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It's A Beautiful Day Outside, People WERE Happy, Monsters were playing, and on days like these, DIRTY MURDERERS LIKE YOU... SHOULD BE BURNING 6 FEET UNDER

— Genocide Matthew Phase 1

TSU!Inverted Battle: Underground Fate is an AU created by UltraGalladivor where he and their friends take on the roles of Undertale characters. It also has undeveloped variations or Swap, Fell, Swapfell, SwapSwap, Storyshift, Storyswap, Dusttale, and DustSwap versions of this AU. For a heads up, the story is messy and will be fixed when my other developer is active again.


Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: Humans and Monsters.

One fateful day, a human attacked a crowd of monsters, igniting a War between the two races...

After a long and difficult battle, the humans barely won

Using 7 of their greatest Magicians, they sealed all of Monster-kind Underground. The 3 humans who helped the monsters in the War, were sealed away with them...

The 3 humans that were in the underground, all hid after Both of the Royal Family's Children Died...

Monsters needed 7 human souls and 7 monster souls to break the Barrier once and for all...

The King already had 7 monster souls from Boss Monsters that died in the War...

Mt. Monster November 3rd 202X

It is said that those who fall down the mountain... Would never return...

6 Humans all suffered the same fate after falling down the mountain

*Genocide Run*

Before The Events of The AU, A Genocide Run Was In Progress, Chara VS Sans, In The End Sans Won But... When Chara's Soul Shattered, The Timeline Glitched Out, Swapping The Characters, Now The Main Cast Of UNDERTALE Are Now Living On The Surface As Humans, While Some Humans Are Living In The Underground As Monsters...


  • Frisk - Avery
  • Flowey - Triton
  • Toriel - Chara M. (NOT the canonical Chara)
  • Napstablook - Troy
  • Sans - UltraGalladivor
  • Papyrus - Josh (Best Friend to UltraGalladivor)
  • Monster Kid - DJ
  • Undyne - Kendall
  • Temmie - Nigel
  • Alphys - Ashlynn
  • Mettaton - Hunter
  • Asgore - Caleb
  • Asriel - Rei
  • The Fallen Human - Ari

Major Differences

Frisk (Avery) is a girl, unlike canonical Frisk (who is genderless)

Undyne (Kendall) and Alphys (Ashlynn) in this AU are sisters instead of mutual love interests.

The maximum LOVE is 50 and maximum HP is 2400 (Due to the set up being far longer than the normal Undertale map)

Sans (UltraGalladivor) is not as lazy as regular Sans; he is more energetic and helps the human escape puzzles, but also helps design real, challenging puzzles which Papyrus (Josh) likes.

Papyrus (Josh) is more persistent at trying to capture the human (Avery) (considering the area is longer than Snowdin) and prepares 86 puzzles (Sans adds puzzles so there is a total of 150 puzzles before reaching town).

All vendors accept the items the human sells (with different sell values.)

There are 30 NPCs but only 15 are vendors.

Undyne is more aggressive towards the human when she hunts them down, but kinder towards after they help her.

Sans and Papyrus may follow the human if they ask Papyrus after his date, and Undyne will help to handle Alphys after the hangout.

Unlike normal Sans, IBUF!Sans wears a battle body as well, very similar to Storyshift Asriel, up until Papyrus's battle. After this, he wears a creeper jacket, light blue/green pants, and black shoes.

The Team Switch UP (TSU!) and Team Throw UP! (TTU!) version of this AU Is a normal-looking Sans who wears a green jacket, red/cyan undershirt, black shorts, orange socks, and red slippers.

Papyrus (Josh)'s cloths change colors when Disbelief Run is in play

Choosing The Name "Avery" Will Activate EXPERT MODE

EXPERT MODE is 5 times harder than Undertale's Hardmode in this AU

Character Information

Avery is a girl in this AU. She Wears A Cyan/Light Blue shirt with a red stripe, blue shorts, red hat, and green shoes.

Triton doesn't look too different from normal Flowey except for the petals are now purple instead of yellow. He also uses red magic, but doesn't use it till the Omega Triton fight. He Obviously holds determination, but not too strong.

Chara M., The Former Queen of the Underground, is still a goat like Toriel, except wearing a blue robe with a red delta rune symbol. She Also Can Use Red Magic. She holds determination, and it's fairly strong, but fails her in Genocide.

UltraGalladivor, the lazy bones himself, (Known As Matthew formally) Has The Tied Most Amount Of Differences. He Can Use All Kinds Of Magic, But Mostly Uses Blue, Orange, and Red magic, Mainly Using The Yellow, Blue, And Orange SOUL Modes. He Holds Determination, but doesn't melt when killed. He Also has a battle body similar to Blueberry Sans, and wears it when you battle him and Josh. His Fight Has 11 Phases, One Harder Then The Next. He has the Most determination (apart from Avery) making all his stats rise during later phases in Genocide.

