple, vaguely reptilian monster with freckles at the sides of her face. In Hometown, Susie has messy aubergine hair that hangs over her eyes, a long purple jacket, a white and blue shirt, a pair of torn jeans and a pair of black shoes.

In the Dark World, her hair is plum, her skin turns pink, and her clothes are replaced with: a black vest with pink trim, a purple shirt, baggy plum pants, and black boots with golden trim. She also has studded bracelets on her arms and a belt with a large golden buckle in the shape of a heart.

After defeating King, she pulls her hair out of her eyes, which are revealed to be yellow.

Despite her reptilian looks, Susie doesn't have a tail. When equipping the Jevilstail to Susie, she mentions she "Figured I'd grow one someday."


Susie is a monster who frequently bullies her fellow students, most notably Kris. She doesn't appear to have made any friends at school, although Noelle seems to have a crush on her and hopes she is secretly nice. She is also very close to being expelled, and threatens Kris when they witness her eating Alphys's chalk.

List of AUs involving Susie

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  • In Undertale, a girl by the name of "Suzy" was mentioned by Clam Girl in Waterfall. In the Nintendo Switch port of the game, Clam Girl alludes to the upcoming release of Deltarune. However, if the Fun value is set to a number between 80 and 89, Clam Girl appears at Waterfall and still talks about "Suzy."