Josh also has the most changes. Josh wears a jacket at times during puzzles. He also knows all the same magic Matthew does. He can also heal you in battle (with the exception of Kendall's fight, due to being scared of her) He wants to join the Heroic Royal Guard. Like normal Papyrus, Losing to him will end up in Jail, but you have to solve a random puzzle to escape. Unlike Undertale, If You Be Nice To Him All The Way, As Well As Solve Every Puzzle Without any help, Josh can become your date. You HAVE To go on a date with Josh regardless of being on a Pacifist or Neutral Run. His Disbelief has 13 Phases. He Will Eventually Be Able To Join If You (Avery) and Josh Successfully Get Matthew and Kendall through their date. He and Kendall has the 2nd strongest determination, making his fight harder. He is also the Protector of SnowedOut.

Kendall, The Fearless Captain of The Heroic Royal Guard, Is More Aggressive than normal Undyne. She Uses swords and shields, she can turn you green, yellow, or even both at the same time. She won't let Josh join the Heroic Royal Guard for how nice he is and how he would "Get Ripped Into Little, Smiling Shreds", but let's him join as a rookie soldier after her and Matthew start dating. Kendall has the same amount of Determination as Josh has, but has the 2nd most amount of Physical Matter a monster can hold (Matthew having the most physical matter)

Ashlynn, The Royal Scientist, build a huge lab in Fire Cove, she watches over the human through her cameras. she also helps her through Fire Cove. Hunter assist Ashlynn in her experiments. She wears a fuzzy, blue blanket over pajamas and pink bunny slippers. She holds determination as well, but not as much as the rest. She uses blue magic and turns your soul Pink (Similar to the Cyan Mechanic from Storyswap Color) and Blue.

Hunter, The LITERAL Star of the Underground, fights you several times on Pacifist, Starting looking similar to Mettaton and Napstaton in appearance, except he's blue with a DJ set and red headphones. Hunter NIGHT does NOT die in one shot unlike Mettaton NEO, and has ANOTHER form after it. His Determination Is Fairly Strong, But Not As Strong as Josh or Matthew. He uses Blue, orange, and white magic and turns your soul yellow or blue,

Caleb, The King of the Underground, Holds a ton of determination, but just short of Josh. He Oversees all the underground, having access to Ashlynn's cameras (there are also cameras in the castle too). He is a very peaceful ruler, and Unlike Asgore, he visits all around the Underground (Mainly SnowedOut when it's not snowing). He Uses Red, Orange, and Blue attacks.

Rei, The Prince of The Underground, was a very kindhearted child. Despite having half a soul of Determination, his doesn't surpass Josh's or Kendall's DT. He doesn't have attacks before the story (not including absorbing the soul) due to still being a minor when he was killed by the humans. His "Hyperdeath Fusion" form uses Shocking Blasters, The Prince's Swords, Fire, Blades of Determination, and Hyperdeath Blaster.

Ari, The adopted sibling to Rei, was a kind human that was tortured on the surface, she jumped down the hole to attempt to commit suicide, and failed. The Royal family took her in. She lived with them for about 3 months until... One day she had a plan to free all monsters. (BTW most of this is the same after this message lol) She poisoned herself with raw food. Rei absorbed her soul, and then he went to the surface, only for him to end up going back to the underground and perishing from the attacks. She was awoken from death by Avery, and now follows her everywhere she goes.


Avery 1 (Max 50) 20 (Max 999) 20 (Max 999) 20 (Max 2,500)
Triton 20 19 98 16,000
Chara M. 25 80 (99 on Genocide) 80 (-999 in the data) 1,250
Matthew (Normal/Pacifist) 999 1 1 999
Matthew (Phase 1 to 4)

Hard/Expert Mode)

9,999 9999 + KR

(98 + KR in the data)

9999 (999 in the Data) 999,999,999,999
Matthew (Phase 5 to 7 Expert Mode) 999,999 999,999 + KR (99 + KR in the data) 999,999 (99 In The Data) 999,999,999,999

(Phase 8 and 9 Expert Mode)

999,999,999,999 999,999,999 (99 + KR In the data) 999,999,999 (999 In The Data) 999,999,999,999
Matthew (Phase 10) 1 99 1 (-999,999,999 in the data) 999,999,999,999
Josh (Normal with Battle Body) 200 80 (99 in the data) 99 700
Josh (Without Battle Body) 200 99 20 700
Josh (Genocide) 200 20 3 700
Kendall (With Armor) 999 700 (99 In The Data) 92 1,500
Kendall (Without Armor) 999 500 (Loses ATK Due to not having her sword) 40 1,500
Kendall The Savior 999 999 (99 In The Data) 999 (99 In The Data) 15,000
Ashlynn (Genocide Only Boss) 705 948 (998 In The Data) 736 (89 in the data) 27,000
Hunter 999 27 999 78,239
Hunter TS 999 38 73 85,785
Hunter NIGHT 999 758 30 99,999
Hunter DETERMINED (Hard/Expert Mode Genocide Only) 999 999 (395 In The Data) 837 (999 In The Data) (This Stat Gradually Decreases) 999,999
Caleb 80 80 50 9,000
OMEGA Triton 999,999,999,999,999 99 99 15,000
Rei 999,999,999,999,999 Infinite (20 in the data) Infinite (999 in the data) 20,000
Ari 999,999,999,999,999 99 99 999,999,999

Monster LV's have different stats than human LV's

OST Names (Credit To All The Creators Of The AU's and it's Music)

Number Title Origin/Use
1 The Fallen Human Child Avery's version of Once Upon A Time
2 Falling Down Chara M's version of Fallen Down
3 Your Bestest Friend Triton's version of Your Best Friend
4 Your Meanest Bully Triton's Hard/Expert Mode-exclusive theme
5 Heartbreak Chara M's version of Heartache
6 Heartshatter Chara M's Hard/Expert Mode-exclusive theme
7 Final Tear Break Chara M's Phase 3 Expert Mode-exclusive theme
8 matthew. Matthew's version of sans.
9 My Awesome Theme Josh's version of Nyeh Heh Heh!
10 Our Magnificent Showdown Josh's version of TS!Underswap's Skeletal Showdown
11 This Battle ISN'T Over Yet Josh's Version Of Passive Megalovania
12 Help Is On Your Way! Josh's version of Ura Ha Ha
13 Duel FIGHT! Josh's and Matthew's Hard/Expert Mode version Of Mwehgalomania (Not to be confused with Your HUGE Punishment, which plays in Judgement Corridor)
14 Sword and Shield of DETERMINATION Kendall's version of Spear Of Justice
15 But The Earth Held On To Its Hope Kendall's version of But The Earth Refused To Die
16 Savior Of The UNDERGROUND Kendall's version of Battle Against A True Hero (Contains some notes from Strikes Of Determination)
17 The ULTIMATE Power of Pure DETERMINATION Kendall's Expert Mode Phase 2 theme
18 The True Hero's Last Breath Kendall's Expert Mode Phase 3 theme
19 Ashlynn. Ashlynn's version of Alphys
20 Ashlynn Fights Back Ashlynn's Hard/Expert Mode version of Alphys Takes Action
21 Metal BREAKER Hunter's version of Metal Crusher
22 Death by Shifted Time Hunter TS's version of Death By Glamour
23 Power of THE NIGHT Hunter NIGHT's version of Power of NEO
24 The Power of TRUE DETERMINATION Hunter DETERMINED's Hard/Expert Mode-exclusive theme
25 Song That May or May Not Play When You Fight Against Matthew Matthew's version of Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans
26 Powered Mwehgalovania Matthew's version of Mwehgalomania
27 Vengeance Retribution Matthew's Hard/Expert Mode version of Harderlovania and Phase 1 theme
28 The True Hardest Enemy Matthew's Hard/Expert Mode version of The Easiest Enemy and Phase 1.5 theme
29 The Murderer Struck Again Matthew's Hard/Expert Mode Phase 2 theme, based off of Megalo Strike Back/Spaghetti Strike Back
30 But The Earth's Determination Refuses to Die Matthew's Hard/Expert Mode version of But The Earth's Hope Is Still Rising
31 BROKEN Funnybone (MEGALOVANIA Version) Matthew's Hard/Expert Mode Phase 3 theme (Has Notes From Endless Nightmare, but not fully based off of it)
32 One Last Chance (MEGALOVANIA Version) Matthew's Hard/Expert Mode Phase 4 theme, based off of Final Chance, Special Attack, and Change Of Heart
33 HYPERSONIC Retribution Matthew's Expert Mode Phase 5 theme, based off of Devilovania, Hyperdeath, Final Power, Autophobia, Bibulus, and Planktolovania
34 Murdering The Demon To Hell Matthew's Expert Mode Phase 6 theme (No relation to Striking The Demon Down)
35 SHATTERED AND BROKEN BONES Matthew's Expert Mode Phase 7 theme
36 The Last Hope of The Underground Matthew's Expert Mode Phase 8 theme
37 The DETERMINED Savior Of The Underground Matthew's Expert Mode Phase 9 theme
38 The Fall Of The Underground's Last Hope Of Survival Matthew's Expert Mode Phase 10/Normal Mode Death theme
39 Your HUGE Punishment Matthew and Josh's Expert Mode-exclusive theme. Plays on Expert Mode Genocide Routes if Hard/Expert Mode Genocide Routes have been completed at least twice.
40 Me and My Brother's Final Judgement Matthew and Josh's Phase 11 Expert Mode theme
41 Hopeless Faith Disbelief Josh's version of Interstellar Retribution
42 True, Painful Retribution Josh's Hard/Expert Mode Phase 1 theme
43 The Murderer Attacks Back Disbelief Josh's version Of Spaghetti Strike Back
44 Murdering The Damned Demon Disbelief Josh's Hard/Expert Mode Phase 2 theme
45 But The Underground's Hope Refuses To Fade Disbelief Josh's version of But The Earth Grew A Spine
46 But The Underground's Hope Keeps On Rising Disbelief Josh's Hard Mode/Expert Mode Phase 2.5 Exclusive
47 BROKEN BACKSPINE Disbelief Josh's Version Of Backbone
48 BONE SHATTERING DETERMINATION Disbelief Josh's Hard/Expert Mode Phase 3 theme
49 Your True Final Chance Disbelief Josh's version of Final Chance
50 Final Faith, Last Trust Disbelief Josh's Hard/Expert Mode Phase 4 theme
51 My Own Brother's Judgement Disbelief Josh's Hard/Expert Mode version of Painful Retribution (Phase 5)
52 Blade Of RETRIBUTION Disbelief Josh's Expert Mode Phase 6 theme
53 True Colors Of The Underground's Savior Disbelief Josh's Expert Mode Phase 7 theme
54 Vengeance Strikes Of Pure DETERMINATION Disbelief Josh's Expert Mode Phase 8 theme
55 DETERMINATION'S BONEBREAKER Disbelief Josh's Expert Mode Phase 9 theme
56 DETERMINATION Shatter Disbelief Josh's Expert Mode Phase 10 theme
57 His Last Judgement Disbelief Josh's Expert Mode Phase 11 theme
58 Our Savior's Last Prevail Disbelief Josh's Expert Mode Phase 12 theme
59 Josh's Last and Final Stand Disbelief Josh's Expert Mode Phase 13 theme
60 Der mutwillige und entschlossene KÖNIG Caleb's version of Bergentrückung (Translates to "The Willful and Determined KING")
61 CALEB Caleb's version of ASGORE
62 Der König der Menschen und Monster Caleb's Hard/Expert Mode-exclusive main theme (Translates to

"The King Of Humans and Monsters")

63 Entschlossener König Caleb's Hard/Expert Mode-exclusive battle theme (Translates to "Determined King")
64 The TRUE Nightmare Photoshop Triton's version of Your Best Nightmare
65 The EPIC Finale Photoshop Triton's version of Finale
66 Never Ending Nightmare Photoshop Triton's Hard/Expert Mode-exclusive theme
67 The Ultimate Conclusion
68 Wishes, Hopes, And Even More Dreams Rei's Version of Hopes and Dreams
69 Underground, There Is Still Hope, Dreams and Determination Rei's Hard/Expert Mode theme.
70 SAVE The Earth Rei's Version of SAVE The World
71 We can SAVE The Universe Rei's Hard/Expert Mode-exclusive theme. Contains some notes from SAVE The World and Under The Sea, There Is Still Hope
72 Our Theme Rei's and Ari's version of His Theme, Back Once Again, and His Fun
73 Murderer Strikes Back Ari's version of Megalo Strike Back


All areas have been changed.

  • Ruins - Ruined Arena. Ruined Arena used to be an Underground arena where people could have fun and watch movies in the day and people could wrestle and fight in the night. It's not abandoned like the Ruins are (the Ruins aren't abandoned either, but still pretty underpopulated)- It was used to the point where it became worn out.
  • Snowdin - SnowedOut. SnowedOut is a snowy city where it snows a lot, but not infinitely like Snowdin; the town is called SunnyOut if the snow is not around.
  • Waterfall - Crystal Cove. Crystal Cove is special, because unlike Snowdin's neighboring of Waterfall, SnowedOut/SunnyOut is inside Crystal Cove. It acts similar to Hotland/the CORE, having 2 separate encounter rates.
  • Hotland - Fire Cove. Fire Cove isn't too different from Hotland. The weather is fairly random and occasionally even snows. The Lab is much larger than normal. The area is also twice as long as Hotland and the CORE combined.
  • CORE - Main Central Power Control. This area isn't too different from the CORE. It's thrice as long as The normal CORE, but smaller than Fire Cove. There is also a town here called FiredAround between Fire Cove and Main Central Power Control. Main Central Power Control is the main power source (The Real Lair being backup power for the entire Underground system). This also has a separate encounter rate from Fire Cove.
  • New Home - The True Home. The True Home is almost the same except the color is blue.
  • Last Corridor/Judgement Hall - Final Hall/Judgement Corridor. Very different from Judgement Hall. There are no pillars in the Corridor, the Hall has a green floor and Yellow/Cyan walls. Characters are visible.